Texas II: Winning team interview

KYLE BUSCH , No. 51 Miccosukee Resort Toyota Tundra, Billy Ballew Motorsports Finishing Position: 1st How do you feel about how tonight's race worked out? "That's cool man. What a Tundra tonight, man. This Miccosukee/Graceway...

KYLE BUSCH , No. 51 Miccosukee Resort Toyota Tundra, Billy Ballew Motorsports
Finishing Position: 1st

How do you feel about how tonight's race worked out?

"That's cool man. What a Tundra tonight, man. This Miccosukee/Graceway Pharmaceuticals Tundra was awesome and Richie (Wauters, crew chief) and these guys have really done their homework lately. It's an accomplishment to beat the 33 (Ron Hornaday, Jr.) bunch here, that's for sure. We got it done today. You know, it was a lot of fun. The 88 (Matt Crafton) -- man, I hate seeing the 88 finish second. I really wish he could get a win. I thank the fans for coming out tonight. It was a great race. Thank NOS Energy Drink and all these guys on this pit crew -- Billy Ballew Motorsports. I'm pretty proud accomplishment to be here -- five in a row. That's pretty sweet. Undefeated back with Richie (Wauters, crew chief) -- that's what's even more fun."

What are your chances of winning all three races this weekend?

"I hope I didn't screw it up for tomorrow. I've never won here in a truck, but I won the Nationwide races here in the past three times. So, looking to try to get the Nationwide win tomorrow. Dave (Rogers, crew chief) and all the guys on the M&M's Camry will be working hard tomorrow during 'Happy Hour.' Try to get us something capable enough of running up front on Sunday. We'll see what we can get. It would be pretty awesome to get them all three done here at Texas. I wanted to win a truck race here for a long time -- so this is pretty cool. As soon as I get a Cup win -- another one we can notch off the list."

Did you have it when you needed it at the end?

"Yeah, we did. We made some good changes on this Miccousukee Tundra today and really brought the thing to life. I'm really proud of Richie (Wauters, crew chief) and all these guys. This is an awesome race truck. This is the same one (truck) we won with at Chicago. We've got a match to number 11 (chassis). This is (number) 32 here, 11 was always our chassis that kicked butt, so now we found another one. All these guys, they do a great job."

Are your trucks good every time you come to the track?

"For sure. You know, I really look forward to working with these guys and Richie (Wauters, crew chief) and everybody that works so hard on this truck. We've got a lot of guys that probably don't make a whole lot of money, but they dig in real deep and they don't quit. They don't go home at five -- they stay late. That's what it takes in this sport. The dedication and the people to make it happen. These guys here, they've been dedicated. They really work their butts off -- it's starting to prevail for them. We've got five in a row now with myself and it's a total of seven wins for Billy (Ballew, team owner)."

Did you run the truck pretty hard at the end and wear down the right front tire?

"Yeah, I did. I was trying to stay away from the 88 (Matt Crafton) catching me -- I was trying to stay away from him. He was running me down. He had a great truck. I hat seeing Matt (Crafton) finish second. He needs a win in this deal and especially to me. We're pretty good friends. I wish I could pull over and give it to him, but that wouldn't be racing. Again, I had to run hard and I ended up pushing the right front tire off for a little bit too much, probably. It lasted just enough, man. Those lapped trucks that I had to get by in the last 10, 12, 15 laps, whatever it was -- really hurt our performance of the truck and so we were fairly able to hold off the 88 (Matt Crafton) -- which is cool."

Are the Toyotas getting better gas mileage than the other trucks?

"Chevrolet and Ford lobbied for Toyota to get a smaller plate and it helped our fuel mileage. So, thanks guys. That's all the difference right there. Those guys have a bigger spacer-plate, we have tapered spacers and they have a bigger one so it allows more air to pass through. When you allow more air to pass through, it takes more fuel to keep the engine running right. Those guys have worse fuel mileage than we do. The Toyota Tundras though, the guys in the engine shop at Triad, they've been working real hard to get us more horsepower and at the same time use less fuel to get better fuel mileage. Every engine builder does that, but our guys have made some gains this year in that area. All you can do is get it from the crew chief. If you're short, you may have to conserve, but if you're good to go, then you just go. The Toyotas seem to get about -- in a full fuel run -- we seem to get three to five laps more than those guys. It's not significant, but it's enough where sometimes it can make the difference."

RICHIE WAUTERS , crew chief, No. 51 Miccosukee Resort Toyota Tundra, Billy Ballew Motorsports

What was your role in tonight's win?

"When we started out tonight, we weren't the best truck out there. We had problems, we were a little bit tight and a little bit free at the same time. We made a few adjustments and it helped it. The last stop we made another adjustment and it was the best the truck was all night. Of course, with Kyle (Busch) driving, he's worth something there, too. We've been working hard and the Toyota Tundra was the best it was all night long at the end."

-credit: toyota motorsports

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