Watkins Glen press conference, part II

Friday Press Conference NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series MIKE BLISS ( ...

Friday Press Conference NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series

MIKE BLISS (#2 Team ASE Racing Ford) -- You approach a day like today very easy, because you’ve got to remember that tomorrow is qualifying. You learn a lot, and just try to get all the bugs worked out and try to get your ratios right. It’s nice, because you just get to work some of the stuff out, and instead of just two hours tomorrow, you’ve got two or three today.

JIMMY HENSLEY (#43 Cummins Engine Company Dodge) -- You’ve raced here in stock cars, how different is it racing in a truck? It’s not a lot different. Same deal, you know - run off the track and get grass up in your radiator. Same thing. Or gravel, now. It’s been a roller coaster ride. We’ve had some good runs, had some bad ones, and hopefully this weekend we’ll be on top. The first practice wasn’t too bad, I stayed on the race track, so if the rain holds off and we get to practice a little more, I’ll try it again after a while.

LANCE NORICK (#90 National Hockey League Dodge) -- One person came up and said "You know, people in these parts don’t like the Buffalo Sabres, they like the New York Rangers’, and I was like, "Sorry, I like the New York Rangers too.’ I like them all. You’ve been second here in a FF2000 car. Is there anything you can take from that series to the Trucks? Well, I know you can’t go through turn 11 flat out in third in a truck. Formula 2000 cars are so much different here, the lap times are similar, but we go through the corners so much faster in the formula car, and the straight-aways so much slower. But it’s like Boris said, you know where the track turns right and left, and it’s just a matter of getting the truck to where it handles good. The team’s been working really hard getting the new Dodge trucks together. We missed a few races, so we’re really happy to be here in a Dodge, and be here the rest of the season.

MIKE WALLACE (#52 Dayco Chevrolet) -- It’s been fun this year, driving for Kenny (Schrader) and the whole crew. The guys and the Purolator folks are great to work with. We’ve run well, but we haven’t had the great finishes like we want, and there are some better road racers than me out there. Boris definitely knows how to get it done, and some of the other guys too, but we’re looking forward to it. We’ve only gotten about three laps of practice in, but the truck felt really good, and if this rain holds off and we can get some more practice, hopefully we can get a good lap in tomorrow and then race on Sunday.

BRYAN REFFNER (# 66 Carlin Burners & Controls Ford) -- We went out, ran about two laps, came in, stopped, went back out, made one lap, stopped. Maybe we can make more that one or two laps. We were not one of them out in the gravel pits, so that’s a plus. The whole team has come from a road racing background, but the trucks are a different thing, so it’s tough to bring a lot of things over, but everybody brings a little something to the table, so maybe it’ll help out.

ROB RIZZO (#27 Hastings Filters Ford) -- I like it, and I’m really excited about it. Watkins Glen has always been pretty good to me, so we’re looking forward to having a good race this year. We have a little bit better equipment, and hopefully we can run up front. I didn’t make it out for practice, because we had some things to finish up on the truck. We have a new sponsor for a few more races this year in Hastings Auto Filters, and we’re really excited about that.

Friday Press Conference NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series

DORSEY SCHROEDER (#55 Gloy Racing Ford) -- What’s it like going from a sports car to a stock truck? -- It’s pretty different. It’s like going from a Trans-Am car to a Winston Cup Car. There’s a huge difference in cornering speed and so forth. You've just got to understand the truck isn’t going to stop that well, corner that well and go up the straight- away like crazy. Get used to that and deal with it. -- How much of a transition is it going to be for the team to go from a road race team into the trucks? -- They’re learning more and having a harder time with it then the driver is. In a Trans-Am car, you can do whatever you want to fix it. In the trucks you are limited to what you can do with the trucks. Those guys are learning a whole new way to do business. We’re just trying to get around with that #55 truck without sponsor on there. We’re unemployed gainfully for next year, so we’re looking to do good here and get some. We won’t be in Trans-Am for sure next year.

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