Nashville: GM teams race quotes, notes

Lebanon, TN -- Kevin Harvick, Inc. Jack Sprague, No. 2 Camping World Silverado and Ron Hornaday, No. 33 VFW Silverado, scored top-five finishes at Nashville Superspeedway finishing fourth and fifth respectively. Hornaday's eighth top-five finish...

Lebanon, TN -- Kevin Harvick, Inc. Jack Sprague, No. 2 Camping World Silverado and Ron Hornaday, No. 33 VFW Silverado, scored top-five finishes at Nashville Superspeedway finishing fourth and fifth respectively. Hornaday's eighth top-five finish of the season keeps him second in points, just 45 points out of the lead in his hunt for a fourth NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series championship and second consecutive.

Sprague moved to eighth in the standings with tonight's strong effort.

Matt Crafton, No. 88 Menards Silverado, finished 11th to remain a strong contender in the 2008 points battle. Crafton is third, just 46 points behind Team Chevy teammate Hornaday in a bid for the championship. With 10 races remaining in the season, the run for the title is setting up to be a three-man race.

Johnny Benson was the race winner followed by Erik Darnell and Todd Bodine. Benson remains the points leader.

Next on the schedule for Team Chevy Silverado in NCTS competition will be Wednesday, August 20 at the high banks of Bristol Motor Speedway.



YOU GUYS WERE RUNNING IN 10TH SPOT ON LAP 127, THAT WAS A STRONG RUN FOR THE END, DID YOU GUYS HAVE ANYTHING FOR THEM? "I think we were 12th. We just had a little trouble on the right rear I guess. Some got two, some just got gas. We got four because we just got gas the previous time. Camping World Chevrolet was awesome. Ernie did a great job and everybody at KHI. Thank Kevin and DeLana and Chevrolet, American Commercial Lines, RV', and Georgia Boots. I just really, really wanted to win that race. Was mowing them down, I just needed like 25 laps I think but you know we finished fourth and we'll take that and try to build on it."

YOU GUYS HAVE WORKED REALLY HARD AND NOT REALLY BEEN REWARDED, FINALLY A TOP FIVE, HOW DOES IT FEEL? "It feels great. Like I said all along the trucks are fast, we have fast trucks but it seems like something always happens. I just want to thank Camping World, Chevrolet, American Commercial Lines, RV', Georgia Boots, all our sponsors. It's been an up and down type season so far, but we're always fast. You can build on that. When we get it all clicked together we're going to win a lot of races and I just want to thank everybody at KHI for building us great trucks and Kevin and DeLana for having faith in me and this team. This is a good race team we just got to get all synced and in order and all be going the same direction. We're very, very close. We had a shot at it tonight. That's all you can ask for. I had a great truck last night, I had a great truck tonight just had to pass a little too many trucks there at the end. I wish I would have like 15 or 20 more laps but we didn't. Just proud of the guys that work hard. Ernie (Cope, crew chief) works hard, everybody like I said at KHI and Mark Smith Pro Motors. I don't get to talk much so I'm going to ramble on here a little bit. I just want to thank everybody. I knew that if things would quit happening we would have great runs. We very easily could have won this race tonight. We had a shot at it like I said and that's all we can ask for. Just circumstances we weren't there at the end. We still had a great run, great top-five and I just want to thank everybody that supports us."


RON HORNADAY, JR. -- NO. 33 VFW CHEVROLET SILVERADO, Started 12th, Finished 5th:

RICK REN MADE THE CALL AND YOU GUYS GAMBLED AND IT PAID OFF GOT YOU A TOP FIVE. "At the start of the race I thought we were pretty darn good. We got up from 14th all the way into the top five. I couldn't even tell Rick what to do with it. One lap it would be tight the next lap it would be loose. Rick Ren made an awesome call. That's what this VFW crew is all about. When you're down and come out with a top five, we'll take that. Congratulations to Johnny, ran an awesome race. We'll go work on those Chevrolet's. We've got to do some more that's three for Johnny now, three in a row and we're going to have to go beat them."

WE TALKED TO A LOT OF GUYS TONIGHT THAT WERE HAVING TROUBLE ON NEW TIRES, TRUCKS WERE JUST A LITTLE SQUIRRELLY. "That's why Rick stayed out on tires. Our fastest lap yesterday in practice was with 16 laps on the tires and we figured if we kept the truck freed up we were going to be really good. I just couldn't get the balance. When I caught them guys I really pushed real bad but other than that I'll take a top five. You can't complain about that. We could've been worse. We were a 20th-place truck and came out fifth. That says a lot for our team."



ON TONIGHT'S RACE. "Our number one goal to night was to just finish this thing and get a top ten. That's what we wanted and that was our goal. We struggled a little bit at qualifying there. We tried some different stuff that didn't quite work for us and it took most of the race to get back to what we knew we should be. Man they made the right calls there at the end and we were just as good as anybody. We came and got four tires and that put us a little bit behind and for some reason I think the motor package we got this year is just a ton tougher to pass here and it made it difficult in traffic. We'll take that. We should have had three of these in a row but that's how racing works and the good Lord was with us tonight and we got one. Thanks to everybody back at the shop. They've been working hard and we'll see if we can't keep improving here."

YOU TALK ABOUT KEEP IMPROVING, BRISTOL THE NEXT RACE, SHORT TRACKS HAVE BEEN THE STUMBLING POINT FOR YOU GUYS, HOW DO YOU CAPITALIZE ON THE MOMENTUM IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS? "I think we have a ton of short-track momentum. The last couple of short tracks we've made huge strides and we're making our program better. We should have had a top 10 I felt like at ORP. I had a good solid finish in Memphis, building block there so we're getting better. We're continuing to learn different things we needed to work on. I'm looking forward to it, I like Bristol. We should have fun."



What happened out there? "I'm not really exactly sure. I was running two-wide with another truck and went to the inside and then the seventy-one truck came in there and took it three-wide and took us out. Like I said though, I'm not really sure what happened."


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