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Hamilton Lands One-Race Sponsor Deal with Missouri/Illinois Dodge Dealers Testing Timothy Peters: "Last week we tested Timothy Peters at Gateway (International Raceway) for the first time. He hadn't seen that track up until that point, so I ...

Hamilton Lands One-Race Sponsor Deal with Missouri/Illinois Dodge Dealers

Testing Timothy Peters: "Last week we tested Timothy Peters at Gateway (International Raceway) for the first time. He hadn't seen that track up until that point, so I thought it was best for me to go. We had a very productive test; we tried a lot of different things that we all at BHR can benefit from. I was impressed with how fast Timothy picked up speed at that track. Gateway is pretty tricky and for him being a rookie driver, I thought it would take more time to get him up to speed, but it didn't. Timothy is a sharp, quick-witted driver who seems to fit in very well at BHR and is really serious about racing. I know we'll see some great things out of him before his career ends. He was very fast at Gateway, so I expect him to have a good race. At this point though all I'm telling him is log some laps and bring the fenders home."

Pocono Test: "When I came back from running the IROC race in Texas, I went to Pocono for an engineering test with Dodge. We learned some really trick stuff there. If my truck runs in Gateway like it did there, we should have a great race. People think I'm crazy utilizing Pocono for a test, but there is a lot of characteristics that track has that is similar to several of the ones we run on this year. If you can master the corners at Pocono, then Gateway should be the same thing for a driver. It's high speed, so that helps us later in the season too. There is a lot to learn there, and we think we had a productive test. So we should have something pretty smooth to race in Gateway this weekend."

Missouri/Illinois Dodge Dealers Hamilton's Gateway Sponsor: The Missouri/Illinois Dodge Dealers will sponsor a special paint scheme on Hamilton's No. 04 Dodge this weekend for a one-race deal for the Ram Tough 200. "We are thrilled to have Dodge's first NCTS Champion carry our name in what has become one of the premiere stops on the Truck Series' schedule," stated Vince Capatosa, President of the Missouri/Illinois Dodge Dealers.


* Hamilton will be running the 04 Dodge for the remainder of the 2005 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series season. Originally he had planned to change his number back after the first four races, but since there will be a tremendous difference at the end of the season in owner's points, Hamilton decided that he would stay in the 04 Dodge.J

* The reigning NCTS Champion will be racing Slim Shady this weekend on the 1.25 mile-oval at Gateway.J

* Hamilton, Chase Montgomery and Timothy Peters will be signing autographs at the NASCAR Cafe in St. Louis on Friday April 29th at 6:30-7:30 pm.

One Day Shows: "I like the schedule at Gateway a lot. It is nice to go in and work really hard for one whole day, then go home and spend some down time there. It's grueling though on race day to be running around here and there, but then I have the rest of the weekend to rest and watch the Nextel Cup race. NASCAR is working hard to help us trim the schedule and keep costs down. It's easier on everyone if all the tracks would do that. I wish they would change it a little though, like if we still had to go in for technical inspection then we would at least go ahead and practice once. We are spending the money anyway for hotel rooms, so why not throw in the morning practice then and let the teams go in a little later on race day. Then it wouldn't be as hard on everyone. The one-day shows are great for fans too. They can come early and see everything that goes on that day. You can't do that every race you go to, so it makes it nice for fans to have more for their money."

Bobby Hamilton Jr. Late Model Racing: "Bobby Jr. and I have been working our tails off in our spare time with a late model deal that we raced on Sunday after Phoenix in Nashville. It was something we did to have a good time, but didn't turn out so good. Bobby was spun on lap 10, head on into the wall, by a local guy who never made it any further than late model racing. We built the car until the wee hours of the morning and on off weekends trying to get this new body done to have a good run. It was like old times working with him again, except I didn't have to waste a lot of time going over how to drive the track. We tested it one afternoon there and were really fast, so going into the race we thought we had the car to beat. We did until he was spun. It was fun to go back and race with the same guys we used to race against, but the next time I do won't be for the track to sell tickets. It will just be that I show up, somewhere else, and we are racing. All the hype ended up costing us a good race car and a lot of time."


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