Phoenix: Bodine post-race interview

TODD BODINE, No. 30 Toyota Tundra, Germain Racing Finishing Position: 12th How does it feel to be the 2010 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champion? "Actually, I wish it felt better. That was such a terrible performance tonight.

TODD BODINE, No. 30 Toyota Tundra, Germain Racing
Finishing Position: 12th

How does it feel to be the 2010 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champion?

"Actually, I wish it felt better. That was such a terrible performance tonight. But, one night doesn't make a team. And Germain Racing has done a hell of a job all year -- so consistent every week. Once in a while you're going to slip and have nights like this, but we never gave up we kept digging the whole night. And Jr. (Mike Hillman Jr., crew chief) made some adjustments. It just wasn't there. I'm proud to be part of a race team that can do what we do every week and year after year. We've never finished out of the top-four in points. That says a lot about Jr. and the way he operates his team and his guys and all the guys that we have. Just a tremendous effort for five years now and to get number two is validation for number one. So, it's pretty special.

How special is it to be back on top with this team?

"That's the deal. I mean, we didn't have a sponsor, but the Germain brothers decided last winter that we were going to race this 30 truck no matter what. They were going to come out of their pockets to make this happen knowing that we have a team that can go out and win races, run up front and win championships. They knew that they had that kind of team . They put that commitment, that trust in Jr. (Mike Hillman Jr., crew chief) and Sr. (Mike Hillman, general manager) and myself and all these guys that we can go out and get it done. So, for them to have and Germain Motor Company on this truck -- that makes us proud. We had Valvoline on here four times this year and we were really proud to represent them -- they have been so good to our sport and been a great partner for Germain and Germain Racing."

How does it feel to clinch your second NCWTS championship?

"It's pretty awesome. It's a little disappointing because our performance tonight was terrible. We just really missed it. It shows the character of this team all year long to never give up. We knocked up a lot of top-fives and that's what really did it for us. We have four wins, which is great, but the top-fives and consistency of this team and how hard these guys work every week -- that's what got us here to this point. We did this without a sponsor. We have Germain Motor Company on the quarter panels, but that's three guys (Germain brothers) that care about their team and love the people that work for their team. They made that commitment to fund this out of their pockets. Knowing that getting a sponsor was a big question mark, they made that commitment to this team and those guys to come out and do this for us. They knew we could win this championship. We have a great team. All the guys back at the shop and TRD and everybody at Triad are doing a great job with the motors. We've got an incredible race team. It's a shame we don't have a sponsor on here. We have something going into the winter with and a little momentum here. It's been a good year -- can't complain. I want to say hi to my daughter Ashlyn, I know you're watching pumpkin, I love you."

How does your team have a never say die attitude?

"That's exactly right. The first five races we got top-five finishes, but we really didn't have good race trucks. They were driving terrible. (Mike Hillman) Jr. (crew chief) figured out how to make them drive and then we got that consistency and got that momentum. Along the way we had a lot of good luck. I forget where it was, we had a flat tire coming down pit road and the caution comes out -- saves our lap. The spin and win at Kentucky -- we've had good luck and those types of things that along with good performance and hard work you've got to have good luck. We had it this year. My buddy (Ron) Hornaday, he's had the worst luck all year and tonight is another example. You've just got to have good luck. We did that. The old adage is you make your own luck and this team has done a great job all year doing that."

What does this win mean to your team?

"Germain Racing has done such a great job. All the guys at the shop and the motor shop and the guys on the road crew. (Mike Hillman) Jr. (crew chief) has led this team to another championship. It shows his leadership skills and how good a person he is. We have a never give up attitude -- that's what brought us to this point and got us here. We never give up. We've been down and we've been laps down and come back and win races. We don't give up and I'm proud to be the guy that drives this Toyota Tundra for a great race team."

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