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Nazareth, PA (July 15, 2000) - On a day riddled with caution flags that seemed to come at the most inopportune times, Greg Biffle led the Ford F-150's today with a fourth place finish and also broke a series record previously held by Jack ...

Nazareth, PA (July 15, 2000) - On a day riddled with caution flags that seemed to come at the most inopportune times, Greg Biffle led the Ford F-150's today with a fourth place finish and also broke a series record previously held by Jack Sprague, by finishing ten races in a row in the top-five. Finishing ahead of Mike Wallace, who finished tenth, Andy Houston, eleventh, and Jack Sprague, fifth, Biffle also extended his points lead to 178. The finish also extended Ford's point lead in the Manufacturer's Championship by two more over Chevrolet making the lead now 9 points.


#50 Grainger Ford F-150- (Finished 4th)-"We had a really good truck early on. We were really out of left rear tire there at the end and were just holding on for a good finish. The guys did another fantastic job on the pits stops and the Grainger Ford ran really well today. I thought that we might have had a shot at winning, but we're really happy with a top five. We raced really well with all of these guys today. It was a good run for Steve Grissom, Dennis Setzer, Joe Ruttman, and especially Jack Sprague. He came from a long way back to finish fifth. These guys all raced their butts off today and they all deserve some congratulations. Obviously we're really happy to finish in front of Jack (Sprague) and Mike (Wallace) to extend our points lead."


#02 Team ASE/Ultra Wheels Ford F-150-(Finished 10th)-"The truck was really loose today. We had a tough time all day making the truck handle. The Team ASE guys in the pits worked real hard trying to get us where we needed to be. We were making adjustments all day. It's just one of those days where it never really seems to get better."


#99 Exide Batteries Ford F-150-(Finished 14th)-"We really struggled this whole weekend. We had problems getting the set-up right for qualifying, but then we thought that we had come across something in happy hour last night. We kept trying to make adjustments to get the truck right all day and the Exide team did everything they could but it just wasn't getting any better. Then I made a mistake leaving the pits too fast and we lost some more time. That just added to our frustration. We're going to have these kind of days, it's just a little harder to deal with than the last two weeks, but we'll be back ready to go next week. We are really excited about getting to Michigan."


#14 Milwaukee Electric Tools Ford F-150-(Finished 13th)- "The Milwaukee Electric Tools Ford F-150 really ran well today. We ran out front for a while and were really running well. I think that we had a failure in the front suspension somewhere and it made it really difficult to steer. The last twenty-five laps or so we were really just trying to bring it home. Mike Cheek and the whole team, and I mean the whole team, did what we needed to get it to the end. We really appreciate all of the support from Milwaukee Electric Tools, Circle Bar Motel & RV Park, Ford Motor Company, Miller Lite, Deka Batteries, and everyone that helps us out on this team really deserves for us to be running better. Next week we're on to different business and maybe we can, as Elvis says, "Take care of a flash."


#46 Acxiom/AbiliTec Ford F-150-(Finished 16th)-"We ran pretty good today. There were a lot of really fast trucks out front today so that made it hard to move up through the field. We got off on pitstops a little bit. We decided to pit a little earlier than everyone and then got a caution and that put us in seventh. The truck got better and better all day. If we hadn't had to change a left rear tire there at the end we would have had a better finish. When I came in to the pits the left rear only had four pounds of air pressure in it so it was probably good that we came in when we did."


#66 Carlin Burners & Controls Ford F-150-(Finished)-"It was really a great run for the whole team. The guys did a great job getting me in and out of the pits and the truck was comfortable all day. I really think that the team has come together these last few races. I am looking forward to getting back in the truck every week because these guys are really getting good at nailing the set-up. We're really looking good for the rest of the season."

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