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Auto Club 200 2001 Nascar Craftsman Truck Series -- Final Round California Speedway Fontana, Calif. Friday, Nov. 2, 2001 Travis Kvapil Highest Qualifying Silverado Driver In Second TRAVIS KVAPIL, NO. 60 CAT RENTAL STORES SILVERADO (second, ...

Auto Club 200
2001 Nascar Craftsman Truck Series -- Final Round
California Speedway
Fontana, Calif.
Friday, Nov. 2, 2001

Travis Kvapil Highest Qualifying Silverado Driver In Second


"We're second, but we're still a couple of 10ths off pole speed. That's not too bad. It's the best we've run all weekend so far. We knew we had a good truck in practice. We never really worked on any qualifying stuff this morning. We picked up a bunch over yesterday, when we were doing qualifying runs. The Cat Rental Stores team put our heads together last night and we changed the setup pretty big on the truck this morning. We qualified our Silverado second. We tied our best qualifying effort of the year, so that's not too bad."

"It's nice; it's got a lot of room to race, you can easily run side by side here, it's got plenty of room. It's fast. The draft is going to be a pretty big deal tomorrow, it's going to be a big equalizer. If we can stay in the top five all day and be there at the end of the race, that's all we need to do."


"That's pretty good for us. We had been 10th in each practice session, so we backed up exactly what we had, just a tick better, so we're pretty pleased with that. Some guys lost some time. Our little Acxiom Chevrolet was pretty good this time. The guys made great calls. We're still hunting for something. We worked really hard. We've kept these things aero-wise a little bit. I think we'll be even better next year. Everyone is working hard; we'll just continue on."

DESCRIBE THIS TRACK: "It's big, almost a wide-open track. It's almost a Daytona. We can't quite go to the ends wide open, but we're pretty close to it. Big aero situation here. You know, NASCAR's rules definitely dictate a lot here."

DAVID STARR, NO. 3 CHASCO CONTRACTING SILVERADO (fifth, 41.834/172.109): "We're excited because our Chasco Contracting Chevrolet yesterday was horrible. After the practice session was over with we were 18th, 19th quickest. We went over and talked to Dayne (Pierantoni, GM Racing program manager) with GM about the shocks. We weren't sure we had the right shock package. He dynoed them for us and they were off. We had the shocks redone. Basically we changed our whole truck. At least we changed it in the right direction. I'm tickled because as bad as we were yesterday we're halfway decent today. I just love to race, and glad we're part of the truck series and hopefully we can keep our Chasco Contracting Chevrolet up front tomorrow. If you can stay in the draft all day and be there at the end we'll have us a great finish."


"That's the fastest it's run since I've been here. This morning it ran the same exact speed; that's all this Silverado is going to run. Just one of those deals. Here and in Texas we're obviously at a bigger disadvantage than anywhere else because of the drag. It was all but wide open; that's just all it was going to run. I think it will race good. I think the NetZero Chevrolet will be all right. It's driving fine, it's just that's all it's going to run."

"Too big in the sense that the bigger the track the more aerodynamics plays a part in it. And we're obviously behind the 8-ball on that. it will be fun. It's a fun race track to race on. I've been fortunate to win here twice. That's what we got; it doesn't really matter anymore. I want to try to win the race, but if we don't, it's OK."


"It was a good run. The guys did a good job all weekend. We unloaded yesterday and we were seventh quick. I was top Chevrolet yesterday, I'm not today. They got me by a 10th, another 10th would have put me second. It was a good run for the guys. We haven't been great on the speedways lately, but we found a good truck here and we're kind of on a mission this weekend. We want top 10 in points, so we're giving it all we have."

"I love this track; I've qualified third here before, two or three years ago. It's a good race track. You'll see a lot of drafting. I think you'll see the Chevrolets drafting really good and going to the front. It's a good thing we've got a bunch of Chevrolets up there right now, 'cause we can all work together."


"We actually had a really good truck today in practice and a good truck yesterday in practice. And made some changes and went four 10ths, half a second faster today and during qualifying we lost another motor. We lost 200 rpms and slowed down about four 10ths, pulled the filter off of it and it was full of metal. Now we're in a mad scramble for a motor. The one we had to put in the truck last week had three races on it. You're asking for it to run that one. We had this one flown in, got here on Wednesday. They put that one in and it lost a bearing it looks like. No luck."

COY GIBBS, NO. 20 MBNA SILVERADO (23rd, 42.671/168.733):

"We're battling. We had a little trouble yesterday with the rear-end gear and we found that out late. At the end of practice we took it out. We lost about two hours of practice. We're pretty confident; we've come from the back before."

"It's not my favorite. We tested in Michigan before we came here. I really like Michigan; it's a really good track. This one is just different, less banking. Different to get used to. I think drafting will be important. There's more than I thought there would be. We ran here last year. We were terrible. I want to finish 10th (in points). If I do, I may not have a big party over it, but it would be nice to do."

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