Texas II: Toyota teams qualifying quotes

TODD BODINE, No. 30 Copart/PurpleHeartCars.org Toyota Tundra, Germain Racing Starting Position: 2nd Were you happy with your qualifying results? "It was pretty stellar for a Toyota. You know, being under-horsepowered and with a smaller plate --...

TODD BODINE, No. 30 Copart/PurpleHeartCars.org Toyota Tundra, Germain Racing
Starting Position: 2nd

Were you happy with your qualifying results? "It was pretty stellar for a Toyota. You know, being under-horsepowered and with a smaller plate -- having more drag than the other guys -- it's pretty good. I'm pretty happy with it. The truck is driving great. This starts us toward the front, a good place to be, stay out of trouble and hopefully we'll put ourselves in the right position at the end."

Did the track change from day to night? "It gained a lot of grip. When the sun goes down it gains grip. With the trucks, during the day we run wide open and in qualifying trim, you're just on the edge. It's a little hairy, but not too bad. To go at night, when you have all this grip, it was relatively easy. The truck never bobbled, didn't push -- it's just right. This track has gained a lot of grip. The one thing that might have hurt us a little bit going as late as we did, it really got dewy, the dew kind of set in and when the air gets heavy it's a little more drag in the air for the bodies. That may have hurt us a little bit, but I don't think it was that big of a deal."

Can you win again tomorrow night? "You're always confident when you come to a place that you've had a lot of success. Texas, obviously for us is that way. You can't come in here with the attitude that you're invincible. You come in here knowing that you can run well here and do the right things. You can have a truck that handles well here, it gives you a lot of confidence in an area that you can succeed. You can't come in here with that air of cockiness or confidence that it's automatically a win for you. We have way too many good race trucks and teams and drivers to come in here with that kind of attitude. We know we run well and that gives us a little edge that we have that, but we have to go out and r ace. We have to race the race, we have to do the right things. We have to have a truck that runs good and not make mistakes on pit road, not make mistakes on the race track. You still have to go out and do the job, no matter what."

How important is starting up front here? "It's important just to be -- so you don't have to work your way up to the front. You take your chances in the back. Up front your with faster trucks and you can get a better idea of what you got compared to the people you have to race with at the end. All in all, it's definitely better to start up front."

What's the key to having a successful race here? "Being leading when the checkered flag falls. Track position is key. Doing the right things on the track. Having a fast truck at the end. Those are all things you have to have."

Can you get six wins at Texas? "Yeah. We can get six. We got to have everything go the right way. To win anywhere is good -- to get six here would be pretty awesome."


ARIC ALMIROLA, No. 15 Graceway Pharmaceuticals Toyota Tundra, Billy Ballew Motorsports
Starting Position: 7th

How was your qualifying lap? "It was good -- the truck drove really, really good. It did everything I wanted it to. We just, I don't know, we're lacking a little bit of speed there."

How will your truck be in tomorrow's race? "I think our truck will be really good. Doug (George, crew chief) and these guys worked really hard on our truck. It's a really good truck. It's run really good for us in the past and I don't expect anything any different tomorrow."


KYLE BUSCH, No. 51 Miccosukee Resort Toyota Tundra, Billy Ballew Motorsports
Starting Position: 12th

How was your qualifying run? "It was wide open. That's all you can do. That's as fast as they go."

How did your truck handle? "Excellent."


MIKE SKINNER, No. 5 Exide Toyota Tundra, Randy Moss Motorsports
Starting Position: 13th

Did you struggle in your qualifying run? "I got five helmets from poles -- like four or five of them in a row -- at this place (Texas), and then they came up with this plate and now we can't even sniff it. Our truck drove perfect. And if it drives like that it in the race, I feel like we can pass people and get a good finish. Right now, everybody in the field can hold it wide open now. Before this plate, there wasn't but four or five of us crazy enough to try it. So, being a good qualifier in this day and time -- with the way these trucks are configured -- it doesn't do any good to be a good qualifier. It's just about the vehicle."

Does it bother you that qualifying does not mean more? "Yeah, it bothers me. It does bother me because I know are trucks are slower than the competition and our drivers have to make up for it and our crew chiefs have to make up for it. The reason Toyota has won the manufacturer's championship again is because the teams and the drivers. I think our trucks are fantastic. I think our engines our fantastic. But, when you have to run a broken arm in an arm wrestling match -- it's hard to win it."


BRIAN SCOTT, No. 16 Albertsons Toyota Tundra, Xpress Motorsports
Starting Position: 15th


DAVID STARR, No. 24 Zachry Toyota Tundra, HT Motorsports
Starting Position: 16th

Were you happy with the performance of your truck so far in Texas? "It's awesome. It's good under race conditions. In qualifying, we knew we were probably going to be about 20th. This truck, this body has a lot of drag on it. The truck ran awesome during practice in race trim. We almost run faster in race trim than we do putting a new set of tires on it and taping up the grill to make a mock qualifying run. It's going to race good tomorrow. I have a good truck so we're going to be fine and I'm excited."

What does it mean to race close to home? "It's always special. I have so many friends and a lot of family here. The biggest part is the people who have helped me in my career. In this business, without people helping you, I would have never got to where I am at today. It's special to come here and see the people enjoying all three of the major NASCAR series and them enjoying the facility here and getting to be down in the garage area -- it's a cool thing. You can't ever pay them back for what they have done for you in your career, but letting them be a part of it is kind of a way to say thank you for all the help they've given you years ago. Without them all, you wouldn't have gotten to this point. It's always special to race at home."


T.J. BELL, No. 11 Red Horse Racing Toyota Tundra, Red Horse Racing
Starting Position: 17th

How does it feel to qualify at night? "It's awesome qualifying under the lights, especially in this Toyota Tundra tonight. It was real easy. I was just joking with the guys, it's wide open. I'm really excited for tomorrow night. I don't think we have the speed right out of the gate. All practice long today we didn't have to lift one time, so I'm really excited about tomorrow night's race."

Can you talk about the addition of your new truck chief Tim Rice? "Tim (Rice), our new truck chief, I worked with him all last year. I think it was a little bit of, he can interpret what I'm saying to the crew chief (Rick Gay) and he knows what I want to feel and what I'm saying when I'm saying it. I think it's going to be a big gain for our team. I think he's bringing some new energy into the team and I think we need it at this point of the year."


STACY COMPTON, No. 60 SafeAuto Insurance Toyota Tundra, Wyler Racing
Starting Position: 18th


TIMOTHY PETERS, No. 17 Strutmasters.com Toyota Tundra, Red Horse Racing
Starting Position: 24th

How is your truck? "It's perfect. I wish that we could have had a little more speed but it's the 'second verse, same as the first.' It doesn't qualify that good but once we get in the pack, we run really well. I have a lot of confidence in our Toyota Tundra and I'm looking forward to the start of tomorrow. Hopefully, we can get us a solid finish and keep climbing up the driver's points."

Did your team bring anything this weekend that you learned from the June race? "To be honest with you, this is the first time that I've been here in the fall. The weather that we had in June versus what we have here now is pretty close to the same. It's a little bit cooler tonight. I'm going to say it's probably about the same playing field. I'm living the dream and just glad to drive this Strutmaster.com Red Horse Racing Toyota Tundra."


TERRY COOK, No. 25 Cajun Industries Toyota Tundra, HT Motorsports
Starting Position: 25th

How's your truck going to be in tomorrow's race? "Qualifying here at Texas is fairly uneventful. We don't get wrapped up a lot in qualifying here. We really focused on having a good race truck. When we unloaded this truck in race trim, it wasn't very good but the entire HT Motorsports crew worked on it really hard and I felt like at the end of practice we got it in race trim where it was driving pretty good -- what I wanted. It was doing stuff that I know from experience is what we need it to do here at Texas Motor Speedway, but the truck just doesn't have any raw speed in it. We saw that earlier today and we even elected to not make a qualifying run to save all of our tires on the sticker tires for the race. Hopefully, that will come back to help us. We knew it wasn't going to qualify well but we have a good race truck."


TAYLER MALSAM, No. 81 One-Eighty Toyota Tundra, Randy Moss Motorsports
Starting Position: 29th

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