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DRIVER: DENNIS SETZER TEAM: No. 46 Morgan-Dollar Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado Danny Gill, crew chief for the ...

TEAM: No. 46 Morgan-Dollar Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado

Danny Gill, crew chief for the #46 Chevrolet Silverado lives in Murfreesboro, TN, less than 20 minutes from the track.

Dennis Setzer on Nashville Superspeedway: "I'm excited about Nashville, we've ran decent there in years past, always pretty consistent. It's a good concrete track, so it doesn't change much with the sun. Although I have a win at Nashville it was at the short track, I almost had a win at the Superspeedway, but I believe our power steering cable broke that year and we ended up 5th."

Danny Gill on Nashville Superspeedway: "Nashville is a home town track; I really want to do well there in front of my friends and family. I just want to win a guitar!"

Dennis Setzer on his finish at IRP: "It was just a disappointing night. Our Silverado was pretty good, we probably didn't have anything for the 43 (Johnny Sauter) but we were going to have a good second place finish. We just didn't need that last caution cause the guys that pitted and had better tires caught us and were by us pretty quick. We gave it our best shot; we just came up way too short."


TEAM: No. 16 IWX Motorsports Chevy Trucks Silverado

On Nashville Superspeedway: "It is a great track-wide, smooth and fast. There is plenty of racing room-it has a lot of grip. I have run really good there in the NCTS and won a Busch race there. It is one of those tracks that just really suits my driving style. I am looking forward to the race and taking this Chevy Trucks Silverado back to victory lane.

On Season To This Point: "We just can't seem to get a rhythm going. If it isn't an engine problem, it is something else strange that happens to put us out of a race. The #16 Chevy Trucks Silverado is the best handling race truck or racecar I have ever driven. It has handled great at every track with a minimal amount of changes. It is the other things that keep setting us back. Everyone on the team is keeping a positive attitude because we know we can contend for the win every race if we can just get the big gorilla off our back so we can be consistent and get a rhythm going."

TEAM: No. 75 Spears Manufacturing Silverado

On Nashville Superspeedway: "Nashville is a fun race. The track a little different as the surface is concrete, not asphalt. It is smooth and a really nice facility and I definitely like racing there. You need a good handling truck and strong horsepower. We will be running a brand new Spears Chevrolet and it should be good. With Dave McCarty's (crew chief) expertise we should be able to dial everything in and be ready for a good race. We took a 4th last year and I think we can do even better this time out."


TEAM: No. 6 Kevin Harvick, Inc. GM Goodwrench Silverado

On Nashville Superspeedway: "Concrete surfaces typically end up being a single-groove racetrack. Bristol and Dover are two concrete racetracks that aren't that bad because they have enough banking and the surface is older. At Bristol you get do a little routing and gouging which makes it fun and at Dover I think the surface is old enough which allows for a little two-wide racing, but Nashville for me is a horrible racetrack. It is probably one of the worst races you will see all year because of the single-groove. You can run on the bottom but it is almost impossible to pass at Nashville. My rookie year I blew up, the second year we just couldn't find our set-up and just ran horribly, and last year we got it a little bit better but we still weren't that good. I qualified 12th and finished 10th. I have always said they have one heck of a facility at Nashville Superspeedway but they have one heck of a short-track across town where the trucks actually used to race."

On How to Improve Performance at Nashville Superspeedway: "I don't have a mental block when it comes to this track and I am going to go there with a positive mind. I am with Kevin Harvick, Inc. and GM Goodwrench now and as solid as we have been running, I know Wally (Rogers) and these guys will have a lot better set-up for me than I have had in the past. We just seemed to never really hit a good set-up the last three years. Last year we were close but finished 10th. I thought we could have finished a little better. I am not totally against Nashville Superspeedway but it just isn't that good of a racing racetrack. That's my biggest thing as to why I don't like it. Track position is critical at all racetracks but it is really key at Nashville. Our guys in the pits are going to have some great stops and I am going to have to do a good job qualifying to get our truck up front."

TEAM: No. 15 Billy Ballew Motorsports Silverado

On Nashville Superspeedway: "I'm excited to get back to Nashville. Winning the first Bud Pole of my career in the NASCAR Busch Series and breaking the track record at Nashville is something I will always remember. I know that Ritchie and the guys have an excellent truck ready for this week. I'm ready for a repeat performance by putting the No. 15 Earl Small's Harley-Davidson race truck on the pole for Saturday's race. We broke the track record at Michigan a few weeks ago in the truck but it didn't stand because qualifying rained out right after my run. I'm familiar with the track and am very comfortable there. Nashville has a lot of grip; you can race all over the place. It should be a fun race for the drivers and the fans."


TEAM: No. 88 ThorSport Racing Menards Silverado

On Nashville Superspeedway: " "I have heard that Nashville is a very challenging track in race conditions. It doesn't have a lot of grip and you need to keep the truck down on the bottom or you can find yourself in big trouble in a hurry. Hopefully some of the experience I have from the open wheel cars will come into play. Track conditions on dirt can be so critical and if you miss your line by six inches it can really get you into big trouble.

I have been saying for the past few weeks that our results haven't been a reflection of the effort the ThorSport guys are putting in to get this Menards Chevy running at the front. That changed a little at IRP where we ended up with a good top-10 finish. We have been getting great horsepower all season long, and the trucks have been driving better and better. We're just going to keep getting stronger and stronger as the season goes on."


TEAM: No.13 Team Texas/Thor Sport Racing Sta-Max/Microtel Silverado

On Nashville Superspeedway: "Nashville is the type of track that I think we will be good at. It is a fast, concrete racetrack that looks to have two lanes of racing groove once the tires come in. But just like all the other races this season, this will be another learning curve for me as a driver. Each time I get behind the wheel of the truck I am gaining experience and seat time, and through the course of the season it can only help our finish positions. But after the race last weekend at the short track in Indianapolis, I'm really looking forward to getting back on a speedway with the Sta-Max Chevrolet. The last speedway that I raced on was Gateway and that was a really good race for me, we were able to make adjustments on the truck and work through the field to finish 14th. But more than that I think it helped me to gain confidence in racing the truck on the larger racetracks. That really gets me looking forward to Nashville and getting another strong finish."


TEAM: No. 02 Team Copaxone Silverado

On Nashville Superspeedway: "I haven't raced on many concrete tracks, so I'm looking forward to the superspeedway at Nashville. The track seems pretty wide, especially in the corners, and should make for some good racing off turns two and four. June and July were great months for us, notching four top-25 finishes, and we're excited about bringing home some more strong finishes this month as well."

TEAM: No. 07 Auto-Air Colors/Lucas Oil Products Silverado

On Nashville Superspeedway: "I hear Nashville is a nice facility. I've never been there before, but someone said it is a little like Dover. It's concrete and you have to keep it on the bottom. It gets slippery there, so we'll try to keep the truck in the groove as much as we can. The good thing is they say there is more room than Dover if you have trouble. There aren't any inside walls if you do get into trouble. We're looking to pick up some more in the rookie of the year chase. We need to go to Nashville and stay out of trouble and run all day. If we can do that, we should come out of there with a pretty decent finish. We lost a few spots in the points at IRP last week, and we need to get back on track. It seems its easier to lose spots than it is to gain them, but we're not going to give up. We want to get back up into the top-15."


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