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Texas Preview: "Texas is a fast race track. Its configuration is similar to Lowes Motor Speedway. The setups are not the same because Texas requires more spring than Charlotte so you cannot take the same setup, but it is the same type chassis....

Texas Preview: "Texas is a fast race track. Its configuration is similar to Lowes Motor Speedway. The setups are not the same because Texas requires more spring than Charlotte so you cannot take the same setup, but it is the same type chassis. Texas is a 1.5-mile quad-oval track and is known for it's extreme speeds that give off extreme G-Forces. You know the G-forces are there, but they really don't affect the way you perform. Texas is a track you definitely don't want to crash at because you know it will hurt. Texas you tend to be both tight and loose during the race weekend. You need a loose truck to qualify up front. If you are behind someone during the race you tend to be tighter, but if you are by yourself you can really fly if your truck is loose. I like Texas because you can pass in the top groove. It has a low groove and high groove that makes for exciting battles on the track. The guy who wins the race is the guy who can run wide open around the entire track and never lift."

Learning Ground: "The other day someone asked me if I thought the NASCAR Busch Series was a better learning ground than the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and it got me thinking. I have experience in both series and in the past I think the NBS was considered 'Top Dog' for teaching rookies, but I think the NCTS is on its heels. The Busch series has a lot of experience with the Nextel Cup guys racing at selective events, but the truck series has more experience every week. Our Cup veterans race the entire season instead of a few races. You have Bobby Hamilton, Ted Musgrave and Ricky Craven here with you every week. I looked last week and nine guys out of the top 10 in qualifying had some kind of Nextel Cup series experience. That is pretty amazing when you consider the NCTS in general. It was just announced Mark Martin is going to run the series next year. I am really excited about how he will add to our series. I think the NCTS is drawing a lot of interest. It has really grown the past couple years. Competition level has really grown and that is why I think the NCTS is a great learning ground. We have a good balance of guys trying to get the break they need in racing and guys who are trying to make a name for themselves within the industry. The competitors in the NCTS are hungry for a win and that makes our racing exciting.

Watching Races on TV: "Last weekend at Dover our race was rained out and postponed till after the Busch race. I really didn't mind the rain delay because it gave me the chance to watch the Busch race. I watched the race on television from the lounge in the hauler and listened to the scanner at the same time. It gives you the best of both worlds because you can see what is happening on the track and hear what the drivers are saying. The Busch race was 200 laps like the truck race so it was a good comparison. I really learn a lot by watching them race and I feel like I can apply what I learn to our race. I can tell how the racecars are reacting to both long runs and short runs and how tire wear is. I was able to see how the track reacted when more rubber was put down and how it changed the characteristics of the track. I watched the leaders closely to find out where they are on the gas and where they are not. It also helps my Crew Chief Kip McCord know what kind of adjustments to think about. It better prepares us overall for the race. "


* Montgomery is racing Scarface this weekend at Texas.

* Montgomery raced the same truck in California (29th) and Charlotte (13th).

* Montgomery will be making his third NCTS start at Texas on Friday. He competed in last years' NCTS events and finished 17th in both races.

* The Tennessee native finished 12th in a Busch Series race there in 2003.

Always Learning: "Every race I try to learn something. When you are a rookie everywhere you go is a new place and you are constantly learning the tracks. Now that I am not a rookie I feel like I can dig deeper when I go to particular tracks. For example, I can find a new line to drive because I am not concentrating so much on how to enter and exit a corner. I left Lowes Motor Speedway three weeks ago feeling like I had learned so much. I spent time racing with guys I did not race last year and it made me a better driver. I got to see how their trucks work and how to drive mine to work like theirs. You can learn a lot by following a competitor around the track. You can take what you learn and apply it almost anywhere. I will take what I learned at Charlotte and use it this weekend in Texas. The speeds are really close there and so I already know what I need to do to get around the track because of what I learned at Charlotte.


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