Talladega: Jon Wood race report

Jon Wood Finished 22nd in the no. 21 U.S. Air Force FordF-150 Talladega, AL (October 4, 2008)-Jon Wood finished 22nd in the Wood Brothers Racing no. 21 U. S Air Force F-150 in typical Talladega style. The Mountain Dew 250 was filled with...

Jon Wood Finished 22nd in the no. 21 U.S. Air Force FordF-150

Talladega, AL (October 4, 2008)-Jon Wood finished 22nd in the Wood Brothers Racing no. 21 U. S Air Force F-150 in typical Talladega style. The Mountain Dew 250 was filled with threeand four wide racing throughout the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race as Jon was running mid pack. On the last lap, a truck spun, hit the doorof the no. 21 and took the team out of contention for a top 10 finish.

Jon climbed into the no. 21 truck in the fourth position, but had to move to the back of the field before the green flag due to an unapproved change under the NASCAR impound rule. Earlier in the day, the team tried to start the no. 21 and it wouldn't turn over. The team discoveredthey needed to change the starter which fixed the issue but, Wood had to start in the rear of the 33 truck field.

Caution for debris on lap one prompted the team to pit. With nothing to lose, the no. 21 came down pit road to top off the fuel tank. Jon returned the track in 31st where he restarted the race on lap three. On lap seven, Jon radioed to the crew, "This truck is stupid fast!"

Caution for debris a second time would bring out the yellow flag on lap 18. Crew chief John Monsam decided to pit for four tires, fuel and an adjustment to assist with a reported, slight, loose condition. Wood restarted in the 21st position on lap 22. On lap 40 other teams started making scheduled green flag pit stops that helped Jon move up to the seventh spot when the team decided to make their stop on lap 52. The 21 pit crew put on four tires and fuel. Jon returned to the track in the 21st position. As Jon ran with a four truck pack his lap times were faster than the leaders. They picked up the main pack by lap 62.

The yellow flag flew on lap 63, Jon radioed to the crew that he felt a vibration and had suspicion that something was wrong as the truck was not running optimally. He came in to pit on lap 67 and the team changed four tires and fuel. Not feeling confident with the vibration issue, Jon urged the team to check and make sure that there was nothing visibly wrong with the truck. He came back down pit road on lap 68, the team could not find anything noticeably amiss. The no. 21 returned to the track and restarted the race in 16th on lap 76.

With 13 laps to go, Jon moved to the 12th spot when he was shuffled out of line and fell back to 21st. Caution on lap 84 allowed for Monsam and the spotter, Danny O'Quinn, to seek other teams that would help run with Jon in the draft. Jon also said that the truck was fine but was still bogging down on power. The race restarted on lap 87.J On the last lap heading toward the checkered flag in turn three, the 40 truck spun and crashed into Jon sending him into the wall and across the track as he was running in the 12th spot and heading for the top 10. Jon was unharmed by the hard lick and drove across the finish line in the 22nd position.

Jon commented on the performance, "You don't really know how frustrating it is in the truck race here to map out a race strategy or to have a predetermined strategy on who you're going to run with, how you're going to do it and how you're going to execute the whole race. You can't do it because these trucks have such a closure rate that when you catch the guy in front of you, you've got that Dick Tracy 'I'm going to go in with two guns a blazing attitude' and thinking you can pull out and pass the field and you just can't do it. Unfortunately, it creates a false sense of dominance for the entire field, so you get that big head of steam and pull out and then 10 trucks pass you. That made it to where at least for the people I was around nobody was working together, so it got very stagnant. You could only make it so far and then your luck runs out and you've got no help. Then you go back and have to start all over again. At the very end we got tore up on the last lap and that was just last-lap intensity. Somebody got into the back of the 40 truck and drove him right into my door, but this was, without a doubt, the best truck I've had here at Talladega. And the motor was unbelievable. We had an awesome truck and just weren't able to fully capitalize."

Wood Brothers Racing and Jon Wood in the no. 21 U.S. Air Force F-150 will have a week off and then head to Martinsville Speedway on October 18th for the running of the Kroger 200.

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