Texas II: Winning team interview

KYLE BUSCH , No. 18 Interstate Batteries/Iamsecond.com Toyota Tundra, Kyle Busch Motorsports Finishing Position: 1st How excited are you about your victory tonight? "This Tundra was awesome tonight. Once I got out front, that last restart ...

KYLE BUSCH , No. 18 Interstate Batteries/Iamsecond.com Toyota Tundra, Kyle Busch Motorsports
Finishing Position: 1st

How excited are you about your victory tonight?

"This Tundra was awesome tonight. Once I got out front, that last restart saved me. I can't thank all the guys on this KBM (Kyle Busch Motorsports) team enough -- they did an awesome job. It's fun to be able to have the success we've had and hopefully we can continue to get some more for next year."

Were you worried about restarting second after your final pit stop?

"I was a little bit. I figured I was going to have to restart on the bottom lane again. Johnny (Sauter) got by me and sucked me loose there. Todd (Bodine) wants to talk about driving dirty, that's the way to do it. I gave Todd room at Kentucky, Johnny Sauter gave me no room here. I tried getting back to him but couldn't get there. On that last restart there I got a good jump. I got a good jump and didn't beat Todd to the line and ended up kind of being alongside him into turn one and I don't know if my lane just had a better draft or what, we pulled away down the backstretch and held on there."

How does it feel to get your seventh overall win at Texas Motor Speedway?

"It was a great field. The guys were strong. Johnny Sauter and Todd Bodine were both really tough. We had enough on this Iamsecond.com Interstate Batteries Tundra to beat those guys. It all came down to that last restart there. Me being able to get a good jump and stay alongside Todd (Bodine) and get down into turn one alongside him and I guess my lane had a better draft or something where I was able to get ahead of him in turn two there and set sail. It seemed like it was hard to pass. I could get to Johnny and I could get to his rear bumper, but then I'd lose the nose too much and I couldn't get enough around to the outside of him in order to make a move. I knew what he was going through when he was behind me. All in all, great truck here."

How was your race today?

"It was a great night for us. We had a great Tundra and all the guys at Kyle Busch Motorsports do a great job and did it again this weekend with Eric (Phillips, crew chief) and having (Rick) Ren (general manager) there and the guys working on the thing. Every week we kind of keep plugging away and keep doing what we're supposed to do which is good. I couldn't be happier and couldn't have enough thanks to give out to Norm Miller (chairman, Interstate Batteries) and all the guys at Interstate Batteries. It was his first time in victory lane, it was real special. He was pumped up so we had him in all of our team photos and he was loving every minute of it. I'm real proud of the effort."

Was tonight's race wilder than most NCWTS races at Texas?

"Not really. It's just a cool night out that there was really no track temperature. It was difficult to pass and get a clean lane. There wasn't quite enough speed around the outside in order to make up ground out there. We were all kind of struggling to find some of that grip. I could get to Johnny (Sauter) bumper earlier in the race but once I got there, I'd blow through my front tires too fast and I'd start losing ground again. It was kind of tough if you weren't out front making up ground until tires fell off. Our Tundra was so strong that when we were out front we could really ride out there and the tires would take care of themselves. When I got back in traffic I just pushed and abused the heck out of them trying to get back up to the front."

Do you think Todd Bodine made a mistake picking the wrong lane on the final restart?

"I don't think Todd (Bodine) made the mistake in lane choice there. We saw it earlier in the night when Johnny (Sauter) stayed on my door four laps or whatever it was and finally I got loose. I don't know if I got a better push from behind, I had a better lane that we drafted or what happened there. He didn't stay next to me as well as I expected him to. I got clear of him and I was like, ‘Man, this right here was fortune.' I wasn't expecting to be clear so quick and I figured I'd have to race him. Eric (Phillips, crew chief) tightened me up a little bit on that last pit stop so I'd have a little bit more side-bite to race against him and try not to get sucked around. If I was in Todd's position, I would have taken the outside lane for the last restart if it was me, too. When you're out there on the outside like that, it makes your truck more stable and the guy on the inside is on your mercy."

What would winning this owner's championship mean to you?

"The cool thing about it is it's our first year and we're in the running for it. We've got a great opportunity to go to Phoenix and to go to Homestead and score enough points to win this deal. We also can give it up, too. We've got to be careful in what we do and make sure the preparation is there. For our first year to come out here and be so strong and have the guys that I have pulling every single week for us, working as hard as we work and having the partners that we have had, they're pumped about it. They love every minute of it. It's been fun. We're still looking for more for next year and secure some bigger sponsors for some more races but hopefully we can get some of that done during the offseason and go to Daytona and look forward to the full year."

ERIC PHILLIPS , crew chief, No. 18 Interstate Batteries/Iamsecond.com Toyota Tundra, Kyle Busch Motorsports

What are your thoughts on extending your team's lead on the owner's championship?

"It's a big deal for Kyle Busch Motorsports. Just to be able to be in this position. It was less than a year ago that we all got put together. Probably 80 percent of the guys on the team didn't start until the middle of January and to be racing somebody like Todd (Bodine), those guys -- I can't imagine they've had any turnover the last couple years. It looks like all the same guys there. To be able to put the whole operation together, build the trucks, move into a new building, there's been so many things going on that to be able to keep doing what we're doing has been pretty awesome."

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