Texas II: Ford teams race quotes

COLIN BRAUN - No. 6 Con-way Freight Ford F-150 - (finished 5th, qualified 9th) "It was a great run for everybody on the No. 6 Con-way Freight Ford F-150. My guys did a really good job. We struggled real bad in Atlanta and my guys really went to...

COLIN BRAUN - No. 6 Con-way Freight Ford F-150 - (finished 5th, qualified 9th)

"It was a great run for everybody on the No. 6 Con-way Freight Ford F-150. My guys did a really good job. We struggled real bad in Atlanta and my guys really went to work there in the K-rig and the wind tunnel. We got our truck driving really good there. We worked on it all night and my crew chief did a great job making adjustments. It certainly was a lot of fun getting to race up there with those veteran drivers. I was trying to be as respectful as I could there. All and all, it was a lot of fun."

WILL YOU TAKE THIS TRUCK TO HOMESTEAD? "Yeah, this will be our Homestead truck because we kept it in one piece. We're very happy about the truck and we'll take it there."


TRAVIS KVAPIL - No. 09 Zaxby's Ford F-150 - (finished 7th, qualified 4th)

"We just didn't keep up with it. We were really good on the short run. The longer we ran the truck got looser and looser and we unfortunately didn't get another caution or anything to work on it one more time. I thought that last adjustment was going to be what we needed. The guys on pit road did a great job; they got me out on the lead twice. We just didn't have the truck tight enough to keep it up there. I could really go fast and hard for 10 laps or so, then it would get too loose then I'd have to get out of the throttle. It's a big disappointment. I thought we were going to be a top-three truck for sure, then we just had a really long run there and the truck wasn't good enough to keep our track position. The guys did a great job and I'm looking forward to driving it at Homestead. I really want to get these guys a win. They've really given me good stuff the last few times I've been in this truck. I'm excited to get back into again."

WHAT WAS YOUR VIEW OF THE LAP ONE INCIDENT? "I don't know. I ran wide open through turns three and four. The 2 and the 14 were side-by-side and just got a big run and made it three-wide. In my point of view, I thought there was plenty of room. I was right along the grass. I don't really know what happened other than the caution came out and it was the 2 and the 14 that wrecked. Without looking at the tape, I really don't believe I had anything to do with it other than I made it three-wide, but there's plenty of room to race three-wide here, especially on the straightaway. I hate it for those guys, they had good trucks, but I don't really feel like I did anything wrong."


RICK CRAWFORD -No. 14 Circle Bar Truck Corral/Power Stroke Diesel by International Ford F-150 - (finished 11th, qualified 1st)

"We should be over there celebrating in victory lane. I had quite a bit of damage there on the first lap. We're built Ford tough, I keep saying that week in and week out. We fought hard to get our lap back and actually, we almost earned it. But we got our lap back and finished on the lead lap. We salvaged a night that we could. My crew did a great job. The truck was running awesome all weekend. Hopefully it will be a good points night for us."

YOU MADE YOUR WAY THROUGH THE FIELD AFTER BEING A LAP DOWN, IF THIS RACE WAS 200 LAPS, COULD YOU HAVE REACHED THE FRONT? "We needed another pit stop and let Cowboy [Kevin Starland, crew chief] wave his magic wand one more time. That's why the put a distance on there and drop a checkered flag. We did all we could do tonight."


BRENDAN GAUGHAN - No. 10 International MAXX Force Diesel Ford F-150 - (finished 16th, qualified 21st)

"If you take a look at our right front Goodyear, it's supposed to have rubber. Underneath that rubber there's a steal thing called cord. I took it down to the cord. The guys worked their tails off tonight. The Circle Bar Racing team got the pole with Rick Crawford and that's a good sign. It was a good points night for Rick with him finishing 11th and the 88 and the 99 struggling tonight, for the Circle Bar team, that's kind of what we needed for him to get a few more points up. But it was definitely not what the 10 team wanted. We came here with high expectations and struggled in practice. We've got to do things a little bit better at the shop so we don't lose as much practice. We'll go from there. The one good thing I've got to say all year - those Roush Yates engines are something else. It's pretty cool to have engines that are that good, even though you've got to laugh. Even though you know you're too tight, you know you shouldn't be passing people and you can see horsepower, that brings a smile to your face, at least."


ERIK DARNELL - No. 99 Northern Tool + Equipment Ford F-150 - (finished 18th, qualified 12th)

"We had a flat right front tire, that's what costs us the race. We were definitely a top-three truck. Our Northern Tool + Equipment Ford was really good tonight. Matt Puccia and all the guys did an awesome job on pit road, we picked up spots every time. We made the right adjustments and it was fast. I couldn't quite get going on the short run. It would take about seven or eight laps, but after that our truck really came in and ran really well. I was a very disappointing night to finish 18th with a truck that was that fast. We cut a right front here in the spring, too. We just ran something over and got a hole in it. We've got two more race to try and make up some more points."


JON WOOD - No. 21 Air Force Ford F-150 - (finished 31st, qualified 6th)

"Until some thing drastically change and races can be won on lap zero, I don't really see the point in racing the way that a couple of other guys were racing, particularly up front. There's no sense it in whatsoever. It's very difficult because these other drivers cause these wrecks and they're the ones that are still on track and we're back here in the garage with a truck that can't be fixed. The people that weren't really to blame or were at fault were the ones that fell victims to circumstance. It's just not good."

DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED? "I didn't run into anybody. I got run into from behind. That's another thing, as fast as these truck are able to stop, there's no excuse to run into somebody from behind. It's just the wrong people being up front really."

-credit: ford racing

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