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GM Goodwrench Service Plus/ACDelco 300 Quotebook PHOENIX (Oct. 24, 1998) The following are quotes from drivers following the GM Goodwrench Service Plus/ACDelco 300 at Phoenix International Raceway. MIKE BLISS (No. 2 Team ASE Ford) "We...

GM Goodwrench Service Plus/ACDelco 300 Quotebook

PHOENIX (Oct. 24, 1998) The following are quotes from drivers following the GM Goodwrench Service Plus/ACDelco 300 at Phoenix International Raceway.

MIKE BLISS (No. 2 Team ASE Ford) "We adjusted all day. The ASE Ford was strong, but we adjusted all day to tighten it up. Barry (Dodson) did a great job."

"I drove easy. I was not going to spin out. I was not going to blow a tire. I just drove easy. I was easy on the brakes. We didn't heat up the right front, and the Goodyears held out. I'm really exited for this team, ASE, Ford, Wagner and all of our sponsors."

"It's sad. It hurts when I sit here and think about how great we are, and we're going different ways. We've been so close this year. I've learned a lot this year. The team has grown a lot. It's pretty emotional. We've got one more race, We almost won Vegas last year. We're going to go there and kick some butt."

RON HORNADAY (No. 16 NAPA Brakes Chevrolet) "The truck was really running great after 20 laps of fuel. We just ran out of time. Ten points going into the last race, following an awesome race at Phoenix ... you know, Jack said, 'Too bad it's so close because we're really having fun and somebody's gotta lose.'"

TONY RAINES (No. 19 Pennzoil Ford) "I don't like working that hard. The guys worked really hard. We were loose to start with, and then we adjusted on it, and then it got really tight late in the race. We ran about this way out here in the spring. We had a considerably different set-up, but got about the same results. We'll have to start over and work on a different set-up next time. I feel confident we can got to Vegas and run well. We'd certainly like to run better than we did the last two weeks, but that's the way it goes sometimes. This is only our second year, and I learned some stuff on this track today racing that I didn't know before. That's stuff you've got to file away and put it to use next time."

BORIS SAID (No. 44 Federated Auto Parts Ford) "This Ford has been running the last four weeks in a row. I'm really happy. I think we've finally figured out how to race these ovals. All day long we had a really good truck. The Federated Parts guys did a really good job in the pits. I screwed up the second yellow by not coming in. They said do what the leaders do. I keyed on Hornaday, and I stayed with him. I figured auto parts - auto parts, I'll stick with him. It was probably a mistake. But it was fun coming from the back and racing up through. We were just really good all day long. I'm really happy with this Ford."

"It was funny. It was testing at Martinsville one day with Ernie (Irvan) and looking at some minute things he does on the data. I started trying it, and since Martinsville we've been competitive everywhere. We're not cheating. We don't have nitrous (laughing). It's just that all of sudden we've been good off the trailer. And I'm doing a better job. Last week we had a bad accident, but we've been running in the top-10 consistently."

GREG BIFFLE (No. 50 W.W. Grainger Racing Ford) "Andy (Houston) and I traded spots early on. We were racing like it was ten to go, like it was a New Hampshire. It was fun. I've got to give all the credit to the Grainger crew today. They did such an awesome job. And this Ford F-150 just goes. The guys back at the engine shop, and the body shop - they've been digging all year, and they've been giving us great stuff, great speedway stuff, aerodynamic. It was a lot of fun today. It was a battle all day long for the rookie points. We were going at it. We were trading paint. It was a lot of fun. I heard Hornaday say he'd get loose in practice if somebody was right on your bumper. And I thought no, that's not doing it. But sure enough when I got to running with some other guys it did. So I got up underneath Andy and got him loose. We played cat and mouse a little bit. I think I had a little bit more truck. Once I got back around him for the last time, I told the guys I was going to get out a little bit and break the draft. And I did. I'll tell you what, that Ford had some power today."

DOUG GEORGE (No. 84 Porter-Cable Power Tools Ford) "The Porter-Cable Ford was good at the beginning. But the last 55 laps we were loose. I felt like I was driving a sprint car there. I did everything in my power to hold on and not to spin it out, and just hold on. At one time down there by myself, I went into the corner, and it came around. I've never had anything that far sideways, and still not spin it out. I just held on. I thought I could get Sprague there at the end. We were reeling him in. Then I got sideways. This truck was built in 1994, and it's a really good truck. I think we just had a little too stiff a spring in the right front. It got us a little loose there at the end on the long runs. The track greased up, and we did what we could. I don't even know where we finished. I'm a little disappointed for the crew mainly. They've worked so hard. I tried to run good, and I did the best I could with what we had. The truck ran really good, but the next time we run it we'll just have to make some changes and work with the chassis a little bit. It was the first time out with this clip. I didn't think we did too badly."

JACK SPRAGUE (No. 24 GMAC Chevrolet) "I said all along who has trouble will determine this thing. After the pit stop, our motor went south. We lost power and on these long straights, it's hard to run here without good power."

STACY COMPTON (No. 86 Cherry RC Ford) "These guys on this Royal Crown pit crew, they are unbeatable. We missed it a little bit at the beginning. It was really loose. I don't know how far we went back. I think there were three trucks behind us on the lead lap. The guys made some great calls, and it was a great day for us. We were able to dig our way back up there. This Cherry RC Ford came up through really good. We had hoped to finish it little better, but to start out as loose as they were and for the guys to dig like they did, and make the adjustments they did. It was a good day for us to come back up through there and get a top-10."

ANDY HOUSTON (No. 60 Addington Racing Chevrolet) "We're having a lot of fun. Greg waved to me going down the front. We're both running for the rookie deal but only one of us will get it."

"Greg and I have a lot of respect for each other. We were just out there having a lot of fun. With two rookies out front today, it was a lot of fun, especially with all the veterans in the field."

"This is our third visit to Phoenix, and after a top-five today, it definitely feels like one of my favorite tracks."

"We're just going to go there and try to win the race. We're really excited about Vegas. We feel like we'll be in good shape." (about racing trucks as a steppingstone): "I think the truck series is a great steppingstone and hopefully it will take us to the next level."

JOE RUTTMAN (No. 99 Exide Batteries Ford) "This was as hard as we could run the old Ford, and the Exide battery stayed charged up. We got a little bit tight late. The boys did good in the pits. I guess we've got to be happy. We probably picked up a few points, but not enough to really make a lot of difference on Sprague, but at least we're getting a little closer. We kind of missed the pit opening when it came by. We really wanted to come in that first time, but the guys did real good in the pits. We were decent. We weren't great. We were just good."

DENNIS SETZER (No. 29 Mopar Dodge) "All I know is that only five trucks beat us. We had a decent finish on a not-so-good day. We have been off all weekend, we just couldn't get the Mopar Dodge as good as we knew it could be. This crew worked hard this morning and made some changes. That really helped for the race today. But 6th place is a good finish, but after last weekend, I am ready to win again."

JIMMY HENSLEY (No. 43 Cummins Dodge) "We were not great all day, but we were mediocre. We hung around in the front all day and brought home a top-ten finish. I had the opportunity to pick up a few spots in the final laps, but we just got too tight in the closing laps of the race. We had good pit stops and passed trucks both on pit road and on the race track. We had a good day, but would have liked to have been better."

RANDY TOLSMA (No. 78 MCI/Mopar Dodge) "The MCI/Mopar Dodge ran great, but suddenly the oil temperature shot up and we were not sure of the problem. Instead of tearing up a motor we chose to pull in and check everything. We found that everything was fine and there was an electrical problem in the truck. It was a good day for the team, we learned a lot and I think that I learned a lot about the aerodynamics of the Dodge trucks on tracks this size. There are some ideas that I am taking to the test next week and I think we can really make the Dodge Rams begin to run better in the larger speedways."

BUTCH MILLER (No. 18 Dana Dodge) "We were a little off all day - depending on whether someone was in front or behind me the Dana Dodge would push real bad or get loose. I still thought we'd have a good day, until we had the problem with the motor. The guys on the team tried to get it fixed, but couldn't. We'll go and re-group and get ready for Las Vegas. We're going to do everything we can to end the season on a high note with a good, solid run for the Dana Dodge."

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