Silverado Las Vegas qualifying notes

JACK SPRAGUE, NO. 24 NETZERO PLATINUM SILVERADO (first; new track record, 33.374/161.803): HOW DOES THIS TRACK COMPARE TO TEXAS'S 1.5 MILE TRACK: "They're worlds apart. This place doesn't have the banking that Texas does. You got to handle...

JACK SPRAGUE, NO. 24 NETZERO PLATINUM SILVERADO (first; new track record, 33.374/161.803):

HOW DOES THIS TRACK COMPARE TO TEXAS'S 1.5 MILE TRACK: "They're worlds apart. This place doesn't have the banking that Texas does. You got to handle better here. The guys did a great job. The NetZero Chevrolet has been good since we got here. I never believed I'd run that fast, but it did. The guys worked hard, they deserve it. That makes seven poles, we'll try to win the race and get a better point lead."

ON THE DODGES NOT DOMINATING AS THEY DID IN TEXAS: "I don't have any idea. If I knew they wouldn't be dominating me on some other tracks."

RICKY HENDRICK, NO. 17 GMAC SILVERADO (seventh): "The guys made some changes and they did a good job. For being new here and struggling like we have been to pick up a half a second in qualifying - that's pretty big. We'll go into Happy Hour and get a top five hopefully and then we'll be really happy. We're new, I'm new. I'm learning, jack's (Sprague, Hendrick Motorsports teammate) helped me out. Sometimes you have bad days. If you don't have bad days you can't find the good days."

ON THE CHANGES MADE: 'We did some minor stuff before. We did some things we thought were minor and that really helped it out a lot, like the tires. It's the first time I've ever had the chassis saying it's been loose. It feels tight, but the chassis is saying it's loose so it must mean we're aero tight. So, now at least we learned something today and we'll go work on that in Happy Hour."

ON THIS TRACK: "It's fun. It's a different mile and a half track than I've run before. though. It's fun. I just hope we have a good race truck for the race."

DENNIS SETZER, NO. 46 ACXIOM/COMPUTER ASSOCIATES SILVERADO (eighth): "That's as good as our Silverado's been. They've worked real hard to get it where it is. We still need to gain a little bit more on a few of them, but we're pretty excited about the race. It's a fun track. You can be good chassiswise and gain a lot of positions to get through the center of the corners real good. That's what we worked on the last two days. If we can get this thing to roll through the center we'll race good."

TRAVIS KVAPIL, NO. 60 CAT RENTAL STORES SILVERADO (14th): "That's the best we've gone all day. It's still not very fast. We thought we had something pretty good for qualifying that would get us in the top 10, but it didn't really work out. The truck was a little bit too loose. We have some good ideas of what we think we need to do, but we didn't really want to throw it at it for qualifying. I'm sure we'll be good in the race like we usually are."

ON QUALIFYING LAST: "It was probably better for us since the temperatures was down. The sun was down in 1 and 2 and the temperature was down. It was probably ideal conditions for anybody to go out also, but we weren't really able to capitalize on it."

MATT CRAFTON, NO. 88 XESIGHTING SYSTEM SILVERADO (15th): "We're not satisfied. We'll settle with it I guess. We'll work on it and get it better in Happy Hour. We're about as good as we can get, We just need to get some more horsepower. I never completely lifted out there and these guys are still going seven tenths faster than us right now. Man, where did they come up with that? We can still be a little bit better. We tested here in December and I like the track a lot. It's really racy, it's got two grooves, not like other places we've gone to, I won't mention any names."

LANCE NORICK, NO. 90 AVENTIS BEHRING CHOICE SILVERADO (17th): "It's not bad compared with what we started with yesterday -- we were pretty bad at test day. We picked up a full second today. We've got to be happy with that. We went out in qualifying and ran basically the same time we did in practice. Unfortunately, a few people ran faster. I always like to run better. I want to be in the top-10 in qualifying at least. We'll take what we're going to get. I know we have a good race truck, the same truck we had in Texas. Hopefully we will end up in the top five at the end of the race." HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS TRACK? "Now that the wind is gone I like it. Yesterday it was tough with the wind. The track is always a good track, we've had a good race track every time we've been here. I don't think it should be any different this week. You're in Vegas. It's awesome to be in Vegas and it's got a good track." <pre>


5.  David Starr, Chasco Contracting Silverado
6.  Jim Inglebright, Jelly Belly Silverado
16.  Bryan Reffner, Conely Engines Silverado

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