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Media Session With Phoenix Racing Inc. Driver James Buescher Q: What does it mean to you to come back to Texas Motor Speedway and racing on your home track? I always like coming back to this racetrack, especially because it's only a four-hour...

Media Session With Phoenix Racing Inc. Driver James Buescher

Q: What does it mean to you to come back to Texas Motor Speedway and racing on your home track?

I always like coming back to this racetrack, especially because it's only a four-hour drive for me. I used to live in Plano (Texas), no I live in Katy (Texas). It's the only racetrack on the schedule that I can drive to. That makes it kind of nice. All my family and friends from the Houston and Dallas-areas can all come out and have a good time with us. That makes it fun from the off-track standpoint. I started racing here at Lil' Texas Motor Speedway in a bandolero car and moved up in the Legends cars. I've driven on every racetrack here in this facility - the road course, the dirt track, Lil' Texas, the ¼-mile in the infield, and the mile-and-a-half. I've won on every one of them except for the mile-and-a-half. It kind of puts a little extra pressure on me when I come back for the mile-and-a-half races. Trying to make it a perfect record at the facility. Definitely have that on my shoulders when I come back here. That's a goal I'd like to have is to win at my home track. That's pretty important to me. It makes it a lot of fun.

Q: What advice would you give to those driving Legends cars right now?

If it's something you want to do for the rest of your life don't give up on anything. Put yourself in a position to be in front of media and in front of people. You don't think about it when you are racing Legends cars on Saturday to race, but doing appearances with your Legends car is good. Get attention from people and get your name out there as much as you can and go travel and go to a lot of the bigger races that you can afford to go to. I know Legends racing is as low budget as it gets but you definitely have to go to the big races and get your name out there and win some races and championships. That will get you in to the Late Models. Don't try to move up to the next level too fast. If you are racing Legends cars don't try to go ARCA racing next week. Try not to move too fast and just follow your dreams.

Q: At what point did you realize that your dream could become a reality?

Probably when I was in Late Models. I really didn't think about it a lot when I was in Legends cars racing. I never really had to. I didn't have any sponsors then, so I really didn't have to do any sponsor appearances. But when I went Late Model racing you have an autograph session every race in the ASA Series and you go try to do appearances. You take your car and go to a grocery store right down the road from the racetrack and sign autographs for people for one or two hours and promote the race to get more fans in the stands.

Q: How do you remain focused considering you are racing many of the drivers you idolized as a kid?

My first Nationwide Series I had in 2008, I kind of had that of feeling where you're like, 'Wow, there goes Kyle Busch just passing me.' Your first couple of races in this level you think about it. Now, they are competition. You want to beat them. They've been doing it longer but you need to do it better then you'll be able to do it as long as they've been doing it.

Q: How do you get along with the veteran drivers considering your age?

If you rub them wrong they'll rub you wrong right back. You just try not to do anything that you wouldn't want done to you. They are not going to cut you any slack so you have to just try and beat them nicely.

Q: Does that affect how you driver?

Not at all. You're not going to go out there and intentionally knock everybody out of the way to win the race. You want to beat everyone on speed and be faster than everybody. Not just make it a demolishion derby. It doesn't really affect the way you drive. To get to this level you've been pretty good at all the levels getting up to this level. You're not in the Nationwide Series and you don't know what you're doing. Everyone in the Nationwide Series knows what they are doing or else they wouldn't be there. It doesn't make it that difficult racing with the veterans because we are rookies and we've done it before.

Q: Is there a certain track other than Texas that you are really looking forward to racing at this season?

I like the short tracks. Short tracks are fun and I like going to Daytona. That's a lot of fun. That kicks off the year and that race is always a lot of fun. So far I've ran pretty well there and definitely like to go to Bristol. I'm looking forward to racing at Richmond. I've never raced there before but it looks like a really fun racetrack.

Q: What's your sponsorship situation in the Nationwide car and how is that going to impact the season?

Right now the Nationwide Series car is sponsored by Phoenix Racing and James Finch. So he is committed to running the whole year and we are moving forward like we have a sponsor. The quarter panels are blank but that really hasn't slowed down the competition because we finished eighth at Daytona. We had a top-10 car in California. We had a bad pit stop at the end and finished 13th. I think we had a top-10 car in Vegas this past Saturday, we just had two flat tires and no Vegas luck.

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