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RON HORNADAY (#16 NAPA Brakes Chevrolet) -- Hornaday elected to not visit the hospital for a check up last night. He says he feels okay and plans to practice and qualify the back up truck, which arrived from the Earnhardt shops in Mooresville, N.C.

STEVE PARK (#16 NAPA Brakes Chevrolet) -- Ron's feeling pretty good right now, but I might go in and turn a lap because its required by NASCAR to turn a lap in practice if you are going to run the truck. We're just here for moral support and back up if Ron doesn't feel well and needs it. On the race at Bristol last night -- We were happy to see the checkered flag fall when it did. Our Chevrolet was starting to get a little loose. We were real good on the re-starts, and we thought we might have something for him in the last five laps, but Jimmy (Spencer) was pretty strong so we had to settle for second.

JOE RUTTMAN (#80 LCI International Ford) -- Our first practice session went pretty good. There are two guys who ran a heap faster than we did. I'm not sure we can pick up that much time, but we could pick up some tenths. I'm not sure I could run a five three. I can't go that fast. If I could run a five seven and be consistent, that's the key to the whole thing. I've run in the low 16s fairly consistently, so if I can nip off two or three tenths from that, then I think the rest of it is just driving. I still haven't done a real good job of driving, so there's some speed in my driving - that's where that two or three tenths is. We're trying a different transmission ratio so that could pick us up a tenth or two. We'll try to pick up as much with the truck an then I've got to catch up to the truck. The truck is faster than I am, so if I can catch up to the truck we should be able to run a five seven. If I consistently run there in the race, I should be a contender in the race.

BORIS SAID (#44 Federated Auto Parts Ford) -- Was quickest in the first practice session. We're just going to fine tune it and see if we can find any more speed, but that was a pretty good lap. That's probably all I have, but we'll keep working on it.

TAMMY JO KIRK (#48 AER/American Engines Chevrolet) -- Kirk will practice in the AER Chevrolet in the second practice session. Comments will be available after that session.

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