Texas Ford Racing Pre-Race Report



# 2 - MIKE WALLACE, Team ASE/Ultra Motorsports Ford F-150 Owner: Jim and Marlene Smith Crew Chief: Tim Kohuth 1999 at Texas - started 27th, finished fourth 1998 at Texas - started fourth, finished 12th 1999 season - fifth in points; two wins; 13 top-10 finishes - first career win at Homestead, fifth at Evergreen, eighth at Mesa Marin, second career win at Pikes Peak, fourth at Texas, second at Watkins Glen, fourth at Milwaukee, second at New Hampshire, third at IRP, fifth at Gateway, ninth at Topeka, fourth at Richmond, second at Louisville 1998 season - 27 starts - finished 13th in points with three top fives and 11 top 10s

# 14 - RICK CRAWFORD, Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford F-150 Owner: Tom Mitchell Crew Chief: Mike Cheek 1999 at Texas - started 13th, finished 12th 1998 at Texas - started 26th, finished 26th 1997 at Texas - started sixth, finished third 1999 season - 14th in points; 10 top-10 finishes - eighth at Homestead, sixth at Phoenix, eighth at Pikes Peak, 10th at Watkins Glen, third at Milwaukee, fifth at New Hampshire, ninth at Gateway, fourth at Topeka, eighth at Las Vegas, seventh at Louisville 1998 season - 27 starts - finished 18th in points with one win (Homestead), four top fives and five top 10s

# 31 - KEVIN CYWINSKI, Auto Trim Design Ford F-150 Owner: Shelly Brevak Crew Chief: Les Back 1999 at Texas - started 16th, finished 21st 1999 season - 15th in points; seven top-10 finishes - sixth at Homestead, ninth at Phoenix, 10th at Mesa Marin, fourth at Martinsville, sixth at I-70, career-best third at Bristol, 10th at Nashville 1998 season - 19 starts - finished 28th in points with one top 10

# 46 - ROB MORGAN, Acxiom Ford F-150 Owner: David Dollar Crew Chief: Tim Murphy 1999 at Texas - started 15th, finished 19th 1998 at Texas - started 37th, finished 20th 1999 season - 19th in points; one top-10 finish - fifth at Topeka 1998 season - eight starts - finished 37th in points

# 50 - GREG BIFFLE, Grainger Racing Ford F-150 Owner: Jack Roush Crew Chief: Randy Goss 1999 at Texas - started 11th, finished third 1998 at Texas - started 17th, finished 22nd 1999 season - second in points; nine wins; 17 top-10 finishes - 10th at Evergreen, fifth at Martinsville, first-career win at Memphis, tenth at I-70, ninth at Bristol, third at Texas, second-career win at Portland, fourth at Watkins Glen, third career win at Milwaukee, fourth career win at Nazareth, fifth career win at Michigan, fourth at New Hampshire, sixth career win at IRP, seventh career win at Gateway, eighth at Topeka, eighth career win at Richmond; ninth career win at Las Vegas; four poles - Memphis, Bristol, Milwaukee, and Nazareth 1998 season - 27 starts - finished eighth in points with eight top fives and 12 top 10s; four poles (Portland, Memphis, Gateway and Martinsville); won Cintas Rookie-of-the-Year award

# 55 - BORIS SAID, Icehouse Beer Ford F-150 Owners: Tom Gloy and Bobby Rahal Crew Chief: Chris Andrews 1998 at Texas - started 16th, finished 38th 1997 at Texas - started fourth, finished second 1999 season - 34th in points; two top-10 finishes - fifth at Portland, second at Topeka; two poles - Portland and Topeka 1998 season - 27 starts - finished 16th in points with one top five and six top 10s

# 66 - MIKE STEFANIK, Carlin Burners and Controls Ford F-150 Owner: Dale Phelon Crew Chief: Roland Wlodyka 1999 at Texas - started 14th, finished 28th

1999 season - 13th in points; eight top-10 finishes - second at Homestead, seventh at I-70, eighth at Nashville, eighth at Nazareth, seventh at Michigan, sixth at Gateway, 10th at Topeka, ninth at Louisville 1998 season - 1 start (Las Vegas) - finished 79th in points with one top 10; won both NASCAR Featherlite Modified Series and NASCAR Busch North Series for second consecutive year

# 92 - ROSS THOMPSON, goracing.com Ford F-150 Owner: Dan Selzick Crew Chief: Leon Ruther 1999 season - 41st in points; best finishes - 18th at Topeka and Las Vegas 1998 season - competed in NTB Trans-Am series

# 98 - KEVIN HARVICK, Porter-Cable Power Tools Ford F-150 Owners: Jim Herrick and Brad Daugherty Crew Chief: Rodney Haygood 1999 at Texas - started 20th, finished 24th 1998 at Texas - started 21st, finished fourth 1999 season - 11th in points; 11 top-10 finishes - ninth at Evergreen, second at Mesa Marin, tenth at Martinsville, second at Memphis, third at Pikes Peak, sixth at Bristol, seventh at Watkins Glen, second at Nashville, fourth at IRP, ninth at Las Vegas, fourth at Louisville 1998 season - 26 starts - finished 17th in points with three top fives and five top 10s; won NASCAR Winston West championship

# 99 - MIKE BLISS, Exide Batteries Ford F-150 Owner: Jack Roush Crew Chief: Matt Chambers 1999 at Texas - started fifth, finished sixth 1998 at Texas - started fifth, finished 37th 1997 at Texas - started first, finished fifth

1999 season - ninth in points; 12 top-10 finishes - 10th at Phoenix, eighth at Evergreen, sixth at Martinsville, ninth at I-70, sixth at Texas, second at Portland, fifth at Milwaukee, second at Nazareth, sixth at New Hampshire, fifth at IRP, eighth at Gateway, seventh career win at Topeka; two poles - Martinsville and Pikes Peak 1998 season - 27 starts - finished 10th in points with two wins (Milwaukee and Phoenix), five top fives and nine top 10s; four poles (Nazareth, Pikes Peak, Nashville and Phoenix); won Busch Pole Award

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