Nashville: Winning team interview

Travis Kvapil, driver of the No. 6 K & N Filters Ford F-150, won Saturday night's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Toyota Tundra 200 race at Nashville Superspeedway. This is Kvapil's eighth career win, third win of the season, seventh top-five and...

Travis Kvapil, driver of the No. 6 K & N Filters Ford F-150, won Saturday night's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Toyota Tundra 200 race at Nashville Superspeedway. This is Kvapil's eighth career win, third win of the season, seventh top-five and 10th top-10 finish this season. Kvapil moves into third place in the championship standings.

TRAVIS KVAPIL -- No. 6 K & N Filters Ford F-150 -- (finished 1st, qualified 11th)

"It was pretty awesome. It took our K&N Ford half the race to get the track position and the right adjustment in it. We started practice yesterday and really weren't any good. I expected to come here to be a contender. This is the truck we won with in Michigan with and finished second in Kentucky. We had a good note on it an always had speed every time we take it to the race track. We were 10th or 15th yesterday off the truck and we ran a lot of laps and made a lot of changes. The team really busted their tail in practice yesterday and the team engineer made all the right moves yesterday. We didn't spend much time on qualifying effort and then got ready for qualifying. We started the race and it was a little too tight, but I felt like a lot of that attributed because to the fact that I was back there 10th and having a lot of traffic. Mike (Beam, crew chief) told me what the truck was doing and wanted to do some air pressure adjustments. That first stop, we made an air pressure adjustment off the tires and really lift the truck up and really brought it to life. The lap times we could run in the long haul were just amazing, we were three-tenths better than everybody and my truck was just driving good and we didn't make any adjustments on the second stop, just made a fuel run. I want to say, that I mentioned it in both the TV and radio interviews that I was thinking the last 10 or 15 laps about Bobby Hamilton and the champion that he is. It's pretty special to come to his home turf and win in front of his home crowd and get the guitar is pretty special."


"I wasn't sure. I knew our truck was so good at the end of practice yesterday. Mike, my crew chief told me before the race that if up there a bit, that we could really dial in with air pressure and so I believed in that. This track was pretty tough, for some reason everybody was sliding around and didn't have a lot of grip and complained about being really tight in the corners. You have to be really disciplined in being a driver not driving in the corner real hard, not charging the corners, not using a lot of brake. But once I found my rhythm, then we had our truck adjusted after the first stop. We had some really good lap times and after the second stop and we started racing in the long runs. We knew that it was just a matter of time. My truck settled down and started running consistent lap times. I'm just glad we raced green until the end. My truck was so good that I didn't want to get caught up by a short run in the end."

MIKE BEAM -- No. 6 -- Crew Chief


"We knew he had a good truck yesterday and I'm sure Travis said that. When we got started, I was a concerned about where we were at. We were saving two sets of tires to the end and we made pretty good adjustment there on the first stop. We came around and thought about adjusting some more but it started taking off and Travis did a good job."


KVAPIL: "I guess we took a big chunk out of it today and from a couple of weeks ago at Indy. We know our best shot at getting the championship is to win races. That's what we're going to have to do. We're not going to run Skinner or Hornaday down finishing in the top-five. We know we've got to go out there and win races because those guys are going to finish in the top-five every week. We've got to lead laps and lead as many as we can and win. It was still take Ron (Hornaday Jr.) and Mike (Skinner) a few bad races here for us to really get close. We still have 10 to go, a lot can happen in 10 races. We need to race our own race for the championship and win races is what were going to have to do."


KVAPIL: "It's going to be a challenge with the new surface and the new configuration. We had a test there a couple of weeks ago for the truck series. We felt really confident when we left there. We went back to the shop; the team looks at the data and tries to bring it back a little bit better. We've got a good truck that we're taking back there. We feel really confident with the team right now. We know what we need to take to the race track every week. We know exactly what direction to go and the changes. We've got a good plan set when we go to the race track. It's a pleasure to drive for a team that's so well planned out, spending so much time developing trucks and bringing them to the race track. Bristol is place where anything can happen; you can win the race and still caught up in a wreck not of your doing. I've won there in the past and I'm really excited to go back and looking forward to winning the next one with our team."

-credit: ford racing

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