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DAVID RAGAN-6-Scotts Ford F-150 (Finished 34th) WHAT PUT YOU BEHIND THE WALL? "Everybody just started stacking up getting into turn one, and, man, I really hate it for the Scotts Ford F-150 team. We had an excellent truck for today and we were...

DAVID RAGAN-6-Scotts Ford F-150 (Finished 34th)

WHAT PUT YOU BEHIND THE WALL? "Everybody just started stacking up getting into turn one, and, man, I really hate it for the Scotts Ford F-150 team. We had an excellent truck for today and we were just biding our time. Like I said, we had a real good truck, and Erik and I were running right there. They just stacked up in front of us, and before I could get checked up there I was in the back of my teammate Erik Darnell. Hopefully he is all right and can salvage a good day. We'll be all right. We're going to throw some oil lines back on this thing and go out and make up some points."


RICK CRAWFORD-14-Circle Bar Truck Corral Ford F-150 (Finished 28th)

IT APPEARED THAT YOU BLEW A RIGHT-FRONT TIRE IN THE CLOSING LAPS. "We came back from adversity and I'm not really trying to blast Goodyear, but the three DNFs that we've had this year are due to tires failures on the Ford F-150. One rear and two fronts wiped out three trucks and it's just not fair. You feel like a tire company ought to be taking care of drivers rather than putting them on the edge. They at least ought to go a fuel run. That's what I've been trying to say all of the time. I realize I'm just a truck driver here on the Circle Bar Truck Corral Ford F-150, but a tire at least needs to last a load of fuel."


MARCOS AMBROSE-20-Team Australia/Aussie Vineyards Ford F-150 (Finished 3rd, Top Rookie)

YOU MATCHED YOUR CAREER-BEST FINISH. "Man, I love NASCAR. What a great sport this is. We were in mix right there at the end, and I saw them all getting together, and what great racing. That's why I came. It's a challenge just to be part of that action. The truck series is fantastic and I have a fantastic team behind me, too. This is learning year for us, and they just give me great trucks week in and week out. It's just great to give them a finish like this."

DID YOU THINK THE RACE WOULD END LIKE IT DID? "I knew that we had a better truck on the long run. We're just trying to be conservative on our setups and let me get the experience. I knew I was looking out for my front-right tire because I could see other guys really getting tight and they were coming back to us, and then the cautions came and that's what we needed. I knew it was going to be on. You're never going to get Skinner and Sprague and Bodine together on a green-white-checkered and not have some kind of carnage out there. I knew the only way I was going to get around them was to get to the bottom and stay there and hope they were going to spatter the race track, and that's exactly what happened."

DID YOU PUT YOURSELF IN A POSITION WHERE YOU THOUGHT YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO WIN ON THE LAST LAP? "If I could have cleared Sprague coming off of turn two, I might have had a chance. He kept beside me and he took the wind out of my motor, and I just didn't want to wreck him there in three and four. We came so far and he's a veteran, and I just wanted to make sure I brought her home. Third for us is as good as a win; that's just a great day. We were top Ford and top rookie. I led a lot of laps and it's just been a great experience."

DID YOU SURPRISE YOURSELF TODAY SEEING THIS IS YOUR FIRST VISIT TO THIS RACE TRACK? "Well, we had a great run at Kentucky and Kansas on a similar type of speedway, so we were looking forward to a top-10 if we did our job right. It's awesome and I'm just stoked for the team. They give me great trucks every week. I can't do them justice on the short tracks yet. I need to learn to race on the short track s a little bit better. I'm letting them down there, but it's just nice to give the whole team and the guys back at the shop something to say thanks."


TERRY COOK-10-Ford Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l F-150 (Finished 10th)

"We didn't qualify quite as good as we would have liked to. We really didn't practice well the whole weekend and that's not the MO of the Ford Power Stroke Diesel by Int'l truck. We always unload good. This is the race-winning truck from Kansas, and for whatever reason, we just couldn't get a hold of the race track the entire weekend. We thought we were a little better when we qualified, and they dropped the green and we weren't. I elected to come in there and make a shock change. We actually went a lap down making it, but we weren't so worried about it because at that point in the race we were confident that we could get the Lucky Dog and get back on the lead lap, and we did. When we were out by ourselves, in clean air, we could run some pretty fast lap times, definitely lap times that would put us in the top five, if not, for sure, the top 10. We'd just get in traffic and the truck wouldn't go. We're going to have to work on our package for these types of tracks to get a little bit better. To come out here right now with a 10th-place finish with the way our day went, that's almost like we just robbed the bank. We'll take that and run to the house." DID YOU HAVE ANY TIRE ISSUES? "We had no tire issues at all. Some guys had tire issues and maybe we weren't being aggressive enough with them, I'm not sure. One thing Dennis Connor (crew chief) and all of the guys on the team do is they make sure we have good tires underneath us; we're not going to blow tires for making aggressive chassis setups. We had a decent truck and we didn't have any tire woes, and it ended up being a decent day."


ERIK DARNELL-99-Roush Racing Ford F-150 (Finished 12th)

"We sat on the pole there, but when we back through the infield, it just screwed something up on the truck; it wasn't driving right afterwards. I think we knocked something out of alignment and it was pushing the pistons out of one of the calipers, so I didn't have any brakes down there either and I had to pump them up going down the straightaway. I was having a tough time with that because I couldn't race anybody because I couldn't get in the throttle really hard. We just kinda decided that we were going to ride it out there at the end, and got our lap back, got the Lucky Dog, and got the best we could do with it today."

DID YOU HAVE ANY TIRES ISSUES TODAY? "I didn't feel any tire issues. I think we had a good enough setup on this thing where it wasn't an issue for us."

-credit: ford racing

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