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RICHMOND, Va. (Sept. 10, 1998) Selected quotes following Thursday night's Virginia is for Lovers 200 at Richmond International Raceway:: JACK SPRAGUE No. 24 GMAC Financial Services Chevrolet "Ernie was running awful good and he could stay...

RICHMOND, Va. (Sept. 10, 1998) Selected quotes following Thursday night's Virginia is for Lovers 200 at Richmond International Raceway::

JACK SPRAGUE No. 24 GMAC Financial Services Chevrolet "Ernie was running awful good and he could stay up there in that second groove. I was on the bottom and trying to pass him. He was trying to get by but he's a veteran and he knows what he's doing. I just knew if I could get by him I thought I could drive away. It just took a little longer on the restarts for it (his truck to come in. Once it came in it would stay pretty good. Ernie and I go back a long way, probably 10, 11, 12 years and he's a good race car driver. We've had a lot of fun racing each other we've had a liot of maybe not such a lot of fun together. But it was a great race tonight and he ran awful well. He ran second to us in California and I thought maybe he was going to win this one. But like I said, once we'd get rolling my tires would come in and my truck would come in he'd go away a little bit and I was able to get him. I don't think so (had last caution come out sooner, would it have made a difference. I was a little worried because it took me a little while after cautions to get going. But I was able to hold him off and that was cool."

ERNIE IRVAN No. 28 Federated Auto Parts Ford "I guess that's about all I'm good for this year in the trucks is second place. We just got very loose at the end of the race. I put left-sides tires on at about lap 90 and right-sides tires at about lap 110. Basically, Jack Sprague and I have raced like that for a long time, but not in Winston Cup for the trucks. It was in other series and other races. It was good and it was a lot of fun. I just wish my tires had been a little better, so, we could have given it a better run. I was just way too loose at the end."

GREG BIFFLE No. 50 Grainger Ford "This truck really ran good once we got that spring rubber in it right. It was a heckuva comeback for us to finish third. We were just terrible in practice. We had the truck way too loose, but, for some reason, that's the way you've got to set up the truck for this track. We had fresh rubber tires on, too, compared to those two guys in front of us. If it had been 10-20 more laps, it might have been a completely different finish."

JOE RUTTMAN No. 99 Exxon Batteries Ford "What happened was that we were a little bit tight, and it probably hurt any chances that we had of getting back up through the field -- not much -- the guys really got it dialed in close. I think we hurt the right front, that's probably what happened to us the last 50 laps. Considering the circumstances -- the guys worked on it real hard, and I can't complain. They really had her dialed in real good. We're pleased to come up with what we came up with."

BUTCH MILLER No. 18 DANA Dodge "It went really well. We had a good truck from the time we unloaded. We were a little bit pushy, and we worked real hard all night to get the push out of it. The crew chief, with almost 50 to go, he called me in to put on right sides on it, and I said, 'Are you real sure?' I said, 'I don't agree with that, I think that's a bad call.' He was right, and I was wrong."

RICH BICKLE No. 15 Turbine Solutions "When we tested the truck, we didn't have this transmission, and I couldn't get it in gear. We missed third and fourth once, and third gear about three or four times. But hey, we came here and the first time out of the box with this truck and me and ran decent, just not as good as we thought, but good enough. We'll be back at Martinsville. We'll be better. We've got some things we have to fix, but we had a good test there and that's half the battle. We'll get this Turbine Solutions Ford on the pole and win the race."

STACY COMPTON No. 86 RC Cola Ford NOTE: Compton had been sick since Monday of this week with the flu or food poisoning. "I actually feel pretty good. I just hate it for the Royal Crown Ford. We just missed it today. We felt like we had an awful good truck, and just never could put our finger on what it was. We picked up a terrible push late in the run, and just never could get it worked out. It pushed the entire night, and we couldn't make any runs on anybody, and it certainly wasn't what we wanted here. I felt like we could have come here and had a good run. Sometimes you hit it and sometimes you don't. We just missed it today. This Royal Crown Ford is a lot better than just finishing on the lead lap. Awful disappointing. But the guys did an awful good job getting the truck back together after that little incident we had this morning. To come away, with the circumstances we had this weekend, we'll build on it and go on to Memphis."

Source: NASCAR Online

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