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Report from Motorsport News International NASCAR Public Relations RICHMOND, Va. (Sept. 4, 1997) Quotes from selected drivers following the Virginia is for Lovers 200 at Richmond International Raceway: BOB KESELOWSKI No. 29 Mopar ...

Report from Motorsport News International

NASCAR Public Relations

RICHMOND, Va. (Sept. 4, 1997) Quotes from selected drivers following the Virginia is for Lovers 200 at Richmond International Raceway:

BOB KESELOWSKI No. 29 Mopar Performance Dodge

"Dodge got one victory this year and kind of faded away. Now we've got another one and of all places, Richmond. I've struggled bad here for two years in a row and I never really counted my odds that great. I was hoping for a top-10 but boy that truck handled great. The motor ran good. It had adequate power and we had super handling, it just stayed there all day and that was the difference. With my luck, I figured the yellow would come out and I'm terrible on restarts. I really didn't come into this place expecting to do what we did. We're still searching for horsepower; we've got some new parts on order. They legalized a new engine for this race and we didn't have one. So we counted ourselves down again. It's amazing. Very little changes at the half. We were a little concerned about getting carried away there. Jimmy Spencer happened by. He looked at the tires and made a couple of little recommendations on air pressure and a little bit of camber on the right front. I don't know if it was any faster but it never slowed down."

JACK SPRAGUE No. 24 Quaker State Chevrolet

"The guys did a great job. We struggled all morning and they changed a bunch of stuff for qualifying and basically that's all the practice we had was those two laps. The 29 (Keselowski) was hooked up I didn't have nothin' for him but I had the rest of them covered. Hey, we got second and we got a bigger point lead. We'll go on to Martinsville and see if we can't gain some more points. We got 15 more points towards the championship. "We changed a few things a little bit at half-time, not much. We got a little loose coming off the first half and tight in the center. We actu ally fixed that but I still couldn't hold off Bob. "The second half we've had things going our way than it was during the first half. I want to win more races this year and I think we will. But that's not the important thing. The big picture is to win the championship. The part that really gets me pumped up is the three last races are great tracks for us. We'll see how it goes and we'll do the best we can and see if we can't see if we can't win this thing for Quaker State, Hendrick Motorsports and Chevrolet. "I'd like to congratulate Bob. He's tried so hard for three years. He ran awfully good and I still couldn't touch him."

JAY SAUTER No. 3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet

"We were just a little too loose maybe we should have tightened it up more at halftime. We needed this turnaround. We needed to run strong all night. My hat's off to Bob. He needed it. I hear Chevy wrapped up the Manufacturer Championship and I am glad we were able to help."

KENNY IRWIN No. 98 Raybestos/Ford Credit Ford

"That was a fun race. It was really a fun race. The truck run good. We just didn't quite have what they had. We weren't lacking that much. We just kind of wore out the right rear tire way too much in the first half, and we tried to go easier on it in the second half. We were easier on it. I think that showed toward the end of the race that we were a little better than them. We were all right. I'm happy with it. For the kind of luck we've had lately I just feel good about it and that we ended up in the top-5. "The last yellow, I kind of stayed in the gas. I thought I could get around the 24 truck. I knew it was coming too. I got out of the gas and kind of hit the brake, but we hit it pretty good. "Hopefully this is a good sign for the rest of the weekend. I'm so excited about this. It's the biggest thing that has ever happened in my career. I just want it to go decent. It doesn't have to go great. I just want to make the race and run some laps."

RICH BICKLE No. 17 DieHard Chevrolet

"Another top-5. I thought we could have done a little better than this but at least we're back on track. We didn't have something break tonight. We used up our tires. We've got some work to do and we'll go back to the shop and work on it. We've got two weeks off and I'm going to finish healing my ribs and help the guys in the motor room."

KEN SCHRADER No. 53 Penda Accessories Chevrolet

"We had a great truck tonight. The Penda Chevrolet handled great during the first half. However, it was tough to make any drastic changes with it handling so good. Everybody else made changes during the half and got stronger. I couldn't hold off the leaders, but I'm pleased with sixth."

MIKE BLISS No. 2 Team ASE Ford

"The first half we were just really loose. We planned on the track being a little tighter than it was, and it wasn't tight at all, and it got loose. We were real bad. When we came in at halftime I whined and cried and griped, and they tightened it up. We still weren't tight enough the second half. I mean we were tighter, but we were in the back there. We just got caught in the back there and couldn't get going. "We were good so when we went by them we were all right, but there just weren't any yellows to help."

CHUCK BOWN No. 99 Exide Batteries Ford

"Well, we started 19th and finished eighth. It was somewhat uneventful other than that. I had a pretty good truck. It's just that there were a lot of them out there. We made a little adjustment at halfway to tighten it up, and we almost got it a little too tight. But I was a little loose in the first half. It was just kind of a guess to try to make it better, trying to get up there to be a contender to win. We just kind of leveled off at eighth, and that's all the better we could do tonight."

JOE RUTTMAN No. 80 LCI International Ford

"I don't know what happened. The engine started souring out on us, like a fuel problem, so we're eyeballing it right now to make sure it gets wide open and the jets aren't plugged up or something. It was good the first half. We just missed the chassis. We adjusted it during the halftime to where I'm sure it would have been better. Then when we fired off, and it was like the carburetor was plugged up, and it just wouldn't run so I babied her so we could finish. I guess that was the most exiting part -- that we were able to finish."

ERNIE IRVAN No. 28 Federated Auto Parts Ford

"Something happened to the clutch. It started slipping. It slipped right from the beginning. But that's just part of it. I'm going to run Martinsville and Fontana."

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