Watkins Glen qualifying quotes #1



RON FELLOWS (#48 AER American Engines Chevrolet) -- I'm feeling real good. We managed to go not quite as quick as we did in practice, but we were pretty close and we were pretty happy with that. -- Was this more than what you expected yesterday afternoon, or not? -- We didn't change anything. I think the track was a little slicker, particularly in turn 11, but you just go out and go for it. It gives you another night to think about it too long, but I am happy. We've had pretty good success here, so I'm pleased. I think I feel more confident about how the truck runs in the race than in qualifying, so we'll see. -- Does not having as much time to work on the truck before the race as earlier qualifiers have any affect on you? -- I don't think so. We were only planning to do a brake change, so we'll be in good shape for the race. We've got time to do that. There's not much more to do. Everything else is under control. --Any strategy for the start? -- Not for the start. Sixty two laps is a long time so we've got to be careful of the brakes and see how it goes. I'll drive at a comfortable pace and hopefully that will be fast enough.

JIMMY HENSLEY (#43 Cummins Engine Company/Touch1 Dodge) --I had a great lap. It was the best lap we'd had here in three days, and we're proud of winding up fifth. For a road course that's pretty good for us so we're hoping to have a good day today. Was this more than what you expected yesterday afternoon? -- We could have run about the same speed. We didn't get to do anything to the truck because it was impounded all night, so all we got to do was warm the motor up a little. We're not going to change a lot - just go race.

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