Talladega: Timothy Peters race report

TIMOTHY PETERS SURVIVES "THE BIG ONE" TO FINISH 11TH AT TALLADEGA SUPERSPEEDWAY Peters was working his way to the front when a large accident happened with just five laps to go. Peters was involved but the crew fixed the damage and the wounded...


Peters was working his way to the front when a large accident happened with just five laps to go. Peters was involved but the crew fixed the damage and the wounded #17 was able to bring home an 11th place finish in the Mountain Dew 250.

TALLADEGA, AL. (October 31)- There are two things a fan can count on at Talladega Superspeedway- big wrecks and a wild finish. The Mountain Dew 250 delivered both. Timothy Peters was looking forward to his first race at Talladega but knew that he needed to be careful with his truck to be there at the end of the race. Armed with a fast Toyota Tundra in the draft, Peters qualified 23rd and prepared for a wild ride. On race morning, rain showers covered the area and postponed the start of the Mountain Dew 250 by an hour. When Peters took the green flag the chess game began. He was using strategic moves to work his way to the front in the draft. In the last 15 laps of the race, Peters was running 17th but getting ready to start his charge to the front. Unfortunately with just four laps to go in the race, "the big one" happened. Two trucks got together and collected eight other trucks in their accident. A total of 10 trucks had damage and the Strutmasters.com Tundra was one of them. Peters brought it to pit road so the crew could fix the heavy nose damage. They sent Peters back out for the green/white/checkered finish. He restarted 14th but worked his way to the 11th spot in the final lap, bringing home an 11th place finish in a wild race at Talladega Superspeedway.

Timothy Peters and the #17 team used one two-hour practice session to prepare for Saturday's race. Peters spent most of that time drafting to see how his truck would perform in the race. Knowing it would race better than it would qualify; Peters put the Strutmasters.com Tundra in the 23rd starting spot.

Mother Nature wreaked havoc on the Camping World Truck Series for the second week in a row. Rain showers delayed the start of the race by an hour. When the green flag waved just before 4:00p.m CDT on Saturday, Peters was ready to make his way through the field.

Proving the draft can take you all the way to the front or all the way to the back in just one lap, Peters moved up from his 23rd starting spot to the 10th position in just two laps. The first caution of the day came out on lap six. Crew chief Chad Kendrick called Peters to pit road on lap seven for fuel and a wedge adjustment. The #17 restarted 17th.

It didn't take Peters long to get those positions back. In just one lap he had moved up four spots to the 13th position. Another caution on lap 13 slowed the field again. Peters hit pit road on lap 14 for four fresh tires and returned the following lap for fuel and another wedge adjustment. He restarted 31st.

Peters drove the #17 back through the field, reaching the 18th spot on lap 35. Another caution on lap 38 brought him to pit road for his third pit stop of the day. Taking fuel only in one trip down pit road when all the other trucks pit twice, Peters inherited the lead for the restart on lap 42.

Leading the field at Talladega proved to be more difficult that Peters expected. All the trucks behind him moved up a lane, leaving him with no drafting help behind him. Peters slipped back to the eighth spot in three laps. Making another charge on the outside, Peters was still without drafting help behind him and this time it cost him even more positions. He fell to the 18th spot on lap 47. Moving back and forth in the draft depending on how much drafting help he had behind him, Peters got as high as the 12th spot and as low as the 20th spot.

A caution on lap 65 brought Peters back to pit road. The crew filled the #17 with fuel and sent Peters back out. He restarted 13th. Another quick caution came out on lap 71 but Peters opted to stay out. He restarted 12th with just 20 laps to go. Peters knew it was time to make his charge to the front so when the green flag waved he picked a line and waited to make a move. Peters was running in the 10th spot. He jumped to the outside line in the hopes someone would go with him but he had no help. He slipped to the 17th spot.

Peters knew that with so few laps left, being mid-pack was not a good spot to be in. The trucks in front of him were making bold moves to get to the front. Two of those trucks got together and spun. Eighth other trucks were collected in the accident including the #17 Strutmasters.com Tundra. Peters sustained heavy nose damage and was disappointed he had been caught in "the big one" at Talladega. The crew worked on their Tundra on pit road to repair the damage enough to finish the race. They also changed four tires so Peters would have a fresh set for the green/white/checkered finish. Reporting that the truck was driving pretty well considering all the damage, Peters restarted 14th. In the final two laps, he used the draft to his advantage and moved up to the 11th spot just before crossing the start/finish line. Peters earned an 11th place finish after a wild day at Talladega Superspeedway.

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series heads to Fort Worth, Texas this weekend.

-credit: rhr

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