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Kyle Busch (third) was the highest-finishing Toyota driver in Saturday's NASCAR Nationwide Series (NNS) race at Tennessee's Bristol Motor Speedway. Camry drivers Reed Sorenson (seventh) and Jason Leffler (ninth) also had top-10 finishes at the...

Kyle Busch (third) was the highest-finishing Toyota driver in Saturday's NASCAR Nationwide Series (NNS) race at Tennessee's Bristol Motor Speedway.

Camry drivers Reed Sorenson (seventh) and Jason Leffler (ninth) also had top-10 finishes at the half-mile race track.

Camry drivers Joey Logano (14th), Michael Annett (20th), Brian Scott (29th), Trevor Bayne (30th), Kasey Kahne (32nd), Brendan Gaughan (33rd) and Steve Wallace (38th) were also in the 300 lap race.

Eight Toyota drivers are in the unofficial NNS driver points following the Bristol race - Busch (fourth), Wallace (eighth), Brian Vickers (10th), Leffler (11th), Logano (12th), Annett (15th), Bayne (17th) and Scott (19th).

KYLE BUSCH, No. 18 Z-Line Designs Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing
Finished: 3rd

How was your race car today? "The Z-Line Camry was decent today. We had a good race car. Not one of the best, obviously. Unfortunately, we only had probably a third or fourth place car at best with the 38 (Kasey Kahne) being really good in the beginning. We plugged along all day. We made some good changes - we got the car to where it was decent. The 12 (Justin Allgaier) and the 22 (Brad Keselowski) were just too strong up front for us to contend with them. We were better than the rest. We just didn't have enough for the Penske cars today, but we'll get some work done here. We've always been one of the fastest cars here at Bristol, but this time we missed out on just a little something. Maybe we'll find it and come back here in August and get back after it."

How strong were the Penske cars? "They were the class of the field. I have to say congratulations to Justin Allgaier, he deserved it. He went through a trying season last year. Chad Walter (Allgaier crew chief) and him, they deserve to win. All in all, Jason Ratcliff (crew chief) and these guys do an awesome job week in and week out. We've been fast here every single time and finally we finish one and we finish third. We can't be discouraged by that, we had a good run. Those cars (Penske) were really, really fast. It seemed like whoever could get out front just had it. (Justin) Allgaier put a good move on (Brad) Keselowski there in order to get by him on the restart and that seemed to be the winning move."


REED SORENSON, No. 32 Dollar General Toyota Camry, Braun Racing
Finished: 7th

How was your race? "It was a pretty long day actually. We pitted a lot, I think we probably pitted as many times as you could. We used all our tires. We had to go back to 15th, 16th, 17th about three or four times there and had to pass a lot of cars. We didn't have a great car today but that's kind of what we thought yesterday, it was okay, we just missed it a little bit. We got a decent finish out of it so it's alright."

Are you happy to be back in the race car for the next several races? "I'm real excited about being in it. We're pretty excited about Nashville. We ran Phoenix last year and finished third, so we feel like we have some good race tracks coming up. I haven't been to a mile-and-a-half with Trent (Owens, crew chief) and the No. 32 group yet, so when we get to Texas that'll be nice to see what we have there. Nashville and Phoenix are two really good race tracks for us so we should be able to run real well."


JASON LEFFLER, No. 10 ABF Toyota Camry, Braun Racing
Finished: 9th

How was your race? "It was eventful - very eventful. We just got track position there at the mid-part of the race. I think if the race went green, we would have had a top-five for sure, but just all the different cycles on our tires hurt the tires so eventually we had to pit. It was what it was. Our car wasn't real good, we've had better cars here. To get our first top-10 of the year, we needed this and it was a hard fought top-10. We had to fight tooth and nail for it. Everybody did a good job."


JOEY LOGANO, No. 20 GameStop- God of War III Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing
Finished: 14th

What happened there on the last lap? "I don't know. I don't understand that at all. It was for fifth place, so I don't know what he was doing. We ran together clean for almost the whole race and then he dumps me on the last lap. I don't understand what he was thinking."


MICHAEL ANNETT, No. 15 Pilot Travel Centers Toyota Camry, Germain Racing
Finished: 20th

What was your race like today? "Adventurous, I guess that's the best word for it. When you qualify that bad you ask for it so it's our own -- my own fault. We had a good race car, just had too many holes and dents in it and had to keep coming down pit road and losing track position. At the end we showed that we belong up there then we cut down a left rear coming to the restart and it put us two laps down. We had the same bad luck last year. We definitely had a better car than where we finished."


BRIAN SCOTT, No. 11 Toyota Camry, Braun Racing
Finished: 29th


TREVOR BAYNE, No. 99 Toyota Camry, Diamond-Waltrip Racing
Finished: 30th

How was your car in today's race prior to being involved in the accidents? "We kept our car in and tried to finish off the race. It was unbelievable how good our car was. I hated that that happened because 15 laps into the race I was like, 'Dude, we're going to win this thing.' That car was unbelievable. It's motivating to see how far this team has come. Last year we were fighting to be in the top-10, this year we're mad because we don't win and we finish sixth. In Vegas, I was happy for that sixth-place finish, but I feel like we're going to get a win soon. I thought this was going to be it after practice and how good the car was and then you have something like this happen. We'll go to Nashville and wear them out - you go like you won at Bristol. If you go acting like you got wrecked last weekend that's probably what will happen again. We'll take this and learn from it. I had an awesome Toyota race car all weekend for Diamond-Waltrip Racing and we'll be back again soon."


KASEY KAHNE, No. 38 Great Clips Toyota Camry, Braun Racing
Finished: 32nd

What took you out of the race? "It looked like a couple cars spun up ahead and I was just entering on the top. I tried to slow down and got into the back of the 62 (Brendan Gaughan) and then I think he hit another car. I was kind of in the wrong spot at the wrong time. We had a fast Great Clips Toyota. It was fun to drive. The team did a really nice job. I just hit too many things today. We were quick, we had a good shot at it and we didn't finish."


BRENDAN GAUGHAN, No. 62 South Point Casino & Hotel Toyota Camry, Rusty Wallace Racing
Finished: 33rd


STEVE WALLACE, No. 66 5-Hour Energy Toyota Camry, Rusty Wallace Racing
Finished: 38th

What happened out there? "I don't know what the hell happened. Our Toyota wasn't too bad. We pitted early to make a few adjustments. I was out there and was going into turn one and just looked and saw two cars spinning. I don't know what happened there but obviously something happened. There was no time for me to react, this place is real bad about that because you're going so fast. I don't know what happened. I just looked up and there was a car laying over the roof."

-source: toyota motorsports

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