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RICK CRAWFORD-14-Milwaukee Electric Tool Ford F-150 (Qualified 6th) - YOU PICKED UP MORE TIME FROM PRACTICE THAN MOST DID. "We ran about that in our mock and I think the coolness of the track picked up the Milwaukee Electric Tool Ford a little...

RICK CRAWFORD-14-Milwaukee Electric Tool Ford F-150 (Qualified 6th) - YOU PICKED UP MORE TIME FROM PRACTICE THAN MOST DID. "We ran about that in our mock and I think the coolness of the track picked up the Milwaukee Electric Tool Ford a little bit better than that. We were ready to qualify and this is going to be a Texas Showdown tomorrow night. We've come to win this one." HAS THE TRACK COOLED DOWN SIGNIFICANTLY SINCE PRACTICE ENDED? "The sun went down and that naturally makes the racing surface a little quicker. The winds picked up, so your ground speeds are going to be a little bit slower. That's where gear selection comes into play and we made the right gear choice today. We made the right call on the gear ratio to take up for the wind. We might not be second, but I wish we were, but at least we know we have a good truck to run tomorrow night." HOW IS THE GRIP ON THE NEW RACING SURFACE? "Super, it was a super job by the speedway. Even from the first race that we ran out here, this has been a great facility. They call it the Great American Racetrack, and I wish those condos were in Florida because I'm looking to get one. Who knows, I might move to Texas." HOW FAR OUT DOES THE GROOVE RUN? "I think the second groove will come in, especially with lapped traffic and so forth. You have to tiptoe up there right this minute, but I think once this race starts, and the IRL cars don't run as low as we do on the speedway, so I think they'll help us out tomorrow."

KYLE BUSCH-99-Eldon Ford F-150 (Qualified 5th) - "The truck stuck pretty good. I was a little nervous going into 1 and 2, but as soon as it stuck and I felt it, I wasn't nervous one bit. Going into 3 we had to lift and breathe it all day, but this time I just held it to the floor and she stuck. It wasn't too bad of a lap. It was quicker than we practice qualified at." DID YOU HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR TWO LAPS? "Not at all. It's not nerve-wracking really at all. I went and tested at Chicagoland and it's a lot like that, but this is a little quicker with a little more banking, and here we are in the top five." YOU WERE ABLE TO HOLD THE THROTTLE WIDE OPEN FOR BOTH LAPS? "Yeah. In practice we couldn't, and I don't know what was wrong with the truck, but we made a few changes and it seemed to help a lot. We knew 1 and 2 wouldn't be a problem, but we weren't sure about 3 and 4." YOU DIDN'T RACE HERE IN THE SUMMER. WHOSE NOTES ARE YOU USING? "We're going off a little bit of notes from Nathan Haseleu. He did a good job here in June. They had a top-five truck, it's just that they got caught up in a tire issue with a tire going down early. They had some good notes here, and we hope to have a good race tomorrow."

JON WOOD-50-Eldon Ford F-150 (Qualified 4th) - "I don't know how we could have made it any faster. I was on the throttle the whole time." IS THIS THE FASTEST TRACK YOU'VE RUN ON IN YOUR CAREER? "I ran at Kentucky in a Cup car, and we were pretty quick, but this is the fastest in a truck. It was a good lap. It was good to bounce back from our engine problem earlier in the day because we knew we had a good truck. That should be good enough to start in the top five, and I think that's all you need at a track like this." WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR MOTOR IN PRACTICE? "We're still not really sure. Something went wrong. We've been really good about not having engine problems, and I'm glad we got this out of the way when we did. They can take it back to Michigan and look at it, but we're confident that this was an isolated incidence. Maybe we can finish the year out with no troubles." YOU WEREN'T HERE IN THE SUMMER. DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'RE PLAYING CATCH-UP? "That didn't matter because I knew we were going to be quick. Since we were still changing motors when qualifying started, I went on top of the hauler and watched about the first 20 drivers qualify and they weren't doing anything different from me. We just happened to go out late, and I don't think the track changed any. I ran just a little bit faster than in practice, but I only turned one lap because the motor expired. It probably would have run that fast in our second lap this morning if we ran it." THE WIND HAS PICKED UP SINCE PRACTICE THIS AFTERNOON. CAN YOU FEEL THAT ON THE RACE TRACK? "Yeah, it was darting around pretty bad. I don't know if that was a factor, and I don't know if it's coming into play from truck to truck, but it's definitely out there."

LARRY GUNSELMAN-63-Waterloo Tool Storage Ford F-150 (Qualified 19th) - IT LOOKED LIKE THE TRUCK BROKE LOOSE COMING OUT OF TURN 4. "Yeah, we were running a lot faster on that second lap and I was fighting the truck in 3. The truck was real loose in 4 and I tried to back out of the throttle to get it back under control, but coming out of 4, it just broke loose. I hate that for this team because this is our only truck." CAN YOU REPAIR THE DAMAGE? "I definitely think so. This is our only truck, so we have to. We had a great first lap, and that second lap was going to be even better." HOW HARD DID YOU HIT THE INSIDE WALL? "It wasn't too bad. I spun across the grass and that slowed us down. I had on my HANS Device and that also helped lessen the blow. This was a great qualifying run with our first race with Gary Showalter and we want to get this thing fixed so we can put up a good finish tomorrow."

TERRY COOK-29-Power Stroke Diesel Ford F-150 (Qualified 16th) - "We picked up some time, but it's still not where we need to be. We were hoping to pick up from two to four tenths, but we only got one tenth. We're lacking some qualifying speed here, but it's kind of funny because I never qualify well here, but we always race really good here. We have a good race truck. I think the truck has a combination of so much downforce, it won't cut through the wind in qualifying, but look out for us tomorrow. When they drop the green flag, and if it's anything like it was in the summer, we're going to be good in the race." THE SUN WAS OUT EARLIER AND NOW IT HAS SET AND THE WINDS ARE PICKING UP. HOW SENSITIVE IS THE RACING SURFACE TO CHANGE? "I don't notice any big change. The pole speed was run when the sun was up. The sun was down for us and it didn't seem to be a big advantage. I don't see where it's a huge advantage with the weather. I think it's more, if you have a good package in the sunshine, you're going to be good at night, too. I think it's more of a combination of, are you fast for two laps or for 50 laps? Right now, we have more of a 50-lap run, so that's why we're not at the top of the chart." THE FORDS HAVE A NEW NOSEPIECE AND THE SNORKELS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO ALL OF THE TRUCKS SINCE WE WERE HERE IN JUNE. HAVE YOU NOTICED A CHANGE IN THE HANDLING CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TRUCK? "I don't know if it has thrown a wrench into anything; I just don't think we have the balance we're looking for. I don't the nose is causing us any problems, so it's more of a situation where we're lacking something, and we're not sure what it is right now."

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