Phoenix: Dodge qualifying quotes

STACY COMPTON (No. 17 Harris Trucking Dodge Ram) -- Sixth "This team has put a great Dodge Ram under me each time we come out with it. Phoenix has traditionally been pretty good to me. We've had three, four, five poles here (two in NCTS 1998, ...

STACY COMPTON (No. 17 Harris Trucking Dodge Ram) -- Sixth

"This team has put a great Dodge Ram under me each time we come out with it. Phoenix has traditionally been pretty good to me. We've had three, four, five poles here (two in NCTS 1998, 2001). I like this place. I like flat tracks. Some Joey Arrington horsepower doesn't hurt a thing in the world either. It was a good lap for us. We picked up a couple tenths from where we were in practice, so it was a decent run."

JASON LEFFLER (No. 2 Team ASE/CARQUEST Dodge Ram) -- Seventh

"The balance was little off on our No. 2 Team ASE/CARQUEST Dodge, so we'd like to be a little faster. I think it helps to have some experience around at track like Phoenix. It seems like no matter what kind of car or truck you drive around here the line is pretty much the same. Having some laps around this place in some other series can really help you a lot. It's one of my favorite tracks. I love coming here. We've steadily improved as the week has gone on, so I'm really looking forward to the race. I think track position is critical at a place like this. It's a racing type of track, but it's still hard to get through the pack if you're behind."

TED MUSGRAVE (No. 1 Mopar Performance Parts Dodge Ram) --14th

"The racetrack changed a little bit. It's not really swamped. We ran faster earlier in the day, but the racetrack was in better shape then. That was just race stuff that we had out there on our qualifying lap. A lot of times when we unload the Mopar Dodge we just work on the race conditions and then switch over right before we qualify. If we can run those speeds in the race, we'll be in good shape.

"At Phoenix you've got to remember that as the week goes on it gets slicker and slimier out here. You've got to set the racetruck up for a long duration run, because as it goes on it's more or less like Daytona during Speedweeks - it just keeps changing on you."

ROBERT PRESSLEY (No. 18 Dickies/Square D Dodge Ram) -- 10th

"I'm just happy to see Bill (teammate, Lester) up at the top again. I thought we had a shot at it, but man I was just a little bit tighter out there than I was this morning. The track picked up a lot of grip. We're happy. We know we've got a nice little racetruck here this weekend. This track will change on you though, so it helps to know what it's going to be like later in the weekend from past experience.

CARLOS CONTRERAS (No. 43 Hot Wheels Dodge Ram) -- 26th

"We ran the same time that we had in practice. I guess we were a little bit faster. We were tight off of the corners, so we can be a little bit faster in the middle of these turns out here. We'll work on that and try to find a good setup for the race

BRENDAN GAUGHAN (No. 62 NAPA/Orleans Dodge Ram) -- 23rd

"Phoenix is just a good, flat racetrack. We've raced here a few times in the last couple of years here. We've had one of the best trucks out there week-to-week, but we keep running behind a few Dodges that stay in front of us. We've got to try and keep up with the Dodge boys.

"This is one of those tracks where experience will really be the key, it's a big deal. This track is such an odd deal. It's really flat in turns three and four, and it has kind of an odd one and two. That little half-wall kind of scares you as you come out of turn two. I remember the first time I came here, it kind of intimidated me. This week I think we just kind of slipped a little. Every time I let Shane (crew chief, Wilson) make the calls we look great. The second that I start meddling with them, we go to hell. So, this week was my own fault. We'll just have to battle away around here and see if we can't be one of the best Dodges out there and get a win."

RYAN HEMPHILL (No. 4 Bobby Hamilton Racing Dodge Ram) -- 20th

"It feels good to be back. I'm feeling great, feeling fine. We've very happy to be here and not have to sit out another race. We're pretty good out here today. The crew has just been busting their butts to get this Dodge where it needs to be. We're just struggling a little bit, but we're getting closer and closer.

"There was a little question at the beginning of the week, knowing whether I'd be cleared to race by the doctors. I knew Saturday morning after we hit the wall at California that I'd be ready to go for the next race. I just let my leg heal, and try to keep weight off of it. Everything else has been fine though."


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