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MIKE BLISS (# 2 Team ASE Racing Ford) -- We were slower than what we went yesterday, but its hard to get pumped at 8:30 in the morning, when you haven't been on the track all day. That's tough. Yesterday the adrenaline was going and we were ready to go and I knew what kind of truck I had. It's real hard to tell what kind of truck you've got out there when you're qualifying and letting it all hang out.I'm happy with it. It should be a top five, I think. --Will this qualifying effort be closer to what you need for this afternoon's race as opposed to yesterday's? -- Its hard to say. That's a crap shoot. We've got a good enough truck. I think it's going to work good. I don't think it's going to get hot today. I think it's going to be in the 70s. That's comfortable. That's perfect, and I think we'll be all right.

TAMMY JO KIRK (#72 Marrill/MacDonald Chevrolet) -- How did you end up in this truck? -- Randy had some trouble with the motor and he wasn't sure if he could make the race, so we opted for me to drive so we could take a provisional today. -- What does that mean for the 48 truck? -- Nothing really. The sun is shining now and they'll get in the race. They were doing that just in case it rains and we'd get the provisional, but now everything's pretty good and he'll (Ron Fellows) get in the race. -- How does this truck feel? -- It feels real good. I wish I could have practiced in it before. This thing felt really good. I think we could have gone a whole lot faster. When you get in somebody else's truck its kind of hard to go fast when you don't know what it's going to do. -- Do you see this as an opportunity to show your versatility or as a chance to stay in the points? -- If we get in the race, that's the important thing, and gain some points for the next race. We want to go to Richmond and at least have enough points to keep going.

MIKE WALLACE (#52 Dayco Chevrolet) -- Our qualifying went fine. We never thought we were going to be on the pole anyway, so we're not on it and the truck drove great. We were a little conservative on our qualifying run but its a good solid run. We got done early so the guys have plenty of time to work on the truck and get it ready for the race, so that's good. We're happy with that. The Purolator Pure One team did a great job and the driver didn't do half bad himself. -- Was there a difference in qualifying today than what you were expecting yesterday afternoon? -- Yeah, I was expecting to be done at 4:30 yesterday so I could go home and lay down and not have to get up so early this morning. You've just got to work with the cards that are dealt to you. NASCAR did the best job they could. This was the right thing to do because we would have started yesterday with the oil down in the corner it wouldn't have been fair to the first ten or 12 cars. Then shade would have come and it would have gotten faster. At least we're all on a level playing field now. It was right what they did.

JACK SPRAQUE (#24 Quaker State/GMAC Chevrolet) -- Our qualifying run went pretty good. The track is in real good shape. The truck was awful good. It's just hard to get up at 6 in the morning and go qualifying with no practice. I gave up maybe a little bit, but I didn't hit anything, and that's a plus for me. We were right there where we ran yesterday, but Ron Fellows and Dorsey Schroeder will beat that. but I'll take first in class, that's cool.-- What's the difference between what you expected yesterday and what you got this morning? -- Yesterday I was on my rhythm. I gave up a little bit but the truck's in one piece and we're going to start near the front and that's all we need.

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