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TED MUSGRAVE (No. 1 Mopar Dodge Ram) -- Winner "I was concerned because Jamie's truck was a little bit better on the long runs. I kept getting tight in the center and he could rotate in the center better and make up time. I was glad to see ...

TED MUSGRAVE (No. 1 Mopar Dodge Ram) -- Winner

"I was concerned because Jamie's truck was a little bit better on the long runs. I kept getting tight in the center and he could rotate in the center better and make up time. I was glad to see some cautions come out because every time he came up on me I started getting tight. The tires would get cool under caution and I could run off again. Sometimes it goes your way. We had a dominant truck. I just had a better truck on the short runs, and I had no communication. It all worked out well. We ran 1-2 and Ultra started on the front row. We've just got to do it again next week.

"I really wasn't too sure. In the long run, his truck (Jamie McMurray's) was better. After about 20-30 laps into a run, his truck seemed to pick up speed and mine got a little tight in the center. I didn't want to venture off and try a different lane because I could get some ground on him in an early run. It kinda worked out where if I needed to I could have blocked, but every time he came up trying to get the lead we had a caution. For me it was time to cool the tires and get back out and run again. Everything kinda worked my way, but it was great to lead all those laps and look in the mirror and see your teammate barreling down on you other than having someone else. We've been through some hard times and good times back at Ultra. At least tonight, we had a good night.

"I had a good run up in Milwaukee when I won that race. I was very dominant at Texas but didn't come up with the win. I had a loose wheel. I've had a few good runs like this, but I never capped it off. A 1-2 run by Ultra, we haven't done that I don't believe since Jason Leffler and myself did that out in Fontana, Calif. (2002).

"The reasons I was hoping for the cautions, being the lead truck, I could more or less get past the guy on the inside and take the groove and get some distance on the second-place truck. He had to fight that lap-down truck through the corner. Any time I could get a restart I could get a jump. Everything just turned out well. Everything just played into my hand. Even though I didn't have the greatest truck out there, we needed some adjustments, but I had no communication to the pit area to tell 'em what was wrong with the truck. I could hear everybody else, but I didn't make 'em do a change. It might have been the wrong way. Everything just played into our hand.

"He (McMurray) was right there. I was trying to focus and hit my lines. The spotter was telling me, 'OK, clear by one' or 'clear by two.' We have a communication between us. I wouldn't even have to look in the mirror. I'd know where he was at. I guess he had to be really-really close. Throughout the night he was really close on the long runs. He could have forced the issue early and probably have taken the lead, but Jamie is in the 2 truck right now to run and bring that team up to speed again. He's going to run it again this year, maybe at New Hampshire. It would have been really dumb to go three wide and put two of our brand new trucks in trouble. He's a very smart racer, and it's really good to see that.

"We really didn't plan setting it up for a short run. It just turned out as my truck ran longer and longer and his came back to him, more or less. It wasn't intentional. We weren't set up for the short runs, but I could not make an adjustment. I could have made my truck better for a long run during the night, but I couldn't tell my crew chief what to do. The difference is some of the springs and swaybars and things like that. You can do a lot of things to make it run fast for a short period of time. It wasn't intentional, just two different setups and it turned out to be that way.

"We're trying everything. Everything has changed over there (2 team). Some of the crew members are the same from the beginning of the year. It's a brand new truck. It's the same type of truck we've been running, it's just brand new. We have different people working on the truck. We've tried everything really. We just tried to get it back up to speed. We need to get a victory for the 2 team also. Jamie loves the truck series.

"It allowed me to do a few things (cautions). When Jamie was really pressuring me, I had to use the brakes a little bit more. My pedal was starting to fade a little bit, so I was able to cool 'em down under caution and get that brake pedal back. It cooled 'em (tires) down and brought the air pressures down. A lot of things happen to the truck during a caution period, and every caution that came out was in my favor because it did everything for my truck.

"With the radio communication, I could hear the spotter. I could hear the crew chief. I could hear everybody. They just couldn't hear me. Maybe it was planned. Maybe they don't want to hear me. I'm not sure. I was working with the helmet and all the wiring, and I did have communication there for five or six laps. Then I lost it again. It was very early in the race. I think it was during the first caution when I got my radio communication back. Five laps later it went away, so most of the night, I could hear everybody. We just made a communications pack where if I clicked the button once for yes or clicked the button twice for no, he'd suggest something and I'd push yes for the change. I couldn't explain exactly what the truck was doing. I was sending up smoke signals hoping he'd pick the right one. Everything was good. We didn't hardly change anything other than just an air pressure adjustment."

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