St. Louis: Hornaday post race interview

Ron Hornaday , No. 33 Camping World Silverado, Started 2nd, Finished 2nd, his ninth top-five finish of the season: NOTE: Unofficially leads the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (NCTS) standings by four points with eight races remaining in the 2007...

Ron Hornaday , No. 33 Camping World Silverado, Started 2nd, Finished 2nd, his ninth top-five finish of the season:

NOTE: Unofficially leads the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (NCTS) standings by four points with eight races remaining in the 2007 schedule.

"I will tell you what, Rick Ren (crew chief) and all these guys got this in the pits. Awesome job, we didn't touch this truck all weekend long. Have to thank Todd Berrier (team owner Kevin Harvick's crew chief on the No. 29 Shell-Pennzoil Chevrolet in NASCAR Nextel Cup Series competition), Kevin Harvick, DeLana Harvick, Rick Ren, just everybody involved with this Camping World Chevrolet, they have been working their guts out. Unbelievable. Not a screw all weekend. We tried a spring in the left front and it didn't work so we went right back to where we were. To come out as clean as we did and get to take this truck to New Hampshire is just cool.

"Nothing happened to us late in the race, we knew this would take off fast. If I had known then what I know now that the truck was going to do, I might have freed it up a little bit more. Johnny (Benson) just got us. He got us at the end of the straight. We brought a motor, have to thank Richard Childress Racing for what they are doing to the motors that would come off the bottom; we were killing them off the bottom. He just got us a little at the other end. We put a spring rubber in and that was probably what hurt us at the end of the straightaway. I have to thank Chevrolet--just everybody. It takes a lot to do this. To come out of here and run we have done, that is what it takes.

"This is what it is going to take to beat (Mike) Skinner and those guys, they are tough. I hate to see them have a problems. We saw them cord a tire in practice so we worked on it pretty hard to make it turn better today, but that is how Benson beat me, we weren't turning quite as good as he getting in the corner but we were really good up off. The motor had all the torque we needed off the corner; we just needed a little more at the end.

"He opened the door for everybody in the points race today. He corded two tires in practice yesterday and for some odd reason, we got two extra tires today. We probably could have made our truck turn better if we had more camber in it, but we needed to finish for this championship, so we chose to keep the camber out of the thing and keep the thing turning like it did. That is how he got me, we just started hopping the front end there towards the end, when the fuel burns down, it gets more nose weight and starts hopping the front. They made a little better adjustments and he did things right. I was beating him off the corner.

"Pretty excited. We needed a good points day and we got it. This is the kind of setup Kevin runs in the Busch car. I can't believe how fast it is and I knew it what it was going to do. We maybe should have made some changes on it but we didn't, we needed a good points day. We have to settle for second, I gave Johnny everything I had. Congratulations to him. I tell you, it was awesome. He had the truck to beat today no doubt.

"I knew he was coming, anybody catching me as fast as he did was going to pass me. He has a bad pit stop, looses a lugnut, goes to the back and catches me that quick had a heck of a truck. I raced with him hard, but gave have him all kinds of room for about three laps, kept pinching him going in to three. He finally got a run on the outside; I was going to give it to him anyway. I knew he was going to run up there. I kept slowing up on the bottom more and more each lap. That is what it takes. He has to be there to do that to help Skinner out. If we could have won, it would have been 10 more points. We will take what we can get and keep working on it a little bit more. I am very proud of everybody on this Camping World Chevrolet. Rick Ren, all the guys, RCR/DEI package. They have all stepped up their programs, so to be able to outrun these guys, it just pretty awesome.

"I was able to pass three or four guys on the outside too, but that is just where he (Benson) got his truck working. He made a run at me out there and then he used his horsepower to get up off the corner, and I wasn't going to do anything. We had already seen enough guys leave their numbers on the side of the wall.

"We led the most laps and did what we had to do. We will just keep our nose clean and keep running hard. We pushed Skinner at the beginning of the race to see if he would wear out his stuff and he did so we will just keep doing what we need to do. Lap after lap in all the races we have left. I know Rick Ren and the guys will keep bringing me great trucks like they did to day and we will keep doing it.

"We just keep finishing in the top five and try to win some races and keep the pressure on everybody. We can't lay over, we have to do that for this championship."

-credit: gm racing

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