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Craftsman 200 Quotebook PORTLAND, Ore. (April 25, 1998) Quotes following the Craftsman 200 by NAPA Auto Parts at Portland Speedway: STACY COMPTON, (No. 86 Royal Crown Cola Ford F-150) "Hats off to this Royal Crown Ford crew. We worked...

Craftsman 200 Quotebook

PORTLAND, Ore. (April 25, 1998) Quotes following the Craftsman 200 by NAPA Auto Parts at Portland Speedway:

STACY COMPTON, (No. 86 Royal Crown Cola Ford F-150)

"Hats off to this Royal Crown Ford crew. We worked all day. When we unloaded we weren't as quick as we needed to be, and we just kept digging. We kept getting better and better and better. After practice this morning I told the guys if we don't have any bad luck we're in good shape. We paced ourself the first half, and I kept asking the guys, who's making charges? Is anybody making charges? How hard do we need to run? We had a great truck all day long. This Ford just ran awesome. We sit back and rode the first half. Randy made a couple good runs on us, and we were able to get away from him. Lapped traffic worked with us great today. My hats off to all the competitors out here."

HOW NERVOUS WERE YOU THE LAST 25 LAPS? "The guys were moving out of the way. Everybody, all the competitors were moving out of the way and giving us room to race. Actually our truck was better on the top than it was on the bottom. We were a little bit tight after a caution and we had to get on the bottom and keep Randy at bay. Once we got a little bit of a lead I could get up higher and get a little bit of a lead. It was actually quicker. The lapped traffic didn't effect us a lot. In fact it probably helped us a little bit. It was a great weekend for us. Kevin (Cram - crew chief) and the whole bunch of guys at Impact Motorsports have done such a good job over the winter. We've gotten trucks built, and we've got our feet on the ground. Last year we got a little behind because we got a late start. The guys are doing great. We're working great together."

MIKE BLISS (No. 2 Team ASE Ford F-150)

"We were strong. We were just a little loose the first half. The second half we were just trying to ride along until everybody wore their tires out. I don't know. It just lost a cylinder and then it finally blew up. I don't know what the heck we can do with it. We're good, I just don't know. We haven't had an engine problem in a long time. Last year we didn't have one all year long. It might be just something stupid happening. But I'm sure we'll find out."

RICK CRAWFORD (No. 14 Circle Bar Motel & RV Park Ford F-150)

"We touched earlier in the race, and it wasn't intentional. I don't think you can even see a scratch on his truck from where I touched him. So it was probably a payback. It's tough for the Tom Mitchell Circle Bar Motel and RV Park Ford to end up like this. Maybe we can get it fixed and get back in the race."

TONY RAINES (No. 19 Pennzoil Ford F-150)

"We had a pretty good race truck when we got here. We just fiddled around with it trying to get it better for qualifying. We didn't gain anything there. We made an adjustment that made us better for the second half, for half of the second half. I thought we were going to get up to third or fourth. We were as fast as Rick (Carelli) and Jack (Sprague), but with about 20 to go it started to give up on the rear tires and we were just sliding around like a lot of other people."

WHAT ABOUT LAPPED TRAFFIC? "It wasn't real bad later on. Early in the race, early when lapping started it was a little difficult. When we were up in fifth place we could get around lapped traffic fairly quickly, but when you are back in tenth it takes you three or four laps to get around lapped traffic. There was some bumping and banging, and early in the race I got hooked in the bumper with another guy. It's unfortunate, but you know some days you're a dud and some days a diamond. We're just lucky it didn't get any more damage and the truck ran pretty good and we finished up."

TONY ROPER (No. 31 BENDIX Brakes Ford F-150)

"We had a pretty good race. If we had started at the front we would probably have been hunting for the lead because we had a good truck. The lapped traffic just killed us, absolutely killed us. I know they were racing eachother, but it just killed us. We had a good truck, and I'm happy for Bendix and Allied Signal. I hope they liked it. I drove my heart out. That's all I had."

GREG BIFFLE (No. 50 W.W. Grainger Racing Ford F-150 )

"I don't know what the problem was at first, but I got black flagged. When I went back out I asked the spotters where to run, but no matter where we were at, the high groove or the low groove we were right in it. We are definitely disappointed."

BRYAN REFFNER (No. 66 Carlin Burners & Controls Ford F-150)

"We finished it. That was a big plus for us. We were just a little bit loose. We just couldn't get off the corner. It was one of them deals if we had started up front, we would have been okay. We just couldn't run against some of those guys. Ron (Hornaday) got me there in the traffic after a yellow. But we're happy with this finish. We've only got to load it on the trailer and take it to the next track. It's just something to keep building on. We've got some momentum going for the team and myself too, so I'm pretty happy. It feels really good. We got in the restarts and it just brought back memories of last year. I just wanted to finish and stay out of trouble. We were just off that little bit. If we can keep finishing and have something to come back here with and tweak a little bit, that makes a great team."

JOE RUTTMAN (No. 99 Exide Batteries Ford F-150 )

"We wish we were further up in the top-ten like a top-five. I guess we'll have to ease our way up to the top-five, but at least we're getting closer. We tried some stuff. I'm not 100 percent sure it worked out, but if you don't try you don't know. In essence, now we're going to go away, and say we tried it."

ARE YOU AND THE 50 TEAM RUNNING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SET-UPS? "I think we made a conscious effort to maybe, I'm hoping to try to learn more from the two trucks. I don't know what Randy (Goss) is doing. So we kind of deliberately went quite a bit different than what the 50 truck was. In retrospect if I had it to do over again I would probably get closer to him. But we just wanted to try it. The first half we thought we could tune it in, but in the second half for some reason it went to crap in a handbag. I think the track changed a little on us too, and what we had under it, it didn't like that."


"The truck was just awesome by the end - we just couldn't get a break in traffic. We'll be ready to win one in Monroe."

JIMMY HENSLEY (No. 43 Cummins Dodge )

"It was a tough race. The truck was too loose sometimes, too tight others. We hung on - that's about it."

BOB KESELOWSKI (No. 29 Mopar Dodge )

"The first half was great. We were picking off the other trucks and moving through the traffic. Unfortunately, our changes at the half just didn't take. In fact, it got worse - tighter and tighter."

LANCE NORICK (No. 90 NHL Dodge )

"I couldn't tell what happened - somebody jacked me around. I got sideways coming out of turn four, then everybody piled into me. The NHL Dodge was running great, so it was a shame to bash it up."

DOMINIC DOBSON (No. 78 MCI/Mopar Dodge )

"I didn't see what started the incident, but the No. 88 truck spun right in front of me and there wasn't anyplace to go. The MCI/Mopar team did a great job of cutting off the bent pieces and getting me back out there for experience. And was an experience."

RANDY TOLSMA (No. 61 IWX Motor Freight Chevrolet )

"We're happy with second here today. Dave Fuge, our crew chief spent a lot of time in this area and he brought a lot of experience to this IWX team. Chevrolet has been working with us and helped us out with a lot of knowledge that we didn't have a year ago. "This is my 18th or 19th race with this team and just the 15th together with Dave with us. We're like Stacy (Compton)and his team, we're still jelling and working together. I'm looking forward to Monroe in a couple of weeks. "Stacy was awfully tough today. I think it was between either one of us. Whoever got out in front was going to be pretty tough to pass. This is tough race track to pass on. He was workin' traffic well. "He was a little loose and I was a little tight. If one of us was perfect, it might have made a better race. Hopefully, it was a good race for the fans. There was a lot of gougin' and routin' going on out there and ran over a lot of debris. "Great race. Happy for Stacy. Happy for this team. We crashed in Homestead and the guys rebuilt this truck back up. The guys back in the shop worked so hard and this starts to pay off for them. I just hope to put it in Victory Lane.

RICK CARELLI (No. 6 RE/MAX Chevrolet )

"We were good today. We were a little tight in the first half. I missed in qualifying, I slid up the race track a little bit and ended up starting 13th. "There was a lot going on out there today. Me and Jack were pretty even. He was a little loose getting into the corners and tight off the corners. He was watching me so I changed my line a little bit. When he slid up the race track there in 1 and 2, I just got a good run off the corner and stood on it. Unfortunately, when you get out of the groove here at Portland you're in trouble and all you can do is slide. "We started 13th and ended up 3rd, so we're all really happy.

JACK SPRAGUE ( No. 24 Big Daddy's BBQ Chevrolet )

"It was an awful good run and I thought I had something to win the race with. We tightened it up a little bit at half-time. It got real cloudy the sun actually came out in the first half and I got a little loose. We tightened it up and got it too tight. Carelli and I were pretty ever there at the end. I went outside of the #75 truck and he got a little loose he didn't hit me but I had to move to keep him from hitting me and I got into the marbles. That let Carelli get by me.

RON HORNADAY (No. 16 NAPA Chevrolet )

"It's disappointing - The NAPA Chevy truck was good. I got into Sauter (No. 3 GM Goodwrench Chevy) and we got behind. We'll take what we can from here and go on to Evergreen in two weeks.

MIKE WALLACE (No. 52 Purolator PureOne Chevrolet )

"We got that caution at just the right time to fix that right front that was going down (lap 157). "We were pretty much junk to begin with - no matter what we adjusted, it didn't get much better. I told myself I'd be happy with a top 20 and that's what we got.

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