Richmond Ford Racing Kroger 200 race report

Richmond, VA (September 7, 2000) - Overcoming the tremendous adversity of a season-ending crash and injury last year, Rick Carelli has completed his comeback with a strong win tonight in Richmond. The "Killer B's" were buzzing close behind, with...

Richmond, VA (September 7, 2000) - Overcoming the tremendous adversity of a season-ending crash and injury last year, Rick Carelli has completed his comeback with a strong win tonight in Richmond. The "Killer B's" were buzzing close behind, with Biffle finishing second and Busch third completing a 1-2-3 sweep for Ford at Richmond International Raceway.


#50 Grainger Ford F-150- (Finished 2nd) -- We really had a great run and the guys did a great job on the truck tonight. I took a rubber out of the right rear there on the last stop and the truck really came around. I was really just riding around there for most of the race just trying to stay out of trouble and up front. You have got to understand though that they pay the money for the last lap, so when we looked up there and realized that the guys in front of us were all good racers and didn't have to worry about them, it was time to take a shot at the front. I think that I could have caught Carelli had the race been about a half a lap longer. It was a good run tonight though and we extended our points lead toward the championship so overall we're pretty happy."


#02 Team ASE/Ultra Wheels Ford F-150-(Finished 15th)-"I'm a little disappointed in our finish tonight. I thought that we had a better truck that that tonight, but it just never came around. The guys worked really hard on the pitstops tonight and got me in and out pretty well. We just couldn't get the truck to handle in the middle of the corner and that's where you make up time on a track like this and it hurt us not to be able to get a grip on that. We'll be ok, though, and I know we have good trucks for Texas and California."


#99 Exide Batteries Ford F-150-(Finished 3rd)-" We had a great set of tires to start off the race. The Exide guys really did a good job of matching them up. We just lost a little bit of handle there at the end and got a little loose. I just couldn't handle through the corners as well as Carelli. My hats' off to those guys tonight. They really deserved to win. We really had a good time here tonight being our first time here, and we are really happy coming out of here with a third place finish."


#14 Milwaukee Electric Tools Ford F-150-(Finished 16th)- "It really was a tough night for the Milwaukee Electric Tools/ Circle Bar Ford F-150. We didn't qualify nearly as well as we thought we might and then had a rough night on the racetrack. We brought it home in one piece and didn't tear anything up so it wasn't completely bad. We have definitely had better days and will have better days in the future. We look to do well in the last three races of the season and finish up strong."


#46 Acxiom/AbiliTec Ford F-150-(Finished 20th)-"We really had a good first half of the race. I felt like we really should have finished better than we did. The truck started to go away there about three-quarters of the way through the race and we ended up twentieth. I think that we are really starting to come together as a team and are getting more confident about our abilities and should start to see some results of that shortly."


#66 Carlin Burners & Controls Ford F-150 - (Finished 1st) -"We were just awesome tonight. The guys in the pits gave me great pit stops tonight and really gave me a great chance to win. The truck set-up was really good and allowed me to be really good on long runs. I was able to get around Kurt there at the end and once I did that I knew I in a good spot to win. I really have to thank all of the guys on the team. They really worked hard to make this a great all-around effort tonight. During practice though, I didn't think that we had a truck to win this race. But we made some adjustments and changed some arms and the truck got really good in happy hour. We were really on a high after finishing fifth in Chicago and I felt like things were really starting to come around for us. I think that as a team we have really come together and I am looking forward to running well for the rest of the season."


#84 Team Ford Racing Ford F-150 - (Finished 29th) -"We definitely had a truck that could win this race tonight. I told them that I was trying to save my left side tires on that one long run and it was working great until we broke. I think it might have broke a valve spring or something; it might have over-revved. I think only us and the #18 had fresh right side tires left there at the end and if we could have got in and got them on the truck I think we could have won this race tonight. I really want to thank Team Ford Racing for the opportunity to run out here tonight and would consider doing this again if the opportunity came up."

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