Watkins Glen press conference, part I

Friday Press Conference NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series JACK SPRAGUE ( ...

Friday Press Conference NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series

JACK SPRAGUE (#24 Quaker State GMAC Chevrolet) -- The Quaker State Chevrolet seems to be working pretty good, and I promised my guys I wouldn’t hit anything until tomorrow, so I can’t hit anything today. We’re going to do what we’ve always done, just try to win the race. That’s what we do every weekend, and I don’t think it would be to anybody’s advantage if we tried to alter our plan. Rich (Bickle) is running good, and Ron (Hornaday) will run good in the second truck. There’ll be six or seven guys dicing for the lead. We came close at Topeka. Maybe we’ll beat the Old Man this time.

BORIS SAID (#44 Federated Auto Parts Ford) -- I definitely have more laps here than any oval I’ve been on. We tested here, and it went real good, so hopefully we’ll have a good finish if I keep it on the track. We’ve got a really good truck this weekend. In the 24 Hours here a long time ago, we used to run the Camaros, and they were kind of heavy, and flopped around like the trucks. They weren’t quite as fast, but they feel a lot alike. You don’t have many brakes, and you don’t have a lot of grip, but it’ll be good. We’ve had a few good runs on the ovals, but most of the time I’m eating humble pie, and it feels good to come back home on a road course. At Topeka we ran really good, but unfortunately, we broke. I’m looking forward to running good here, but we have a couple of other road racers here that will make it tough, and a lot of these oval guys aren’t too bad on road courses either, so it’s going to be a good race. There are a lot of guys who can win. When you know the track and you’ve been around it a lot, you don’t have to think about learning, so you can just get right in and get right to work on how the vehicle handles.

KENNY IRWIN JR. (#98 Raybestos Ford) -- I was about 18 years old when I got my start in the IMSA road racing, and Watkins Glen is one of the places that we’d run, but that was a long time ago. When we went to Topeka, that was the first time I’d been on a road course in about ten years, so I really just learned it all over again. Next year I’ll be running a Winston Cup car here, hopefully, if I’ve still got my ride by then. I’m just looking forward to it.

RON HORNADAY (#16 NAPA Brakes Chevrolet) -- Hornaday suffered a crash in turn 10 during today’s first practice session . I had a lot of momentum in that corner right there. It’s a weird feeling, but I’ll tell you what, I’ve just got to thank Watkins Glen. Last year, going off there, I don’t think I’d be walking right now, but...I thought that was a wall, but that styrofoam is pretty neat. When you hit it, it takes a lot of the impact. I thought I wasn’t going to be walking around right now, but when I hit that thing sideways, and the truck flipped over and landed back down on that styrofoam, it tore the [heck] out of the truck but I’ll tell you what, I’m still walking, and I’ve got to thank Watkins Glen for that, because it’s really impressive, what that gravel pit does. The team began preparing the backup truck immediately after the incident. It’s a good truck, it’s just a matter of, it’s probably going to take me five or six laps to drive it as deep as I did on that last lap. This team works hard, and when you’ve got a backup truck, it’s tough to bring it out because you haven’t got your best motor and everything in it. But it’s just as good as what we’ve had, so I’m looking forward to it. It’s my old show truck that I won with at Flemington last year, and it was our primary road course truck, but then we got different ones and we just put it to the side. We’ll see what it does.

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