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TEAM CHEVY SILVERADO IN NASCAR CRAFTSMAN TRUCK SERIES Silverado drivers have scored five (5) wins in 2008 TEAM CHEVY SILVERADO ON THE TRACK: Dayne Pierantoni, GM Racing Silverado Program Manager, NCTS: "We are looking forward to the upcoming...

Silverado drivers have scored five (5) wins in 2008

TEAM CHEVY SILVERADO ON THE TRACK: Dayne Pierantoni, GM Racing Silverado Program Manager, NCTS: "We are looking forward to the upcoming weekend in Nashville. We've had a weekend off since ORP but our teams have been busy testing during our break. We spent a couple of days at Chicagoland in preparation for Nashville and some of the other 1 ½ mile tracks coming later this season. With NASCAR's restrictive testing policy it has become important to try to find tracks that aren't on our race schedule in order to try to gain information that we can take to the tracks that we run. Our Silverado teams were able to spend time exploring some areas that aren't practical or that we don't have time for during race weekends. I know that we made gains, now we need to relate what we have learned to Nashville and beyond. Hopefully our efforts will be rewarded with good results this weekend. "


* In an intense NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (NCTS) championship battle, Team Chevy Silverado has three drivers in the top-10 point standings


RON HORNADAY, NO. 33 CAMPING WORLD SILVERADO: "Nashville is a place where I really want to win and get one of those cool guitars trophies. It's right up there with that Elvis trophy from Memphis. We had a good run at Nashville last year and finished second. The truck was good and Rick Ren (crew chief) made an air pressure adjustment to the right-side tires on the last stop and really made the truck come alive. We were able to get up there and run with the leaders. We need to follow that up with another strong run this year and keep ourselves in contention for the points lead."

JACK SPRAGUE, NO. 2 AMERICAN COMMERCIAL LINES SILVERADO: "Nashville and Dover are very different tracks. Even though they are both concrete they are configured completely different. Nashville drives most similar to Kentucky; you have to use a lot brake as you sail off the long straightaways into the heavily banked turns. I have not had the best of luck at Nashville in the past, but I was really pleased with the information we learned from the Chicago test, plus we had a rocket ship of a truck in Kentucky and we are bringing that same truck to Nashville. Had we not broken a motor in Kentucky, we would have been hard to beat.

MATT CRAFTON, NO. 88 MENARDS SILVERADO: "We need a good weekend at Nashville. Historically this race track not been one of our best when you look at my stats and the team's stats there. We have to go there with A-game in place and come out with top-five finish to keep our points position strong. Just like we did at Indy, we have make best of the situation; keep working on our Menards Chevy and make something out of it the race. We are having a great year and we knew all along that there are a few places we have to step up our game. Nashville is one of them and the most important thing is this team never gives up. It has what has got us all this far and that is exactly what we are going to this weekend."

BRIAN SCOTT, NO. 16 ALBERTSON'S SILVERADO: "I like the racetrack a lot. It has a lot of speed in it, you can really get in the gas early and carry a lot of speed down n the straightaways. It's like a big Bristol or a bigger version of Dover. It pays to be ballsy there -- some tracks it doesn't pay to be aggressive but it does at Nashville. It has its own personality with the concrete surface and some well placed bumps. It has character. I like tracks that are not cookie cutter tracks, that have unique qualities to them, and Nashville is certainly that type of track."

T.J. BELL, NO. HOME4THEHOLIDAYS.ORG SILVERADO: "I really like Nashville Superspeedway. I've always liked concrete tracks; but I don't really know why. The Nashville track is super smooth and really fast and it gives me a good feel behind the wheel. The place is going to be real fast this year in Trucks with the new tapered spacer. I think you're going to have to qualify wide-open which is going to be different at Nashville. I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to taking the new Chevy Silverado we've got out in the shop. It's a beautiful piece. Our boys are working hard on it and hopefully we'll get it right before we get there.

"I think we have a good shot at coming out of Nashville with another top-10. We've been running well; but up until ORP (O'Reilly Raceway Park, July 25th) we weren't able to put all the pieces together. We did at ORP and came out with our best finish of the year (seventh). We also went to Chicagoland Speedway last week to test and it went great. I'm really looking forward to going to Nashville. We have some momentum on our side right now. I'm just really looking forward to getting back to the race track. Like I said after ORP, I wish that we were racing every day. Nashville gives out one of the coolest trophies around," said Bell. "Hopefully we'll have a shot on Saturday to add that trophy to our collection."

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