Preseason Test: Chad Chaffin quotes



"I am just tickled to death to be with Germain / Arnold Racing for the upcoming season. This weekend was our first chance to work together and I think things have gone extremely well. Mike Hillman has put together a very impressive group of guys here and this is going to be a fun year."

"We have a real fast Toyota Tundra here this weekend and that is a great feeling right out of the box. For a new driver and team combination to be at the top of the speed charts the first time out together is a big testament to the overall strength of this program. We started to get a tick loose there after awhile on Sunday evening but I think alot of trucks were as well. We felt real good about what we have and we decided to end it a little early on Sunday."

"We picked up right where we left during the Monday session and got a little more speed out of our truck in the draft. Unfortunately our day ended early but this time it was not by our choice. I just got pinched into the wall there by another truck that came up on me and left me no room. It hurt the right side of the truck a little so we loaded it up and called it a day. It is nothing major - the guys should be able to get it back to where it was in a few days."

"Overall, this Daytona test went incredibly well. The team has given me a fast Toyota Tundra and the horsepower Toyota is providing is pretty impressive. I really look forward to coming back to Daytona for the season opener next month and kicking off what I hope to be a very strong 2005 campaign with this race team."


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