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CHAMPIONSHIP BATTLE TIGHTENS..SETZER ONLY 25 POINTS AWAY FOUR DODGE RAMS FINISH IN THE TOP-TEN IN TEXAS Dodge Ram Notes & Quotes FT. WORTH, TX (October 15, 1999) Dennis Setzer was 44 points away from the point lead when the green flag dropped...


Dodge Ram Notes & Quotes

FT. WORTH, TX (October 15, 1999) Dennis Setzer was 44 points away from the point lead when the green flag dropped at Texas Motor Speedway tonight and when the checkers flew he was still in third position, but only 25 away from the championship with one race remaining. All nine of the Dodge Rams that started the race were able to finish with four of them in the top-ten at the end of the evening.

Dennis Setzer finished third after starting second and fighting for the win the entire evening

Randy Tolsma finished fifth after starting 14th and running up front much of the night.

Joe Ruttman finished seventh after starting 12th and trying to make up time on the restarts of the race.

Bob Keselowski finished ninth after starting 11th and pitting late in the race to go for the win.

Stacy Compton finished 12th after starting fifth and struggling much of the evening.

Randy Renfrow finished 13th after starting 15th and getting caught up in and on-track Incident.

Jimmy Hensley finished 14th after starting ninth and losing a lap late in the race,

Adam Petty finished 16th after starting 23rd.

Eric Norris finished 22nd after starting 26th.

Dennis Setzor, #1 Mopar Dodge, finished third: "The Mopar Dodge was real strong and with two laps to go the truck just got real tight. We went from first to third there at the and, I wish we could have held the position. On that last restart I saw the #25 hang back to get a run on me so I dropped back to guard the third position and when I did, the #50 and the #3 just got a jump on me. It seemed like I just could not got going on the restarts like I wanted to. The points are even tighter now, so we will just go to Fontana and keep doing what we have been doing and see how it all shakes out when the checkered flag drops."

Randy Tolsma #25 Superguard Motor Oil Dodge, finished fifth: "This was a good run for the Superguard Dodge and these top-fives have been few and far between but these guys deserve the top finishes. The truck was awesome on the long green flag runs and we just did not need all of the cautions at the end of the race, Everybody on the team is keeping their head high and we needed good runs at these last two races. Now we need to work on those four positions in front of us."

Joe Ruttman, #1 a Dana Dodge, finished seventh: "What really hurt us was the restarts, we needed the green flags rather than the cautions. I think I over-revved the motor on that last restart. But we had a decent run and now we will look forward to Fontana."

Bob Keselowski, #29 Mopar Dodge, finished ninth:

"That was really a fun night once they gave me the call that I was going to stay out for the end of the race. This was a brand new truck that we built for Dennis to run at California and we brought it here to try to shake the bugs out. We wanted to make sure that the truck was good for Fontana and it was so strong that we decided the stay out and try to finish ahead of the #24 to try to gain another position for Dennis in the points. We were able to find out a lot about the truck and finish ahead of the #24 so it was a good night."

Stacy Compton, #86 RC Dodge, finished 12th:

"Disappointed in the finish, we were in the run for the championship coming into this race and we just didn't finish where we needed to. I hate it for this RC team because they are capable of winning races and winning a championship. We are going to head to Fontana and see if we can get that win at the last race."

Randy Renfrow, #41 TKO Motorsports Dodge, finished 13th

"We felt like we had a good truck tonight and then the #99 got into me and that cost me some positions on the track. We were running in the top fifteen around lap 40 and we just weren't able to keep the handle under the truck, It was a good night, but we are looking for a better finish at Fontana in two weeks."

Jimmy Hensley, #43 Dodge By Petty, finished 14th:

"We ran hard and we finished in the back and I am just really disappointed because I am not sure how we ended up so far back in the pack."

Adam Petty, #34 Sprint Dodge, finished 16th:

"We struggled all night long, especially in traffic. When I got behind the pack, the truck would push and when they were behind me It would get bad loose. We had a 20th place truck and we finished 16th so it was a good night. I was able to gain some seat time here at Texas."

Eric Norris, #4 Cinemark, Coca-Cola, interstate Batteries Dodge, finished 22nd:

"We finished with all four corners on the truck so it was a good night. The truck was fair all night we tried to adjust on it and we were able to stay out of trouble. But overall it was a good night and I gained some experience."

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