Watkins Glen winner's quotes



RON FELLOWS (#48 AER Manufacturing Chevrolet) -- It was tougher in the second half. In the first half we didn't have to do as much passing, and the truck was awesome. The second half was more difficult, because the guys - there were four or five of them that did their homework in that little break - and they were tough to beat, but we had enough truck, enough fuel, enough brakes, and enough power, so that's awesome. I thought we would be fast, and we've been fast since we unloaded, we've had absolutely no trouble with the truck the whole weekend, and it was just a matter of how it would play out - who could go the distance on fuel and who couldn't. Obviously, we conserved just enough. Where does this rank on your resume? Top of the list. Mike Bliss, Joe Ruttman, and Jack Sprague...they were strong in a straight line, and I really needed to keep working them, and if I got them to make enough of a mistake coming off the corner, I could stop later. We had a great brake package, and that's all it took. If I could come up behind them and be no farther back than a truck length and a half, I could get inside. The secret to speed around Watkins Glen is setting up the car to be able to flat-foot it through the esses, and we were real fast up through the esses. If it works up through there, it'll work anywhere, and that's, I think, what it was. With about fifteen to go, we started going hard, and the other guys, like I said, they did their homework, and it was a lot more work the second half. I really had to work to get by them. You're pretty much damned if you do and damned if you don't. If you're a road racer, you're supposed to win, and if you don't, you must not be much of a road racer. But those guys are not incompetent road racers, they're all very good. Watching them, I was concerned that we weren't going to be able to get by Bliss, Ruttman, and Sprague. But we were fast, and we could stop, and I went hard the whole second half. The fuel ran out coming out of turn ten on the cool off lap, and we were done. I coasted to Victory Lane.

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Drivers Jack Sprague , Joe Ruttman , Mike Bliss