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TEAM CHEVY SILVERADO ON THE TRACK: Dayne Pierantoni, GM Racing Silverado Program Manager, NCTS: "Chevrolet Silverado has a great record at Texas Motor Speedway. Like all of the 1.5-mile tracks we race, Texas requires horsepower, aero and handling.

TEAM CHEVY SILVERADO ON THE TRACK: Dayne Pierantoni, GM Racing Silverado Program Manager, NCTS: "Chevrolet Silverado has a great record at Texas Motor Speedway. Like all of the 1.5-mile tracks we race, Texas requires horsepower, aero and handling. It is fast and wide so there is racing room all the way around. We have seen some spectacular races, down to the last turn of the last lap to determine the winner.

"Our veterans have had great success there. Jack Sprague has two wins, Ron Hornaday has led a tremendous amount of laps around Texas and had great finishes, this could definitely be his year for a victory. Chad McCumbee came within inches of scoring his first win there last year and Matt Crafton has been close as well. Aric Almirola will back in a Chevy at Texas so we have a strong contingency of drivers who know how and when to make the right moves.

"Our Silverado teams are well prepared. Being on a long-stretch of races is good because teams stay on their game and in a good rhythm going. We are looking forward to a solid Chevrolet night in Texas."


"Texas Motor Speedway is a lot like Lowe's Motor Speedway. However, there is a distinct bump at TMS going into turn one that always makes acing the first lap a little hairy. "Practicing during the day you usually have a tight truck, however, you want it that way. As you transition into night, the track gets progressively looser but you have more overall grip. I don't really think it changes too drastically, but the track is rather temperature-sensitive, so knowing that going in helps to make adjustments. "

"When we race 25 races a year you tend to lose track of where you hold track records. I know that I have 33 poles and three track records but if you ask me to name where they are it can get a little foggy. It's always a nice reminder that you are the person in the record books that blew the doors off the other competitors. Chances are with our new restrictor plates, I don't think my record is in danger of being broken. "Poles mean a lot to me, they always have," Sprague said. "I held the record for most pole wins until Skinner passed me a few years ago. I would love to go back to Texas and beat my own record. That would be pretty cool."

* RON HORNADAY, NO. 33 CAMPING WORLD SILVERADO: "Texas is a fast track. It's like Atlanta and Lowe's where you can carry a lot of speed out of the turns. I've had some good runs there and have been in position to win a few times. I know (crew chief) Rick Ren will have our truck dialed in and we'll be fast."

* MATT CRAFTON, NO. 88 MENARDS SILVERADO: "I love racing at Texas...Texas Motor Speedway is a great track; the asphalt is old, and makes for great racing; you can run two-and-three wide there with no problem. Hopefully, we can go to Texas and keep doing what we've been doing, which is trying to finish in the top-5 and putting ourselves in position to try to win races. Considering our misfortune at Dover previously, we were happy to finally get a top-5 finish there; we gained in the points, and kept our momentum, so all in all it was a real good day for us."

* SHELBY HOWARD, NO. 13 BOBCAT SILVERADO: "I'm excited to get to Texas with our Bobcat Silverado...we're taking a nice piece to Texas. It's a track for great racing, and hopefully we can put our Bobcat Silverado back in the top-10 at Texas. It's exciting to have Bobcat on board, and it was great to get a top-10 finish for them right out of the gate at Mansfield. We're learning a lot each week, Matt (Crafton, teammate and driver of the No. 88 Menards Silverado) has been great at sharing ideas; we feel like we're headed for some good things."

* BRIAN SCOTT, NO. 16 SHARK ENERGY DRINK/ALBERTSONS SILVERADO: ""As far as Texas goes last year, I'd say out of the seven races I ran last year and out of the mile-and-a-half tracks, that was probably the first place where I finally started getting a little familiarity with the intermediate track. We qualified decently but unfortunately I had to learn a lesson there the hard way about side force and aerodynamics when I was racing another truck early in the race. He kind of got up on my side and sucked the side force off me and I wasn't really prepared for that. This time I'll be armed with that knowledge and better prepared for it. I'm looking forward to going back to Texas because even with the spin we incurred early in that race, we still came back and had a pretty decent race. It was a good experience and I think with all the information and experience I've gotten since then, what we've learned, countless hours, people we've brought on, all the improvements we've made in the shop and the equipment. We're going to be a different monster when we go back there. I think we will have improved a lot, and I look for that to show."

* ARIC ALMIROLA, NO. 46 MORGAN-DOLLAR MOTORSPORTS SILVERADO "I am ready to back to truck racing, actually to racing period. I haven't gotten to race for a few weeks so I am looking forward to racing a Silverado in the Truck Series at Texas. I was excited to get call from Morgan-Dollar Motorsports. Texas is awesome place, it is a lot of fun. Hopefully groove will widen out and we can race all over the track. Since I was there last time, I have learned a lot driving in both Cup and Nationwide. I feel like I am a better driver, smarter driver and I plan to it all good use and hopefully come home with a trophy and cowboy hat."

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