Texas: Winning team press conference


DENNIS SETZER, #46 CHEVROLET SILVERADO: (Qualified 4th) (Finished 1st)

ON WINNING THE FASTEST TRUCK RACE IN HISTORY AT TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY: "This is just a great win for us. Everyone on the team has worked so hard moving our team from Oklahoma to North Carolina. It has been a huge team effort. We have a small engineering team from our shop that is running a limited amount of races and they came out here and helped us with our mile and a half program. Along with Danny (Gill) and our whole team, it is quite an effort for us. Silverado and Chevrolet have come on board with us and three other teams to make a statement in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Silverado and Chevrolet have won more driver championships and manufacturer championships than any other brand. We have a new manufacturer in the series this year and they are doing really well but the Silverado brand put forth an effort to continue to make their presence known. Chevrolet put together four factory sponsored trucks and we all work together sharing technology and information. There is a lot of hard work from a lot of people that went into this win tonight."

ON FOUR TIRE VS TWO TIRES ON THE LAST STOP-WHOSE CALL: "That was all Danny Gill's call to take four tires. I had asked him about 30 laps earlier what he was thinking about four on the last stop or if he was going to do two, I was going to start saving some tires at that point when I saw I couldn't Ted (Musgrave) down because he had gotten a pretty good jump on us. We had done only two tires early in the race and had gotten real tight and couldn't do what we needed to do. We stayed kind of competitive but we got really tight. Danny kept that in his mind and made the decision about 30 laps before the last green flag stop that we couldn't do just two tires and said we were doing four. I applaud him for what he decided and it was the right decision, I wouldn't want anyone else on the box making those decisions. It lets me concentrate on what I need to do out there on the track with a good guy on the box."

ON TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY: Eddie Gossage has built this into one of the absolute finest facilities on the circuit. Bruton Smith has done that with all of their tracks. The amount of work they have put into this track to maybe pamper some of the other series that come here, just made better what we in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series already thought was the best place we had ever raced. We just appreciate being able to race at a facility this nice and being able to come here.

ON THE IMPROVEMENT OF #46 MILE AND A HALF PROGRAM: "It is the engineers from Chevrolet and all they have put in to this program for the Silverado trucks this year. All the NCTS trucks are a more common type template this year. Our RCR motors have also been a big help. Richard Childress and his organization have always been successful on the bigger tracks and have won both Busch and Cup races here. But I am really proud of the image of being a short track ace. I think I went to college for about fifteen years on short tracks all over the South East and I wouldn't want that to get away from me. A lot of guys racing Friday or Saturday nights all of the country right now, having a short track guy like me keeping that image gives them hope they will someday get an opportunity like this.

ON BEING AWARE OF TED MUSGRAVE'S TIRE PROBLEM: "Yes, I was aware he had some type of problem and was losing a lot of time. Danny kept me posted on the amount of time we were catching him. At the rate I was closing on him, we figured we would catch him with about 11 laps to go but we caught some lapped trucks and that held us up a little big. Those guys work hard, Jimmy Smith's trucks are always good so you have to race them hard every lap.

ON WIN FOR DAVID DOLLAR'S BIRTHDAY: "It is just a team effort from every at Morgan Dollar Motorsports. Every one there has really worked hard. I am sure this is a pretty good birthday present for him."


ON SECOND WIN OF THE SEASON: "We really enjoy this and a big thanks for everyone at Chevrolet for allowing us to have program. They give us tremendous support technically and everything they do for us. It is great to be able to give them our second win of the season and come out of here as the points leader as well as putting Chevrolet in the lead of the manufacturer championship."

ON WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS VOICE: "Well, I might have screamed and yelled just a little too much in victory lane. But is great to celebrate with our team in victory lane."


ON HUGE IMPROVEMENT IN SPEEDWAY PROGRAM OF MORGAN DOLLAR MOTORSPORTS SILVERADO TEAM AFTER HAVING BEEN KNOW AS A POWERHOUSE ON SHORT TRACKS: "The difference in the #46 speedway program is the addition of the #47 team and now being a two-truck team. We were always good on short tracks but adding the additional people gives us a larger team, more knowledge to pull from in the depth of the people. They helped us develop our mile and a half program while we kept our short track program going."

ON WORKING WITH THE OTHER THREE CHEVROLET SILVERADO TEAMS AND DRAWING KNOWLEDGE FROM ONE ANOTHER: "The #46 and #47 pulled together and made two teams which made us better. Then we add the #16, #75 and the #6 and now we are five teams so all have just that much more to draw from. The depth of knowledge if five times better than we were before and it is showing in the performance of everyone. Chevrolet and GM Racing are making a tremendous difference in the program with the technology, chassis assistance, shocks and every other aspect of the handling of our trucks.

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