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Federated Auto Parts 250 Pre-race Quotebook NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 14, 1998) The following are pre-race quotes from competitors in this Saturday's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Federated Auto Parts 250 at Nashville Speedway USA. RON...

Federated Auto Parts 250 Pre-race Quotebook

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 14, 1998) The following are pre-race quotes from competitors in this Saturday's NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Federated Auto Parts 250 at Nashville Speedway USA.

RON HORNADAY No. 16 NAPA Brakes Chevrolet "Tracks like Nashville are what short track is all about. The banking let's you drive the truck down into the corners. This year pit stops will be a major factor in who wins at Nashville. The pit road is tight. It will be important to qualify well. That will allow you not only to be up front, and hopefully out of the trouble, but also give you a good pit selection."

JOE RUTTMAN No. 99 Exide Batteries Ford "Last year we said one of our primary goals was to improve our performance at the short tracks. The reason we said that is because of performances like last year's at Nashville. It wasn't anyone's fault, but we've had bad luck there and bad finishes. But I think so far this year we've made huge improvements. And I think that's why we're second in points right now."

JACK SPRAGUE No. 24 GMAC Financial Services Chevrolet "The longer you've been in this game, the more you understand what it takes to bounce back. This Team GMAC will be ready for Saturday's race in Nashville that much I can guarantee you and I wouldn't be surprised to see the GMAC Financial Services Chevrolet in victory lane again. Personally (Nashville) was my favorite win from last season. It was satisfying to know that we could win on that type of track. We've got two short track wins now in 1998 and this No. 24 Team GMAC crew will work hard for a third on Saturday."

TONY RAINES No. 19 Pennzoil/Yellow Freight Ford "Our team jumped through some pretty amazing hoops to finish 11th at Nashville last year. We had just returned to the track from the mid-point break, the green had yet to drop and Bryan Reffner was apparently moving fast through the field to try to get position before the green fell. Before I knew it, we hit hard and the right front of the Pennzoil truck was gone. I never even saw him. We came into the pits at least a dozen times to try and reset the tow and add wedge, and believe it or not, stayed on the lead lap and finished 11th. We had a great setup for that race and the truck was strong. This year, we'd like to get the chance to show everyone just how strong the No. 19 Pennzoil/Yellow Freight Ford can be at Nashville."

JAY SAUTER No. 3 GM Goodwrench Service Plus Chevrolet "I've always loved to race at Nashville. It's kind of similar to the tracks that I ran on in the Midwest. It's a high-banked, half-mile track, and I like the banked tracks."

STACY COMPTON No. 86 Royal Crown Ford On almost winning at Flemington "We had as good a truck as we had at Portland (Compton's first victory). We got into lapped traffic, and they caught me in lapped traffic. Terry (Cook) just got up on the inside of me and it was good, hard racing."

JIMMY HENSLEY No. 43 Cummins Dodge "Nashville should be a good race for us and I'm excited about going back to the Music City. Last year we went backstage to the Grand Ole Opry for a performance and we really enjoyed that. It would be nice to get our first win in Nashville."

ANDY HOUSTON No. 60 Addington Racing Chevrolet "I've always loved racing at Nashville. The high banks and the fast speeds usually provide a great race for the fans. Plus, the Nashville racing fans are among the best we have on the circuit. I grew up racing on the short tracks, and I'm aware of the history of Nashville Speedway and all the great drivers that came from this area. I'd sure like to say that I had a win at Nashville during my career. That would mean a lot."

MIKE WALLACE No. 52 Purolator PureOne Filters Chevrolet On this year compared to last "This is a new year. Our team gets along great and we all know what to expect from each other. Last week we had trouble getting the truck where I wanted in practice, but when it came time to race we moved right to the front. That foresight and experience with setups is one of this team's many qualities. I really want to put this No. 52 in victory lane for everyone."

BUTCH MILLER No. 18 DANA Dodge "We like this race track. In '96, we finished fourth, last year we finished third. I think I would like to skip over second and go right to victory circle. One of those guitars would look great in the new house Donna and I are building.We are so close to that win. Boy, it would be feel good to bring the DANA Dodge to the winner's circle in Nashville. It is a great city with great fans."

GREG BIFFLE No. 50 W.W. Grainger Racing Ford "The most important thing to do at these short tracks is finish. Just stay on the lead lap and finish. If you can do that you're going to get yourself a good finish. There are so many wrecks on these tracks that you have to stay out of trouble to stay in the running."

MIKE BLISS No. 2 Team ASE Racing Ford "I'm excited to be back here again. We won the pole here last year and set a new track record. Hopefully we can repeat that and have a good finish."

SCOT WALTERS No. 37 Red Man Chevrolet "Racing at Nashville is like running at home for me. I've run All Pro cars here and had success, and I ran here last year in these trucks and had a good first half of the race. This year the plan is to take everything we've learned during the year and finish what we started. That means getting a win or for sure a top five finish."

LANCE NORICK No. 90 NHL Dodge "We always look forward to this race. There is so much to do in Nashville. The track has planned great activities to give the fans the opportunity to meet the driv ers and see the trucks. With the NASCAR Cafe in town, we have another chance to mingle with our fans."

BARRY BODINE No. 7 Prime Performance Chevrolet "Last year we finished 20th at Nashville. We feel like we learned a lot last year and we feel we have a good setup in the truck for this race. I like qualifying and I hope we can get a top 10 starting spot. Track position is very important at the short tracks."

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