Silverado Kansas qualifying notes

Dennis Setzer, Ricky Hendrick and Jack Sprague made it a one-two-three sweep for Team Silverado for the first time this season. Setzer, in the ...

Dennis Setzer, Ricky Hendrick and Jack Sprague made it a one-two-three sweep for Team Silverado for the first time this season. Setzer, in the #46 Acxiom/Computer Associates Silverado, claimed his first pole of the season, the second of his career and the fourth for Chevrolet in 2001. This also marked Chevrolet's 65th pole position since 1995 (the first year of the series), more than any other manufacturer. Setzer's first pole of his NCTS career came at Indianapolis Raceway Park in 1999.

SETZER, NO. 46 ACXIOM/COMPUTER ASSOCIATES SILVERADO (first, 33.249/162.411): "The truck has been pretty good all day. We have been in the top five all day and we've been trying to catch these guys (pointing to Sprague and Hendrick) all day in their Silverados. It's really exciting for the Silverados to be one-two-three. As far as that (qualifying) lap, that's exactly what we tested at all during the test session. The surface is so good you can overdrive at least a little bit and kill some time. It's mostly a control track."

HENDRICK, NO. 17 GMAC SILVERADO (second, first rookie, 33.282/162.250): "We still hold the track record. We were fastest yesterday. It doesn't count, but we still hold it. It got a lot hotter today. It was 104 (degrees) when we went out. We slowed up about three or four tenths (of a second). I overdrove it. In the first lap I was doing the Darlington high; it was my fault. I am learning more every weekend. Jack (Sprague) has helped me out. We have been close to winning races and winning poles at least two times in both; we just can't finish off the last little bit. We have learned a lot."


"To be honest with you, in my mind maybe. I always think the later you can go the better you are. The way I look at it it's 12 o'clock. At noon the sun is directly overhead. That's as hot as it's going to get. After 12 it gets cooler. Normally if you qualify after 12, the later you go the better you are. Yesterday we ran a lot faster. I was hoping that we could really pull off a good lap. I think we could have if I hadn't overdrove it. I congratulate Dennis (Setzer) and his guys. They did a good job."

SPRAGUE, NO. 24 NETZERO PLATINUM SILVERADO (third, 33.284/162.240): "I think anytime you come to a new race track the test day is great. This place was so smooth it wasn't hard to figure it out quickly. When you come off the truck (hauler) really good and you can play with little things (it works to your benefit). Ricky (Hendrick) won both practices yesterday, I won both practices today. It just didn't quite work out for us. We drew first. It's the luck of the draw. We drew first and we had to go out there."


"I think it's pretty cool to be one-two-three. Obviously, I drive a Chevrolet and I always have. Bottom line, they (Dodge) beat up on us all year up until as of late. If you look at the numbers and the data, they still got us aerodynamically beat. My team, Dennis' team and Ricky's team, they work extremely hard and spend a lot of money. If you had any idea what was in our trucks and knew about setups you would probably pass out. We are doing some weird stuff to be able to run with those guys (the Dodges). We have to do what we can to beat these guys. It's not the most comfortable thing in the world but you got to do what you got to do to beat them. That's what I think Dennis' (Setzer) team has figured out, and our team has figured out five or six races ago. The bottom line is we are coming back and we are going to be strong."


"There ain't no way. They're just weird. You have to do what you got to do. The engines are pretty much all we can get. B&R does a great job building our motors and also the 60 truck. All the Dodges run extremely well motorwise. We have just done a lot of work, mostly setups and suspension stuff. The bottom line is my truck has been awesome the last six races. It should have won a lot more races than just one, but little things seem to bite us. There is no reason we can't go out and be a factor to win this race tomorrow, like Ricky can, like Dennis can."

COY GIBBS, NO. 20 MBNA SILVERADO (12th, 33.782/159.848): "We're getting better. It's taking us a while to figure it out. Gear selection helped a lot. We changed that after practice. It's a weird place. I've never been to a track where you can get it to handle five different ways and it feels good. I guess there's a lot of good grip in the track. It's easy to get it to handle, but hard to go fast."

TRAVIS KVAPIL, NO. 60 CAT RENTAL STORES SILVERADO (13th, 33.788/159.820): "I don't know what really happened in our qualifying run. Actually, we were almost three tenths better than that in practice. For some reason the Silverado was really loose in qualifying; something we have been fighting all weekend here. We haven't quite got a handle on it."

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