Texas II: Ford teams qualifying quotes

TRAVIS KVAPIL -- No. 6 K&N Filters Ford F-150 (qualified 6th) "The qualifying run was pretty much like it was all day. This is a very well proven truck for us. We won with it three times. It has speed every time we bring it. It's nothing ...

TRAVIS KVAPIL -- No. 6 K&N Filters Ford F-150 (qualified 6th)

"The qualifying run was pretty much like it was all day. This is a very well proven truck for us. We won with it three times. It has speed every time we bring it. It's nothing different from anything else we build, but we've got a good notebook on this truck. It works good at these tracks. We unloaded off the trailer today and it had good speed. We made some fine-tuning a little bit and got a little more out of it. I'm happy. The truck was solid all day and drove like it did all day. It was nice and wide open and good handling right on the bottom. It had good speed."

DO YOU HAVE A COMFORT LEVEL HERE SINCE YOU'VE RAN WELL IN THE PAST AND WON? "Yeah, I do. I like coming here for some reason. Obviously, since I've won before and it's a track that I've had a lot of top-fives. I like this place. It's a good, fast race track. On the personal side of it, the fans always seem to treat you nice here. It's a really good crowd. It's great for the truck series to come to events like this where they appreciate you and they welcome you. Texas is definitely a place where I enjoy coming and hopefully we'll have a good night tomorrow. We'll be up there, we just need to do the right thing throughout the night, I know we'll be a contender."


RICK CRAWFORD -- No. 14 Power Stroke Diesel by International Ford F-150 (qualified 7th)

"Kevin Starland [crew chief] and all the guys on the Circle Bar Race team with the Power Stroke Diesel by International Ford F-Series pick-up really did a good job. We tried to bring our best effort here to Texas and it feels pretty good to have something here to race with. We're built Ford tough and we're going to make some bold moves out here tomorrow night to see if we can't get a win for [team owner] Tom Mitchell."


JON WOOD -- No. 21 Bush's Baked Beans/Ravenswood Ford F-150 (qualified 9th)

YOUR FIRST LAP WAS FASTER THAN PRACTICE, THEN YOU PICKED UP ANOTHER TWO-TENTHS. "The track is faster right now. We kind of had our truck set-up for more of this type of conditions given the fact that we race at this time tomorrow night. That's why we opted to give up a little in practice to make sure we had what we needed now and for the race."


BRIAN SCOTT -- No. 16 Strutmasters/TruckSeries.com Ford F-150 (qualified 19th)

"The worst thing we could have done in qualifying was to go out there and spin out or something that would eliminate us from the show or put damage on our truck. My first lap was a real cautious lap. I was feeling the truck out and seeing what it had. Then the second lap, I'd say it was about 95% of what it had, but quick enough to post a pretty good lap. I think it ran pretty good."


JOEY CLANTON -- No. 09 Zaxby's Ford F-150 (qualified 21st)

"I tried to arc it out a little further out down there [turn three] to get some speed out of the center of the corner and it was a little bit tight. Other than that I'm happy. The truck will run that all night long. Since we didn't go out and do a mock run, it probably hurt a little bit, but it's all about the race. It didn't really matter today in all that heat. A little heat came on. I look forward to starting the Zaxby's F-150 and try get it to the front for the Raybestos Rookie of the Year. We're looking for a top-10 finish. It's what I gotta have. So, we'll just keep the nose clean and come out up front. This is the same truck we had at Kentucky and Nashville and we had top 10s there. It's a good truck. It races well. It qualified well at Nashville, but it was a different situation when you're all out right here, some of these guys might have a little bit more horsepower. Some may have a little bit better body. This has a body that you can really race hard with and I like it. It's fast. It's real comfortable to drive. Maybe not getting a mock run maybe hurt us a little bit there with air pressures, but it's a good run for us."

ARE YOU SURPRISED WITH HOW WELL YOU RUN AT THESE MILE-AND-A-HALF TRACKS? "I used to be aggressive. I think I've laid back and got patient. To get aggressive on the short tracks is what I'm going to have to get back at. We got beat around pretty bad in Martinsville. I think I got a little bit more than I took. I think I just need to get in that rut with them and see how far we can dig with them."

THIS TRACK IS OLD, HOW IMPORTANT ARE TIRES? "In the spring, just like we did last week, we ran two at the end and ran the fastest lap. But with this truck here, I think we've got a better truck and it's going to be four tires. We've got one set of tires that we saved because we didn't go out on the second session today like some of the other guys did today. We only have like five or six laps on those tires, so we can throw tires at it."


ERIK DARNELL -- No. 99 Northern Tool + Equipment Ford F-150 (qualified 23rd)

DOES HAVING AN EARLY DRAW CHANGE HOW YOU APPROACH QUALIFYING? "Early draws are never any fun, but that's been the norm for us lately, we've been a bit unlucky with that. Our Northern Tool + Equipment Ford F-150 was good in practice and in race trim. I was real happy with it in race trim. We made a mock qualifying run and it just didn't seem to have any speed. I think we ended up with the same thing tonight by going out first. Looking at that lap, I don't think it's going to hold up very well. I'm just more worried about this thing in the race and I think it will be pretty good."

IS TRACK POSITION IMPORTANT HERE? "No, I don't think it is. This is not quite like an Atlanta, but like a Charlotte where the second groove will come in during the race and we'll be able to run up there. You always want to start in the front, but you are able to pass here."


TJ BELL -- No. 50 Heathcliff's Cat Litter Ford F-150 (qualified 29th)

"It was awesome. The truck was driving unbelievably good. We just need to get some speed out of it and for some reason we can't find it. I was telling the guys that I wouldn't change a thing about this truck. If we had to do qualifying again, I wouldn't change anything -- that's how good it was. The crew has been working their tails off to get this thing right so we'll be good tomorrow."


DAVID STARR -- No. 10 International MAXX Force Diesel Ford F-150 (qualified 30th)

"Our International MAXX Force Diesel Ford F-150 hasn't been really good today. We struggled in both practices and it continued in qualifying and we're just not very good. We changed a lot of stuff trying to make it better, but we're still not where we need to be. The team is doing a good job trying to find what we need. We just haven't found it yet. We're just disappointed. It doesn't matter where you start, it's where you finish. We're going to dig all the way to the end, that's all we can do tomorrow. I'm just disappointed right now. I thought we'd be better than where we are. We're not starting well, but that doesn't mean we can't have a good finish. Tomorrow morning we'll wake-up with a better attitude and focus on the race."

THIS IS THE SAME TRUCK FROM THE SPRING RACE WHERE YOU QUALIFIED IN 20th BUT FINISHED FIFTH, DOES THAT MEAN TRACK POSITION IS NOT AS IMPORTANT HERE COMPARED TO OTHER TRACKS? "It's always important at every race you go to. You've got to qualify good and race good. It's important everywhere. It's important here. This series is so competitive, it's hard to pass. So when you give yourself a disadvantage and start in the back week in and week out, it's going to catch-up to you eventually. My team has done a good job. We usually make it up to somewhere near the front during the race. We're disappointed because we wanted to do better. You've got to qualify good everywhere. It doesn't mean you run good, track position is key. We just need to make sure during the pit stops tomorrow that we make some good adjustments. We are going to put ourselves in a position to have a good race. We'll see how it works. We are disappointed right now. But I'm optimistic about tomorrow and we'll have a really good race."

-credit: ford racing

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