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Team Silverado driver David Starr in the No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado captures second career NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series win at Gateway. gives Chevrolet fourth win of the 2004 season. Dennis Setzer brings No. 46 Chevrolet Silverado to...

Team Silverado driver David Starr in the No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado captures second career NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series win at Gateway. gives Chevrolet fourth win of the 2004 season. Dennis Setzer brings No. 46 Chevrolet Silverado to checkered in second and extends points lead. Matt Crafton in the No. 6 GM Goodwrench Silverado continued strong string of finishes in sixth.

The race finish on lap 174 (was scheduled 160 lap race) under a series record four green-white-checkered attempts to finish the race. When the green flag flew the final time on lap 172 Starr was second behind Chad Chaffin. Starr took the lead on the final lap coming out of turn two as Chaffin wiggled protecting his position. Setzer got under Chaffin to finish second.


ON THE WIN: "Man this was awesome for our whole Spears Silverado team. We weren't the best truck or the fastest truck tonight but Dave McCarty (Crew Chief) and the crew never gave up. They kept making us better and better as the race went on. Chad (Chaffin) was trying to protect his spot and got a little loose coming through one and two. I got underneath him and he had to lift to keep his truck straight.

ON THE MULTIPLE GREEN-WHITE-CHECKERED ATTEMPTS TO FINISH THE RACE: "This is what makes the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series good hard racing. The fans got their money's worth tonight. This was just an awesome race for us tonight. I couldn't be prouder of my guys."

"I can't say enough about how proud I am of all my guys. We struggled all weekend with our Spears Chevy Silverado being tight in the center and not rotating right. I watched (Jack) Sprague and (Bobby) Hamilton and they could run around on the white line through all the corners and that is how you get around here fast. We kept working and working on getting it to turn better through the corner. I am just the lucky guy that gets to drive my Silverado after my guys work so hard on giving me a good truck to race.

Sprague and some of the other faster trucks had some misfortune tonight and I was able to take advantage of it and bring home the win for our Spears team and the Silverado brand.

We have so much support from everyone at Chevrolet and the Silverado brand that I has seriously contributed to the success we are enjoying this season. I just don't know what else to say except this is an awesome win for us."


"We weren't as good as we should have been at the start of the race but Danny (Gill, crew chief) and the guys already were planning the changes they needed to make during our stops. I just try to give them as much information as I can to help them and my guys made all the right calls. I can't tell you what a great group of people I work with at Morgan Dollar. We went the wrong way on the first stop but were able to make it better the second time around."

ON THE FINISH:"I was just riding back there to see what was going to happen with everything. We had a good truck to finish where we were going to get us a good finish. It was just because my team gave me a good Chevrolet Silverado that I could be there at the end to take advantage of the situation that unfolded in front on me."


"This was a good night for us. We were pretty good at the start We made some changes on the first stop and went the wrong way but Dennis helped us with good information and we fixed it the next time we were in. We got a little out of sequence with everyone and got lucky on some pit stops. Track position was everything tonight. We got where we need to be to take home a good finish. We turned what started out to be a mediocre weekend into a good race for our Silverado team.

ON CHEMISTRY WITH DENNIS; "July has been a rough month for us but we worked together as a team and we pulled out a good night for this team. We need to still work on a couple of aspects of our program but we will keep moving forward.

ON THE POINTS: "We want to look at each race as winning a championship that night. We go to win each race and then when you add it all together at the end of the year that is how you win a championship. It is hard in this series now to get a top-five finish so we feel what is best for our program is to take it one race at a time.


"What crazy night. We had a great truck right from the drop of the green flag. I was running 11th when the first caution came out and we came in to pit. We had a great pit stop and then as I was leaving the pits next the 46 truck, when the 38 decided to pit and the 46 was trying to get out of his stall. I guess we just all got together. I didn't have anywhere to go so my left front tire got cut and we had to come back down pit road and change it. That got us all messed up with pit sequence and tires but we managed to fight all night long and wound up 6ht. I can't complain about that."


"Our Chevy Trucks Silverado was so awesome tonight. I can't tell you how good that truck was. I had just come over the radio and told the guys we were going to finish second but that was ok cause the 15 truck (Shane Hmiel) was stout. Then the right front blew without any warning and completely tore up all the suspension. I was trying to limp around and the left front blew and I hit the inside wall and we were done at that point. It was a bummer it was only five laps from the end but we still had a great night. We just seem to have streaks of bad luck that keep moving the target of the big picture for us. We will just go on to Michigan and see if we can't get things back on track there."


"I thought we had it locked up. I lost my power steering around lap 30 and I couldn't turn very well the rest of the race. To make matters worse, I had no radio communications with my crew for most of the race and lost the spotter late it the race.

Bobby and I got together racing for the green white checkered. I hate it that we didn't win. We had the truck to beat tonight"

KELLY SUTTON. No. 02 Team Copaxone Silverado (Started 30th Finished 21st):

"We battled a loose truck all night, and I dialed in a little front brake to help. Our pit stops were awesome. Tim and the crew made a wedge adjustment on the left side and dropped the track bar, and the truck started feeling really good. We got fast at the end, and picked up a few spots, and turned our fastest lap on like lap 140. We drove through or under those late wrecks , and brought home another top-25 finish!"


"We lost a cylinder before half way and still stayed on the lead lap and finished 15th. Unbelievable. First time all year we've had an engine problem."

PAUL WHITE, No. 13 Sta-Max/Microtel Silverado (Started 25TH Finished 14TH):

"If we could get that thing to turn in the middle of the corner, we'd be all right. It seemed like we got progressively better. We weren't a bullet, but we were consistent. Don't matter to me the position as long as we're not lapped traffic. So long as we run like that tonight, stay on the lead lap and can fine tune our stuff, we'll be okay. Biggest thing tonight was getting me all the laps, learning the trucks better and the team working together."

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