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RANDY MOSS MOTORSPORTS ANNOUNCEMENT PRESS CONFERENCE DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY JULY 3, 2008 Moderator: On the podium we have long time NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series participant, David Dollar and he is joined by Randy Moss, All-Pro ...

JULY 3, 2008

Moderator: On the podium we have long time NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series participant, David Dollar and he is joined by Randy Moss, All-Pro wide receiver for the New England Patriots. They have joined us today for a very special announcement and that announcement is that Randy Moss has purchased a 50% ownership stake in David's team, and Morgan-Dollar Motorsports will now be named Randy Moss Motorsports. And the newly-numbered eighty-one Chevrolet Silverado truck will make its racing debut July 19th at Kentucky Speedway in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

First of all, Randy, what led you to take this step to get involved with a NASCAR racing team?

Moss: "You know, I've been a fan of NASCAR and mostly by just watching the guys just race around the track and the energy they bring.

I think its just more of just everything that goes with NASCAR. I just met Dale Jr. for the first time ever and I felt so excited like a kid. I'm a big fan of all sports and whenever it was brought back to my attention my business partner, Tim Martin, told me that it would be a good idea for me to team up and get my own NASCAR team. You know, I have done my homework and this nice man sitting beside me had a lot of good things to present to me.

I like good people and I like genuine people and the reason I signed with David Dollar's team is because I felt that he was very genuine and knew about the business and the racing game."

Moderator: I am going to ask both of you, what are your goals right now both short term and long term for this race team. David, I will start with you.

Dollar: "Well, short term we are going to continue running the operation with a host of drivers like we have been doing, and continue our driver development program, working with young talent like Landon Cassill, Willie Allen, and maybe a few others. You know we may even throw in a Sprint Cup Series driver or two before the season is out and really work on preparation for next year. You know, next year is really going to be big for us because our goals are to come out with a veteran driver and run for the championship in the Craftsman Truck Series, and probably continue the driver development program because that has been pretty special to us because we are kinda getting that thing figured out how to teach these guys how to race."

Moderator: Randy do you have anything to add to that?

Moss: "Well, basically he kinda covered it all. With what he already had up and running and with me coming along, I really have to sit down and do my homework and like I said, my business partner Tim filled me in on a lot of the things that David was doing before we teamed up together, so we plan to keep developing the team and young drivers to maybe get up on in the Cup Series one day and do something big.

You know, I'm really excited for one to be teamed up with David Dollar and to have my own team to go out and feel what the drivers feel.

You know actually its really a dream come true because maybe last five or six years I have been really interested in joining NASCAR but really didn't know what steps to take, but now that I finally took those steps and really teamed up with a great team and now the only thing we can do is to just wait and see what happens at the end of the season."

Q: You had quite the run down there, what do you remember about that first start?

"It was pretty cool. We were good in practice and qualified sixth and ran top-five pretty much most of the night. I remember my first pit stop in any type of NASCAR competition was under the green flag and it was quite the experience. It was a lot of fun, but it didn't end up the way we wanted it to. We also had a little incident with a lapped car and you know, its one of those racing deals where you just kind of learn as you go, but I am excited to be here in Kansas and I think its going to be a good time."

Q: Are you about where you thought you would be at this point, or are you surprised how quickly things have happened?

"I'm surprised, but obviously the call this week was a surprise, to be here racing with Morgan-Dollar Motorsports, but a pleasant surprise and I am happy. I want to be able to go out on the race track and have some good runs and keep the equipment under me and keep it in one piece and show these guys I can do it."

Q: It says in your press release that you don't have sponsorship right now, how long will you be able to sustain without it?

Moss: "I am ready to take this, you know, all the way and I think the sponsorship thing will be good. You know its what a lot of teams really like and rely on. My door is open for any sponsor wanting to team up with Randy Moss Motorsports but at the same time, I am ready to keep this thing going myself. So either way we are going to be happy and satisfied with what we are trying to develop."

Q: Randy, I don't mean this in a disrespectful kind of way, but there have been a lot of NFL guys who have come in, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, all guys who came in and dabbled in NASCAR and got out in pretty short order. What makes you different from them, and what makes you in it for the long haul?

"Well, I've done my research on that also. You know most of those guys started out at the top and I am a true believer in the theory that you have to crawl before you walk. And I wanted to start out at the bottom, in the Truck Series, and teaming up with David Dollar and I think he's seen the passion that I have to be an owner and watch these cars go around the track. You know, I think that my passion for just being a winner and by any means necessary to make sure that happens, I think that from what I can bring to the team that hopefully they can feed off of that.

Q: Randy does this interest in being involved in NASCAR and starting up a team, does it go back to your roots from being from West Virginia and from being a kid, talk about that a bit.

Moss: "I'm a country boy and I think they love NASCAR back in West Virginia and one of these days I would love to put a nice track back in my state of West Virginia. That is sort of a long-term goal for me but I do want to do that because that is how I got turned on to NASCAR is being a country boy and seeing how much they love NASCAR so I can honestly say my roots brought me here."

Q: I know you are prepared to take this all the way, but might there be any investors along the offensive line with the Patriots because I know there are a lot of NASCAR fans in those guys and to speak to that, do you think your connections to the NFL might help you develop some synergies that might help you bring some sponsorship your way?

Moss: "To answer that last question, you know, I think it can help.

You know I've been in the league and this will be my eleventh year. I've met some people, and I guess I know people that know people. So you know, this business is something that I have come to a conclusion is how business oriented that NASCAR is. Its not just watching cars race, but that is what I get out of it, watching them race.

But the business side of it is a little more complicated that I expected it to be. With the sponsorship, like I said earlier, my door is always open and you know, I like good people and I like being around good people and you know, anyone coming onto the team as far as being a sponsor, I just want to make sure they are good people and they understand business and are business oriented. So, I'm not turning anybody down, but at the same time I like being around good people."

Q: Who on your offensive line is a NASCAR fan?

Moss: "I have my long snapper, Lonnie Paxton, I have Dan Copen my center and also I have one of my coaches Mattie Patricious. I'm getting a lot of positive feedback from my teammates and I think their biggest question is 'when can we come?' So I think they are just as excited as I am knowing someone that on a personal level, as their teammate, that owns a racing team. They can call on me anytime if they want to go to a race. I know David (Dollar) hasn't met them, but they are a great group of guys and I love being around them and hopefully you'll see them at a couple races with me."

Q: David, were you looking for an investor or someone to come along and help your team and what do you see short term this affiliation doing for your guys?

Dollar: "Well, you know, the economic times we are all in and of course you know there have been several teams that have taken partners here lately. Most definitely you have to keep your eyes and ears open and find out what is the best fit because there is a lot of interest in people out there wanting to be partners but you have to be careful with that because you have to be sure that you partner with the right person.

I was just so taken away after visiting with Randy and his passion for winning and understanding of competition and most importantly the dedication that it takes to be successful. So that is what brought it all together for me. And naturally with his celebrity profile I definitely think that finding some marketing partners to bring along with us will be that much better for us."

Q: Brett Favre yesterday announced that he is looking to come out of retirement and the Mark Martin is expected to announce tomorrow that he is coming out of racing part time and race full time. What is your opinion on athletes coming out of retirement to keep competing at this level?

Moss: "Well I think it's the love that they have and that goes back to passion, and with Mark Martin he's been in the game for a long time and Brett has too. You know one thing I can honestly say that if you still have that passion and its still burning then don't put it out and I think those guys are going to be living proof of their fire not going out. You know you hear a lot of talk about how old guys are and being washed up and not being able to race, and not being able to perform, but I think if you still have that desire and that fire burning and the passion to make it happen then the sky is the limit.

I look forward to seeing those guys getting back on top and doing what they used to do.

Q: One more question, do you guys know who you are going to have in that first race in Kentucky?

Dollar: "Yes it's going to be Willie Allen. We are going to run Willie Allen at Kentucky."

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