Phoenix: Kevin Harvick - winner's press conference

KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 6 SNAP-ON CHEVY SILVERADO - scored his first career NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race win of his career - he also became the 5th driver to win a race in all three NASCAR divisions - Truck, Busch, and Cup. "To win here is...

KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 6 SNAP-ON CHEVY SILVERADO - scored his first career NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race win of his career - he also became the 5th driver to win a race in all three NASCAR divisions - Truck, Busch, and Cup.

"To win here is pretty cool. I've run a lot of races here and have come really close (to winning and led a lot of laps at Phoenix, but never won a race. To win my first Craftsman Truck race here is really cool. I'd like to thank the GM Goodwrench guys - my guys (Winston Cup crew) and the Rockwell Automation guys (Busch Series crew) and all of RCR helping me whenever I need something. It's a cool day for myself. I just want to thank Chevrolet and Snap-on and everybody that helps us on our truck."

TAKE US THROUGH THOSE LAST COUPLE OF LAPS RACING TED MUSGRAVE AFTER THAT LATE RACE CAUTION "Well, if I had it to do over, I would have rather the yellow not come out because our truck took a while to get going and it was really getting loose there from the center off. Ted got into us a little bit down there, but he didn't do anything that anybody else wouldn't have done. In fact I probably would have hit somebody a little bit harder."

WHAT DID YOU DO ON THAT PIT STOP TO MAKE THE TRUCK RUN BETTER THE LAST HALF OF THE RACE? "They just made a couple of adjustments. The biggest thing was getting good track position. We got by Rick Crawford for the lead and we were able to save our stuff a little bit out in clean air and they were having to work to get by us. You had to work in second place. You really had to have a better truck to get by somebody. I knew my only shot to win the race was to get by Crawford and really try to stay out in front in clean air and do everything I could to keep him behind me at that point. Once I got out front and there were 20-25 laps to go, they were pretty much going to have to wreck me to get by."

YOUR NASCAR EXPERIENCE HAS REALLY PAID OFF HERE AT PHOENIX "I was really fortunate to get my start with Wayne and Connie Spears. They've taken my career a long way to get me kick-started in taking the steps I needed to take. We came within about 6 or 8 inches of winning the Winston West race for Wayne and have come close to winning here many times, but just never have finished the deal. I've led a lot of laps here in a lot of different divisions. So it's pretty cool to get our first Truck Series win here. To do it here in Phoenix is pretty special because it's awful close to Bakersfield (hometown). I've got a lot of people who came from California to see us and we've got a lot of fans here in Arizona too."

ON CLINCHING THE MANUFACTURERS' CUP FOR CHEVROLET "Chevrolet does lot for RCR and helps us out a little bit on this truck. It's pretty cool to clinch the Manufacturers' Cup. They've certainly always had good stuff and probably have the best drivers in all three NASCAR series. I'm just glad to be a part of their equipment."

ON GOING BACK TO THE TRUCK SERIES AFTER MOVING UP TO WINSTON CUP "I needed to win a Truck race. I've won in every other division that I've ever raced in. That one was kind of a thorn in my back. It was not only important to me to win a Truck race, but to have my own race equipment - my own vehicle - whether it be a Truck, or Busch car, or Winston Cup car. Operating under a roof that I was in control of was something that was important to me too. Not only did we win the race in the Truck series as a driver, but as an owner. That was as important to me as anything.

"I'm not going to quit. That's not my nature. A lot of people write us off in the Winston Cup car and heck, we might come out this weekend and win the thing. That's just how we are. If you put our backs up against the wall, we're going to eventually break the wall down and come back on top."

HOW MANY TRUCK RACES ARE YOU PLANNING TO RUN IN '03? "We're going to run at least 7 or 8 races with myself (driving). Ed Berrier is going to run at Daytona in my truck. I might run four or five others away from the companion events. The Truck schedule is awesome next year. NASCAR has done a great job of putting it together. We'll probably run the Martinsvilles, the Bristols, the Darlingtons - the companion events."

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN MOVING YOUR TEAM A BUSCH OR WINSTON CUP TEAM? "I have a Busch championship in my trophy case and I'm racing Winston Cup cars and hopefully one day win a Winston Cup championship. My ultimate goal is to put somebody in the truck and me not drive it and try to win a championship. Whether it turns into a Busch team or Winston Cup team. I don't know if I'd want the headaches of a Winston Cup team because if you start one, you need to start two more."

"It's been a fun week. We've been here since Wednesday. Not that you don't enjoy the fans, but it's been nice to come to the race track and be able to sit on the back of the hauler and drive my truck and hang out with my guys and just really relax. We've had a good time with it."

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