Texas: Ford teams race quotes

Texas: Ford teams race quotes
Jun 9, 2007, 8:13 AM

ERIK DARNELL -- No. 99 Northern Tool & Equipment Ford F-150 (Finished 32nd) "I was flat-footed coming off of four and the thing just went. It's pretty unfortunate. Our Northern Tool & Equipment Ford was really good in practice yesterday. We ...

ERIK DARNELL -- No. 99 Northern Tool & Equipment Ford F-150 (Finished 32nd)

"I was flat-footed coming off of four and the thing just went. It's pretty unfortunate. Our Northern Tool & Equipment Ford was really good in practice yesterday. We were in the top five in both sessions and I honestly believe we had a pretty good shot at running really well in the race tonight. I can't say enough about Roush Yates horsepower. They've been very reliable in all the races I've run. I've never had a failure, so this is a first-time deal for me. It's unfortunate."


T.J. BELL -- No. 50 Heathcliff's Cat Litter Ford F-150 (Finished 23rd)

"We had a little bit of a spotter error. I apologized to Brendan Gaughan. We had a great lead lap truck going. It's a shame that a lap down truck races you that hard, but it was spotter error and I'll take the blame for it. I'm just so happy with these Heathcliff Kitty Litter guys and I just can't wait to get to the next race because these guys deserve a lot better than this and we're gonna come back with a vengeance at Michigan."


TRAVIS KVAPIL -- No. 6 K&N Filters Ford F-150 (Finished 6th)

"The thing I'm upset about the most is we've got a wrecked race truck. Our K&N Ford was pretty awesome. We just fought track position all night long and under that green flag stop we took two. Earlier in the race we came from dead last all the way up to fourth under green. I knew I had a great truck and I knew we wanted clean air. We were running wide open after I took two, so I knew we were out in front and would be able to run wide open too. Todd got a pretty good restart. I was hoping to get a little better jump on him and just coming off of four I was flat on the mat and it's just drafting. He got a good suck on me and I tried to hold him off. I saw him going high, so I kind of went high. As soon as I saw him going low I don't know if he just clipped me, I started coming down. I'm just so happy we had a fast truck. I wanted to win pretty bad, but if we can keep bringing race trucks like this to the race track every week, we'll be alright."

WHAT HAPPENED WITH BODINE? "Earlier in the race we pitted kind of out of sequence and my truck drove from dead last all the way up to third or fourth under green, so we had and awesome K&N Ford tonight. We took two tires there and after we took, I could run flat on the mat wide open so I told Mike, 'We just need clean air. We'll be able to hold these guys off. I ain't worried about taking tires.' I got an OK restart and Todd hung right with me. I ran that whole first lap wide open and it's just truck racing. He got a good draft on me off of turn four. I saw him moving around and I tried blocking a little bit and timed it just wrong or whatever and he got in the back of me. I really thought I had it saved. That's what kind of bums me out the most is our K&N Ford is tore up, but I'm really happy to have a fast race truck and just disappointed our shot at winning there kind of got wiped out at the end."


DAVID STARR -- No. 10 Int'l MAXX Force Diesel Ford F-150 (Finished 5th)

"This is a new team. We got it put together so late into the off season and it's just starting to come together now. We know we can be competitive and that was our first top 10 and our first top five. I was hoping my teammate Rick Crawford could win the race. I was trying to get up there to push him in the back, but couldn't."

WAS ALL THE BAD LUCK WORTH IT TONIGHT? "This International MAXX Force Ford F-150 was awesome tonight. Dennis Conner and all the guys on the team, we never gave up. I said, 'We'll get this monkey off our back sooner or later.' We've had good trucks and we've just had a little bad luck. Finally, hopefully, this will get our season turned around tonight at Texas. It was a good run for Rick Crawford and the Circle Bar Racing team. He finished third and we finished fifth. We've seen improvement. We didn't win the race tonight, but this is a big improvement for the International MAXX Force team. Dennis Conner did a heck of a job on pit road and all the guys. I'm excited. I was disappointed last night that we didn't qualify real well. I ran wide open and my Ford F-150 just ended up 20th, but I knew our truck was better than that. I'm pretty happy here tonight. We're headed in the right direction and that's why we're smiling right now."

YOU KNEW YOU HAD A GOOD TRUCK BEFORE THE RACE. "I knew we had a good truck. I was just a little disappointed with qualifying last night. The International MAXX Force F-150 was pretty good in practice, but I ran wide open for two laps last night and we just didn't turn the lap we thought we'd turn. I always tell my guys that it's not really where you start it's how you finish, so we just wanted a decent starting spot. I knew our Ford F-150 was pretty good in race trim and we just kept working on it. I was a little free on entry. I'd turn down in the corner and my Ford F-150 kind of wanted to spin out on me. I'd call Dennis Conner on the radio and tell him I was just real free into the corner and they made a couple of good adjustments. The truck was pretty awesome. We had a pit stop and took four tires and they came on the radio and said, 'Your tires look awesome. The build-ups and air pressures in the tires are equal.' I knew we had a pretty good truck then and we just made some small air-pressure adjustments and it was good. We put right side tires on and then we got the lucky dog and then as we got the lucky dog the last caution came out and I told Dennis, 'Let's put some left side tires on,' and we did. I could run wide open into the corner, but when I'd run wide open I'd get too tight up off the corner. It kind of hurt me because I was able to drive the truck even harder and it made it tighter up off the corner. I was hoping to stick my nose in there and give them a run for their money, but, right now, with the way the season has gone we're glad for Circle Bar Racing and this International MAXX Force team to finally get our first top five of the year. We're exciting and looking forward for bigger things to come and looking forward to the rest of the season."


RICK CRAWFORD (Finished 3rd) No. 14 Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l Ford F-150

"How about this Ford F-150? Everybody needs to take the challenge and drive one of these things. It was fun for me to drive tonight. We made some bold moves out there and after starting 14th we came home third. It should have been a winning truck. I don't know. These guys are tough out here in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and we ran 'em tough all night, that's just all we had."


STACY COMPTON -- No. 21 Bush's Beans Ford F-150 (Finished 10th)

"I'm disappointed. These guys gave us a good truck. We came in early and went to the back of the pack and then we came back in to re-fuel, but track position is so important. We went to the back and made it back to the front. We were running too hot right there at the end. We tried gambling a little bit and put some tape on and were running about 275 and on that last restart I knew the motor wasn't gonna run there and Ted got by us. It's just frustrating to be that close to the front and have lapped trucks in there where you couldn't race, but that's the way it goes. That's racing. The Bush's Beans Ford was good tonight, I'm just a little disappointed with 10th. It's good to be disappointed with 10th, but this was the first time working with these guys and it's still not a bad weekend, we just had a little bit better truck than that. I'm a little disappointed."

-credit: ford racing

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