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#90 Aventis Behring Choice Chevrolet Silverado
New England 200 - July 21st 2001
14th in NCTS Points, 15th in Owner Points

Driver Lance Norick #90
Sponsor Aventis Behring Choice
Crew Chief John Monsam
Owner Ron Norick

The Truck
Sugar Mule - Last raced at Milwaukee Mile. Team has been working very hard to get it ready for this track.


-Lance Norick reached his career winnings of over $1,000,000 at Kentucky last week.

-250 guests of Aventis Behring/L&R Motorsports' Victory Lane Kids group in the stands.

-Special Pit Crew Member, Maxim Michalkin, a guest through the Chernobyl project of Boston in conjunction with the Victory Lane Kids program. He is from outside Chernobyl, and is in Boston for health evaluation following recent surgery.

-Last year, New Hampshire was Norick's first race back after suffering a broken arm at Memphis. He blew out his right front tire in a crash-just as he did at his Memphis crash.


Lance Norick: "New Hampshire has seen its share of fatalities, so it's a place you really have to respect."

"It's a mile track, but it actually seems like a short track that you go really fast on."

John Monsam (Crew Chief): "This track is my home track and I am excited to get back there. I have done well there in the past and hope to keep that going this weekend."


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