Watkins Glen post race quotes II



CHUCK BOWN (#99 Exide Batteries Ford) -- We dropped a cylinder early in the race, but we wanted to finish, but it started to blow some smoke We're not sure if we can fix it or not. If we can we'll get back out. If we can't this will be our first DNF, which would be too bad. I like racing here at the Glen, but maybe it just wasn't meant to be today.

DORSEY SCHROEDER (#55 Tom Gloy Racing Ford) -- We went along pretty good the first time, then we got behind the pace car for a long time and fouled a spark plug, and that cost us what would have been the lead. It cleared up and we got going again, but we made some adjustments and unfortunately, we were just too tight. As we were going along burning fuel, it started to loosen up, and we were getting better as we were going along. It looked like I was starting to catch those guys, and then I was coming down the hill in second gear and it popped real hard, and I saw smoke. I think we dropped a valve.

JACK SPRAGUE (#24 Quaker State /GMAC Chevrolet) -- I really thought we had the truck to win today. The crew did an excellent job. The Quaker Station Chevrolet ran great. We tried to loosen it up at half time, but it actually tighter. I really don't know why, but it also got cloudier. The big picture is we come out of here gaining points again, so that's a good deal. --On the pass for the lead -- I think Dorsey dropped a valve and his motor started messing up on him on the back stretch, so it wasn't too bad but, hey, third isn't bad.

MIKE BLISS (#2 Team ASE Racing Ford) -- It's good to run against these guys (Trans-Am drivers) and it shows that we truck drivers are no slouches. When we've got the best of the Trans-Am series and we've got the trucks to run with them. He just had a little better truck. We were good. I was surprised about how good we did, so maybe our first win will come on a road course. I'm happy. The motor ran perfect. -- On the pass for second position -- I did all my passing going into the Inner Loop. I just out braked Jack Sprague in the Inner Loop. I didn't think we could get her done there, but we did it.

RON HORNADAY (#16 NAPA Brakes Chevrolet) -- I've just got to thank all the guys back at the shop working as hard as they can to get that truck done. I'll tell you, what a team effort on behalf of Team Chevrolet and everybody. I'm a little sore in the ribs - earlier I would have said it was the shoulder, but...it'll hurt tonight, but right now I just feel good to come out with a top five. We did this in the beginning of the year and had a month off, and then we went about three or four months and then we went ahead and re-did them again. It's getting to be that the pain's just there, you don't know what a good rib feels like anyway. What effect did having Steve Park here as a standby have on your race? I had to do my job. If they'd have thrown him in there, it would have made me look bad. He's a young kid, and he doesn't mind racing hard, but I'm getting older than he is, and I figure I'd better run that thing as hard as I can.

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