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Chevy Silverado 150 Nascar Craftsman Truck Series -- Round 23 Of 24 Phoenix International Raceway Phoenix, Ariz. Thursday, Oct. 25, 2001 Sprague, Silverado Take Second In Qualifying Jack Sprague, driving the No. 25 NetZero Silverado, qualified...

Chevy Silverado 150
Nascar Craftsman Truck Series -- Round 23 Of 24
Phoenix International Raceway
Phoenix, Ariz.
Thursday, Oct. 25, 2001

Sprague, Silverado Take Second In Qualifying

Jack Sprague, driving the No. 25 NetZero Silverado, qualified second for the fourth time this season, marking the 16th time in 23 races that he's qualified in the top three. Stacy Compton, in a Dodge, claimed the pole position. Sprague will start from the front row for the 11th time in 2001.

Travis Kvapil, in the No. 60 Cat Rental Stores Silverado, was the highest qualifying rookie, in the seventh spot.

JACK SPRAGUE, NO. 24 NETZERO SILVERADO (second, 28.196/127.678):

"I'm not disappointed. It was a surprise. It was terrible. It was hot and slick and I was real loose and I figured I ran about a 29 flat. But the Silverado's been great since we've been here. The guys did a great job on the NetZero Chevrolet and I'm pretty comfortable with what I've got to race with too. I'm looking forward to the whole thing, hopefully pad the point lead and be careful." FUN TRACK? "I love this place. I could race here every weekend. This is where I got my first truck series win. I love coming here. It's a weird track. It's got certain quirks about it that you've got to know where to go and where not to go. It's just a lot of fun. You can pass here, you can run two-wide all around the race track. It's just a lot of fun."


"We've had some good success here in the past, and we've got a good truck under us here with our Acxiom Silverado. This was by far the best lap all weekend. It's a couple of tenths better than we've been all weekend. I guess if you're going to get a good lap that's the time to do it. We'll do a few changes for the race setup, do a gear change, a few springs and shocks and get ready for the race and hopefully be better for the race than we were in qualifying."

"It is. It's got a lot of lanes available to race on. I probably run lower off (turn) 2 than a lot of people do. That's either good or bad; we'll see how that works out. It's a fun place. Three or four wide, not side by side in turns 3 and 4 but three or four different lanes out in that area. it's a fun place."

RICK CARELLI, driving the No. 6 RE/MAX/CAT RENTAL STORES SILVERADO from Addington Racing (18th, 28.840/124.827):

"I'm having a really good time. I wish we could have repeated our practice times but the truck is a little loose for me right now and we're just trying to adjust on it and get it better for final practice."

"It's all the Re/Max crew that we have been running the last couple of years with. We're just making the calls and Rick Ren (Addington crew chief) is helping us out -- we don't want to take anything away from him -- and we're trying to make it happen."

"It's an excellent Silverado. I drove the one in Las Vegas for him and this truck right here drives really well. He told me it was a little loose and I'm finding it a little loose. We'll throw some spring at it now and see if we can make some adjustments in practice."

TRAVIS KVAPIL, NO. 60 CAT RENTAL STORES SILVERADO (first rookie, seventh, 28.491/126.356):

"That's pretty good. We're a little disappointed because we ran better than that in practice. It's the same story like everybody else, the track heated up, everybody loosened up a little bit and we just didn't get the Silverado tightened up enough to go fast for two laps. We lost a little grip off of turn 2 and it killed us down the back straightaway and we lost our straightaway speed. We'll take it; seventh is a good starting spot for us and we should have a good truck in the race."

"No. That's sitting down at the end of pit road (with Carelli). All we have to do is get through a little more of Happy Hour here and we'll be fine. If I have trouble in Happy Hour I'll just have to put a '0' on the other Silverado and it will be all right. He's got a good truck too. That's the truck I ran in St. Louis and Chicago. There's a bunch of top fives on that truck, so we should both have a good shot at a top five tomorrow."

MATT CRAFTON, NO. 88 XESIGHTING SYSTEM SILVERADO (10th, 28.547/126.108, also competing in the Featherlite Series here, where he's on the pole):

"It definitely helps to have a little more track time. Actually, I've had quite a bit of track time here and it helps. The guys put a really good truck under me this week. We were happy with 10th, but not really that happy 'cause we thought we had more. But from where we practiced this morning I think it got 15 degrees hotter and we got real, real free. I think a lot of guys learned from us when they saw us come off turn 4 a little sideways and a couple of them told me they were adjusting air pressures after they seen me do that. I wish we could have adjusted our air pressures. I was thinking that when I saw a couple of guys go in front of me. I saw them a little bit loose; I thought maybe t was just them. It's one of those deals, just live and learn."

"I ran eight Featherlite Series races here. I qualified good, but we haven't had any finishes to prove it. Hopefully we'll get to turn that around today and tomorrow."

RICKY HENDRICK, NO. 17 GMAC SILVERADO (14th, 28.652/125.646):

"We didn't qualify so good. We just missed it. Between me being new here and the track being slick we just didn't quite hit it on the head. I'm not that disappointed. We've got a good truck, we've run some good laps. It just didn't come together in qualifying. I ran the exact same time in both laps. I could get one end to work and couldn't get the other end to work. I think it's a lot of me and the track being slick. I've never really qualified well when I'm slipping and sliding all over the place. I know we have a better race truck than a qualifier."

"No, not at all. Some people say it's a lot like St. Louis, others say it's a lot like Concord. It's kind of a little bit of both. It's not real small, it's pretty quick for the size and it's got a decent amount of grip until the sun beats on it all day long and then it gets slick. It's going to be fun, its going to be tough, the sun's going to be shining in (turn) 1 and with two races to go I know it's going to be action-packed. If we can keep the fenders on it and be patient in the beginning, we will be good. I know we've got a fast truck."

5. Ken Schrader, No. 52 Federated Auto Parts Silverado
9. Jim Inglebright, No. 02 Jelly Belly Silverado

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