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TED MUSGRAVE (No. 1 Mopar Dodge Ram) Finished sixth, takes 58-point advantage over Dennis Setzer into season final next week at Homestead. "It wasn't great but consistent, consistently tight. We worked on it and worked on it and just wasn't...

TED MUSGRAVE (No. 1 Mopar Dodge Ram)
Finished sixth, takes 58-point advantage over Dennis Setzer into season final next week at Homestead.

"It wasn't great but consistent, consistently tight. We worked on it and worked on it and just wasn't going to get it out of it. Bodine and those Toyotas were pretty fast up front. They've been fast the last half of the season. There ain't no catching them guys. They're in a league by themselves. Maybe after they sweep everything NASCAR will look at it, but anyway, our truck was pretty decent. Dennis came out here and tested and was pretty good. We just finished one spot behind him. That's OK. Going to Homestead we've just got to stay close behind him and we can wrap it up. We've got to run hard, but just don't put yourself in jeopardy out there. Tonight, the 9 truck, I don't know who was driving it, some blind guy, but he just about put me in the wall off turn two. Setzer was on my bumper and he got by, so I checked up because of him and lost two positions, but in the long run he was going to put me in the wall. If we go to Homestead and get in that same situation, I'll have to check up and see what happens."

"Dennis' truck was a lot better. He came out here and tested, and I was real tight in the center. It's really bad to have that around here. I was trying to hold him off, but I knew he had a better truck. I tried to hold the bottom lane. He gave me a couple of shots and got me sideways. I still held him off. He got a good run off turn two once. I was too tight and pushed up the hill. You just do whatever you can do. I knew he had a better truck. You just try to make him falter or mix it up and try to make him falter and try to block as much as you can without getting yourself in a bad situation. After he got by him I knew he wasn't going to get any further. We kind of stabilized after that after he got more laps on his tires. I figured that was only five points. I don't want to give up any, don't get me wrong.

"You can really bang with the trucks. You can slide them around more than Cup cars. You can have a lot more fun. Their fenders are so wide they get banged in and don't rub on the tires. We can push and shove on each other. We do it with finesse. We don't run into them and crash 'em. We can hit 'em and move 'em out of the way. Years ago you could see it and you can see it now, too.

"You've got to realize the disorganization of the 75 car we were in (nine years ago at Homestead). That was a terrible thing. We got out and Ricky Rudd was standing there. He blew his motor and the owner asked him if he wanted to drive the car. He looked at it and said 'I wouldn't get out of the electric chair to drive that thing.' So I made the right decision. The truck deal, I knew when I could get in this deal with Jim Smith and Mopar I'd have a good situation. I could win races and go for some championships. Each and every year we've been in the top three. Looking at it, the Cup rides that were available to drive weren't as satisfying as coming to the trucks and winning some races and having all the glory we have here. You don't have all the whiz bang stuff and all the money, but who cares about that? I'd rather go have nice competitive races with these guys and fight for wins than go over there in the Cup Series and run 25th.

"Mark (Martin) wants to come to the truck series and have fun like we used to in ASA. He told me when I get there and you see me not having fun, come over and remind me about that again. I'm coming to race and have fun. We have a lot of fun doing this as you can tell. It's a good living and we're home on weekends. We can have a little family life, too, and that's what Mark wants to do.

"I'll give Ron (Hornaday) all the room he wants out there (at Homestead). I've got to race my own race and not put myself in a bad situation like tonight. I was on the outside of the 9 truck coming off 2 and he just about ran me completely in the wall. I had to check up and Crawford got by, which gave Dennis a shot at my rear bumper, too. I've just got to watch those situations at Homestead, not to get wrecked and put yourself in a situation that's avoidable. I think I have to finish 10th and Dennis would have to win. Whatever position he's in I could be 10-12 trucks behind him and still win. I have to be thoughtful and keep an eye forward and keep an eye back, too."

JIMMY SPENCER (No. 2 Team ASE Dodge Ram)

"We cut a right front tire down. We had a really good truck, but our radios quit working. When the radios quit working I couldn't hear nothing. I didn't know what to do, so we just stayed out and it caught us. The truck was strong for a few laps when we were leading the field, but unfortunately you can't control everything. We had a truck capable of winning the race, but when the cautions fall wrong there's not a whole lot you can do. We've made too many mistakes this year. We've got one race to go. It's just unfortunate tonight. We were running really good, but I've just had a lot of bad luck this year. I'll keep smiling."

ERIN CROCKER (No. 4 Cheerios/Betty Crocker Dodge Ram)

"I'm fine. I was passing the truck in front of me, and I couldn't find a way around. I was trying to get a good run. I hesitated and it seemed like he pinched me down a little bit. It's really frustrating. It was my first time in the Cheerios/Betty Crocker Dodge Ram and Bobby Hamilton Racing put the deal together with Evernham Motorsports. The truck was pretty comfortable. I was just trying to get used to it and make some laps. I like the truck. It moves around a lot, but I kinda like that being from a sprint car background. I'm used to something moving around a lot on me, and I felt pretty comfortable in it, but this is really frustrating."


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